This is the manga page.
In the language of the people of Nihan, that means "comics".
So, you'll find Golden Sun manga for download here.
Correct. We only have official manga here, by the way.

Golden Sun 4-Koma (Raw)

This is the Golden Sun 4-Koma Gag Battle manga, which was published in 2001. It's a collection of comedic 4-cell comics drawn by different artists. The comic is no longer in print. It only covers the first game and they never did make one for The Lost Age.


There is a complete translation of the Golden Sun 4-Koma available at the following link:

Golden Sun: The Lost Comics

Golden Sun Dark Dawn V-Jump Manga (Scanslated)

This is a short comic that covers the opening sequence of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and it was published in V-Jump magazine, as well as the Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Adepts' Navigation Guide. Unfortunately, it was only a one-shot and we never did get any more than just this. Well, better than nothing.


This scanslation was provided by a member of the Golden Sun Realm forums. Since the forums no longer exist, I am unable to get exact credit. Just know I neither scanned nor translated this.

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