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Did you hear, guys?
I'm sure nobody could miss that obnoxiously huge text on the front page.
Somebody give her some Valium. Please.
I'm thinking we might need to tranquilise her.
Eh, I'll just cast Sleep if she goes completely out of control.
So. Yeah. Great news!
Golden Sun for the DS? Finally? Camelot sure took their sweet time.
Oh, don't complain. It's happening, isn't it?
I can't believe it. I keep thinking it's a dream and I'll wake up any second now.
This is surely the kind of news that would make grown men weep in joy... if they played Golden Sun.


On Tuesday, the 2nd of June 2009, a monumental occasion that many of us had been excitedly awaiting and anticipating for many, many years finally came to pass. A new Golden Sun game was at long last announced for the Nintendo DS. A trailer was released with gameplay footage and at long last, we knew we had the game that we had spent almost a decade waiting for.

Maybe not almost, but it sure felt like it! Golden Sun: The Lost Age was released outside of Japan in 2003, and we've waited six years for word from Camelot on a new game. Now we have it at long last.

Currently, we just have the information from the playable demo shown at E3, but as more information comes out, you can bet this page will be regularly updated with new and up to date information!

The Nintendo E3 Press Kit yielded some goodies, including the trailer and a piece of official art.

Watch the trailer on Youtube

Golden Sun DS Poster

Be sure to look closely, because they definitely are not Isaac, Garet and Mia. ;)

Another interesting tidbit of information has popped up on the Nintendo E3 Press Release page.

"Golden SunDS: After going dark six years ago, 2010 will see a new dawn. Golden Sun DS updates the popular portable Golden Sun role-playing series with an impressive graphical style. This installment follows the story of the previous heroes� descendants and immerses players into the magic of its adventure by pushing the boundaries of intuitive touch-screen controls. Golden Sun DS is playable on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems."

So, in a nutshell, that means Golden Sun DS will involve playing as the descendants of Isaac and co. Oh yeah, bring on the shipping wank. ^_^

Youtube has two gameplay videos up, by Gamekyo and RPGamer.

Gamekyo also posted a couple of pictures of the game's prologue, including this one. The other one is sadly impossible to read as it's so small.

15th June 2010

We got an E3 update! The trailer has just been shown at E3 and I'll post links and such when it's up!

The title is Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and it is going to be released "this holiday". Yeah.

The characters have names now. Isaac lookalike is Matthew, the girl is Karis and the Garet lookalike is Tyrell.

Trailer now up on Youtube

A picture has shown up on IGN, showing a fourth name alongside Karis, Matthew and Tyrell.;jsessionid=52cvpp7gc05b4

Could Crown be the fourth playable character? Perhaps so. (Also, look through the other screenshots on that site while you're there. Plenty of new stuff.)

And now we have another screenshot, depicting whom I believe are Isaac and Garet fighting alongside Matthew and Karis.

Official art of Matthew, Karis and Tyrell is on IGN too. I've saved them and uploaded them.




Man, I'm beginning to get tired of updating this page @.@ Anyway, the press release is up (I'd link to it but it would go down later anyway...) Here are the facts from the press release.

"It�s Always Darkest Before the Dawn
A classic role-playing game branches out with a new look, countless
adventures and heroic battles. The game picks up 30 years after the first two
games in the series left off. At the end of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the
heroes succeeded in bringing the world-healing power of the Golden Sun back
to the world of Weyard. In the years since, the immense power of the Golden
Sun has changed nearly everything. Continents have shifted. New countries
have emerged. New species have appeared. But the world is now imperiled by
a new threat. Psynergy Vortexes, which suck the elemental Psynergy from
both the land and power-wielding Adepts alike, are spreading across the world.
The new generation of heroes � the children of those from the previous games
� are drawn into the mystery behind the vortexes, as they cross a chaotic world
that is succumbing to a new evil."

� Amazing graphics and beautifully animated summoning abilities that span both
Nintendo DS screens let players experience the game like never before.
� The story takes place 30 years after the final events of the second game, when the
Golden Sun Effect occurred. The main characters are the descendents of the
previous game�s heroes.
� Intuitive touch-screen control has been implemented throughout the game, controlling
character movements and the release of Psynergy � magical abilities with powerful
effects over people and the environment. Touch control also streamlines battle
commands and gives players a stronger tactile connection to the action on the
� Players will explore a vast and beautifully rendered world where they will find many
treasures, encounter dangerous creatures and manipulate objects blocking their
path. Players will also hunt for and collect Djinn, mysterious elemental creatures used
to summon powerful spirits in battle."

Will have logo up soon.

Gameplay videos of the playable demo are now available for viewing. From these videos, we can see that Terrell's name is now Tyrell.

21st July 2010

Some new information has been released periodically in the form of Japanese magazines. There's nothing major in the way of information though, just a few tidbits.

Jump Article

Famitsu Article Page 1 Page 2

Jump tells us that Matthew is an Earth Adept and a trained warrior, Tyrell is a mischievous Fire Adept and Matthew's best friend and Karis is a Wind Adept who is reliable and strong-willed.

Famitsu revealed that Dark Dawn will only be one game, however we'll be allowed to imagine what the world will be like after the game is over. Matthew is 16 years old and it is said that he lives with his father (Nintendo Dream has revealed he also lives with his grandfather, Kyle), implying he has no mother. Tyrell is said to be living with Matthew too (I suppose Garet is living with them as well. We do see him in that screenshot.) Karis is the childhood friend of Matthew and Tyrell and visits them a lot.

The unleash of Alchemy caused natural disasters to affect Weyard and the continents are no longer the same. The land is healing from the wounds created by the Golden Sun and the catacombs of ancient civilisations will be the setting for the adventures of Dark Dawn's protagonists. The heroes of the previous games are scorned by some because of the damage caused by unleashing Alchemy and their children have to shoulder this burden.

5th August 2010

There are a couple of new scans from Shonen Jump magazine. No real new information, but the scans are at least worth taking a look at.

Page 1 Page 2

18th August 2010

A new Japanese trailer has appeared, and it features the first actual appearance of Crown, who is a girl.

23rd August 2010

New scans have emerged from V-Jump magazine.

Page 1 Page 2

Again, not much we don't already know. Tyrell is confirmed to be Garet's son. Karis is said to be an ambitious and aggressive girl. Nothing is said about her parentage.

On the Psynergy vortexes: The world is successfully rebuilt, but Psynergy Vortexes start appearing all over the world. The vortex we see is not actually the vortex itself but rather the vaporized Psynergy power covering the thing. The article then questions what's inside the vortex itself. Commentary on the screenshots says that Tyrell is too confident, he gets too close to the vortex and ends up fainting because of his Psynergy being absorbed. Matthew wants to save Tyrell, so he casts Psynergy, but it just gets absorbed.

30th August 2010

We have a release date at long last! \o/


August 30, 2010

The dawn of a new entry in the renowned Golden Sun� video game series has nearly arrived in North America. Nintendo has announced that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the top-selling Nintendo DS� family of portable game systems will launch on Nov. 29.

Offering a planet-sized world of adventure to explore and conquer, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn puts the raw power of the elements in players' hands. Each of the game's playable characters is capable of carrying Djinn, spirits that imbue their owner with unique and powerful abilities. Players can collect more than 70 unique Djinn, granting them the ability to summon mighty deities who unleash devastating attacks that fill both Nintendo DS screens. Djinn powers can also be used to navigate puzzling dungeons and overworld environments that will have players flinging fireballs to burn away obstacles, freezing water to raise platforms, or summoning whirlwinds to create bridges out of floating objects.

Taking place 30 years after the events of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age for the Game Boy� Advance system, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn introduces a new generation of heroes that are struggling to survive in a radically changed world. What begins as a simple journey to rescue a lost friend turns into a dramatic quest to save the land from catastrophe as players are drawn into a world full of magical energy."

3rd September 2010

A new picture of Crown has emerged in the form of her face portrait. No official art yet.

If you look at the picture closely, it looks like there's somebody beneath her, so perhaps we're getting more characters? ^_^

4th September 2010

New scan from Jump.

Official art of Crown is revealed (plus new art of Matt and co). I've actually been thinking Crown might be a boy after all because of the menu art, but the official art hasn't cleared it up really because Crown would obviously be too young to have boobs >.> (Unless you're Ken Sugimori...)

As we know, Crown is a Mercury Adept. He is also a very knowledgeable researcher travelling around the world and investigating, seeking rich knowledge, and he travels with a teacher of alchemic scholars.

9th September 2010

New Famitsu scan is out.

A translation of the scan, by LBoksha, can be read here.

15th September 2010

New video -

At 1:44, it shows a new playable character named Halmarny using a Mercury Psynergy.

17th September 2010

The Japanese Dark Dawn site has had a revamp. The Character section shows the silhouette of a new character, who will be "coming soon".

Alchemy - the science of the four elements that make up everything in the world. Long ago, Alchemy was sealed away, because its powers could destroy the world. Because the elements were the source of all energy, Weyard began drifting toward destruction. The Golden Sun freed the elements and saved the world. At the same time, it unleashed a disastrous power and a great price was paid. 30 years have passed since that time...

The Golden Sun - 30 years ago, when the warriors of Vale broke the seal of Alchemy, a powerful energy shone on Mt. Aleph. This phenomenon came to be known as the Golden Sun. It saved the world at a great price - the released energy caused natural disasters to occur all over the world, due to the boom in activity throughout creation.

Warriors from Vale - The warriors who broke the seal on Alchemy 30 years ago and saved the world. Four of them came from Vale, hence the name "Warriors of Vale". Some revere them as the heroes who saved the world, while others believe they are to blame for the natural disasters that came after the Golden Sun.

Psynergy/Adepts - Psynergy is a mental power based on Alchemy. Using the four elements, Psynergy can do various things and have varied effects. The four types are Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, and those who wield it are known as Adepts. These Adepts have inherited the blood of the ancient tribes who disappeared along with their civilizations.

Djinn - Djinn are the elements, in physical forms, and appear similar to animals. They enhance the strength of Adepts when close to then and can let them summon powerful spirits.

Weyard - The world that Matthew and friends live in, it is built upon the four elements and many different species can be found there. The Golden Sun caused disasters to happen all over the world and the damage that was caused is still visible. However, as its lost power has been revive, Weyard is growing and advancing at a great rate.

Matthew - Son of one of the heroes who saved the world and protagonist of the story, an Earth Adept. He looks up to his father, the leader of the warriors of Vale. He bears a great resemblance to his father and, like him, doesn't talk much, but he is strong willed nonetheless.

Karis - A determined girl with a sharp mind who is a Wind Adept. She is a childhood friend of Matthew and Terry and often comes to visit. She is determined and strong willed.

Tyrell - The mischievous yet good-willed best friend of Matthew, a Fire Adept. He loves to play pranks and this often gets into trouble. The adventure starts with a situation that he has caused.

Crown - A curious researcher of Alchemy and a Water Adept. He studies underneath a master of Alchemy and travels all over the world, visiting various towns. Because he enjoys research and is naturally curious, he is always looking out for details.

30th September 2010

A new magazine scan (Jump magazine) is out.

Another playable character is revealed - a Mars Adept, who is also a familiar face. In fact, he is none other than Eoleo! Eoleo is the prince of the pirate kingdom of Champa and the pirates' leader. He is free, wild and has a strong sense of justice.

The antagonists have also been revealed - a military nation conducting secretive tactics, named Tsaparang. Tsaparang is a mysterious country excelling in science and military power. They contact Matthew and co. for unknown reasons and at times seem to be making use of them. They appear in many places.

The male commander is named Spade. He is a warlike swordsman. The female commander is named Heart. She uses her bewitching beauty to get close to important people in other countries.

13th October 2010

Two new videos have emerged.

The video shows we'll indeed be getting a ship (Most likely Eoleo's) Another interesting thing is a scene with Spade holding Rief (Oh yeah, I should mention that Crown's English name was recently revealed to be Rief) hostage. There's a blue-haired person standing behind them with a mask on his face and his hairstyle is similar to Alex's. Hmm.

The second Jupiter Adept (whose silhouette can currently be seen on the Japanese site) is also shown. Her name is Stella.

14th October 2010

The Japanese site has updated, with Stella, and also the two other silhouettes put up last week have been revealed as Isaac and Kraden. Kraden is in fact Rief's mentor.

Translation of Stella's bio: "Man-Beast Adept. A member of the man-beast race who mutated after the rising of the Golden Sun. Her senses are highly enhanced and she also possesses the ability to read minds, can detect special smells, and is able to visualize Psynergy."

Kraden's bio: "A scholar of alchemy with extensive knowledge from his travels around the world. The teacher of Rief, he travels around researching alchemy. Previously, he had traveled together with the Warriors of Vale."

Isaac's bio: "The leader of the Warriors of Vale who caused the Golden Sun 30 years ago. An earth adept, the father of Matthew. He built a cabin on the Goma Hill opposite the collapsed Mt. Aleph, to observe and watch for any strange occurrences."

19th October 2010

New Famitsu scans have been released.

Page 1 2 3 4

Translation by Daidaro on Golden Sun Realm Forums:

Urgent News Flash! The Legendary Hero who Saved the World

Something Necessary for Repairs Lies in the Legendary Feathers of the Roc
Isaac: The broken Glider Wing is an absolutely necessary tool, so I have to repair it fast.

Karis: That's right. The parts for the wings... are the feathers of a phantom bird.

(First page)

Terii's Little Prank
Karis: It seems like an adventure similar to Father and the others' has come, so we have to go together.

Karis: Muuto, don't be a wimp! Stop Terii!
(The first emoticon says 'Happy')

The Broken Glider Wing
Robin: Look at the Glider Wing... It's completely broken, and even the feathers are worn out.
Arrow > Robin orders Terii, the main perpetrator who broke the Glider Wing, to repair it.

Together with the friends as close as siblings...
Karis: If I'm not mistaken, the giant bird of Rock Island... It lives to the northeast of faraway Morgul. We can't meet it that easily.

Robin: I know that it's impossible for Terii alone. That's why Muuto, close to him as a brother, should go with him.

(Second page)

Arrow > Robin, who once fought for the sake of unleashing Alchemy. To help raise the skill the psynergy of Muuto and the others, he went training with them.

Robin: Well done, Muuto. Your power has become stronger.

Robin: After the Golden Sun unleashed Alchemy, though the world has avoided destruction, it may have lost peace.

The previous protagonist
Arrow to Muuto: Parent and Child

Urgent News Flash! The Legendary Hero who Saved the World Sends Out His Son (and company)

Black Test with Golden (okay fine yellow) outlines:
The young adepts set out on the first adventure of their lives... And the story begins to move.
Black arrow with white words: The next page introduces new characters!

One of the 'Warriors of Vale' who raised the Golden Sun.The main character of the first game of Golden Sun. The father of Muuto, the main character of this game, like his son, uses Earth Psynergy. He built a cabin on the Goma Hill adjacent to the collapsed Mt. Aleph, which was the epicenter of the Golden Sun, to observe and watch for any strange occurrences.

Karis: It seems like an adventure similar to Father and the others' has come, so we have to go together.

Arrow > Terii has to gather necessary materials for the repair. To help their close friend, Muuto, with childhood friend Karis, decide to journey out on a search for Rock Island...

(This next bit a bit blurry, may be unclear)
Psynergy Holes which absorbs psynergy around them have sudden appeared around the world! Trials and tribulations await Muuto and the others in their adventure ahead.

(Third page)

The Adepts You Meet On Your Journey

Schlater, who travelled with the previous protagonist Robin and was deeply involved in their adventure, makes an appearance. A happy performance for players of the game. On the other hand, a race which appears after the Golden Sun Effect. Called 'Manbeast', it is a sub-race which evolved suddenly from
humans and animals. This time, we introduce one of the new race, Stella!

Schlater: It'd be good if you can meet Muuto and the others safely.
Arrow > It seems like he will help Muuto and the others on their journey with his knowledge, like he did with Isaac.

Stella: That's right... I am Stella. It's true, I am a Manbeast.
Arrow > Stella, who admits to being a Manbeast. What do the people in the changing world think about human-beasts?

Arrow to Crown: Teacher and Student
A scholar of alchemy with extensive knowledge. A scholar who has studied alchemy for a long time. The master of Crown, he travels around the world with them and tags along even in the face of danger, to set foot in ancient ruins. He is an old friend of Robin's.

Schlater: In the long time that I've known Robin, I am glad to have been of help... By the way, Crown, what are you doing?
Arrow > Schlater, who travelled with Robin and the other Warriors of Vale before the rising of the Golden Sun. It seems that close acquaintanceship continues even now.

Stella: T-thank you...
Controlling the Wind, Reading Minds

Stella cast Tornado Spin!
Wing Rat took 132 damage!

Lots of adventures await in Weyard
The world that is the stage of our story, Weyard. It is a land with lots of different landscapes (scenaries) and many different races. In the many ancient ruins around, strong enemies and puzzle-traps await. A band of very cute human-beasts (note, this is not the same word used for
Stella's Manbeast)

(Fourth page)

The Evolved Adept
A young girl of the manbeast race, she can control the wind freely. Like a beast, her five senses surpass those of a human. It appears that besides reading the minds of another and sensing special smells, unlike the other adepts, she can use psynergy that are unique to manbeasts.

Arrow > Using a ship to travel the oceans... Inferring from the building in the bottom right, there is also a country with a Japanese-style culture.

Arrow > The spouting water has blocked the road. There seems to be a psynergy that can deal with this mechanism, but what catches the eye is the time counter below. What exactly is that...?

Arrow > An ancient ruin, with a crossing of many gears. The footholds ae on differing height levels, but can they be changed with psynergy?

The giant section with djinn basically talks about Set, Standby and Summon.


Also, in other news, an OST of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn music is going to be released along with a special "magazine book" covering Dark Dawn. This is pretty exciting. It will be released on the 28th October in Japan.

(If you can read Japanese, I'd recommend not reading the Product Description as it apparently spoils the location where the climax of the game takes place. Way to go, Amazon...)

Translation by Cinder on GSRealm (the spoiler was removed, so it's ok to read)

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Adept's Navigation Guide (Shueisha Mook - Magazine Book)

[Book Bonuses]

◆Special "Golden Sun" manga appearing in V-Jump December 2010. The main characters set off on a journey and have heated battles with their enemies, drawn by Higashimoto Kazuki sensei's beautiful touch!! Plus a present: a signed autograph on colored paper!!

◆Special Soundtrack CD - As composer Sakuraba Motoi created the music for the "Golden Sun" games with his whole might, you can be satisfied with this special CD!! Many of the famous pieces are carefully selected, and as well as the original version in the game, a Special Djinn Version is included!!

[Book Details]

The strongest guide explaining the world of "Golden Sun", the latest RPG drawn in magnificent scale!! Character analysis files, a collection of map setting designs to draw you into the adventure world's charm, as well as 3D maps included with a walkthrough guide and useful data in all completeness!! Furthermore, as a book with original bonuses, you can be satisfied anytime by the music in the game with an included Special Soundtrack CD!! Let's get a supreme copy to all the adventurers out there!!

◆Worldview Introduction - Character profiles and a person correlation chart!! Furthermore, various famous places in the game are introduced with setting designs!! An essential keyword on the story is clearly explained!! Even if you're a beginner of the "Golden Sun" series, you'll understand the full story perfectly!!

◆System Explanation - Full-out support on adventuring basics!! Psynergy, Djinn, and summons, the way to use them is clearly explained!!

◆Map Walkthrough - From the place where the journey began until even the place of the story's climax, get through the game with pages of 3D maps! Puzzle solving hints, treasure chest locations, Djinn and summon locations are also printed!!

◆All Sorts of Data - Psynergy, Djinn, Classes, Items, etc. All kinds of data needed to beat the game is published!! It's unmistakeably useful in your adventure!! One copy is a huge satisfaction for "Golden Sun" fans!

20th October 2010

A new image has shown official art for Halmarny, and also revealed the second Venus Adept, Himi. From what could be made out from the text, it appears Halmarny is the prince of the Water Kingdom, Ayatayu, and Himi is a seer who possesses powerful Psynergy.

In other news, Famitsu gave Dark Dawn a score of 33/40 (9/8/8/8)

Gamespot UK has also posted a hands-on of Dark Dawn, along with a bunch of new images.

21st October 2010

Japanese site updated again, with new character bios.

Harumani - A wise Water Adept born into a royal family. He bears a complicated destiny due to his own birth being wrapped in mystery.

Himi - Earth Adept and Priestess of Yamatai. She inherited mysterious powers from the bloodline of her priestess mother. It seems that she is able to hear divine messages.

You'd think we would be done with site updates with the game coming out next week, but no. There's yet another silhouette on the "Others" page, beneath the "Tsaparang" heading. This figure bears more than a passing resemblance to Alex...

25th October 2010

Some new Japanese scans have emerged.

[Scan 1] [Scan 2]

Matthew's mom is confirmed according to the first scan. It is also stated that Karis is Ivan's daughter and Rief is Mia's son.

28th October 2010

The Japanese site has updated with the final character bio, named "Ace". It's pretty obvious though that Ace is Alex, wearing an opera mask.

Bio: The masked man working together with Spade's group.

It seems like the warriors of Vale know his face, yet his true nature/identity is shrouded in mystery. Together his actions and those of Matthew's company will have a great impact upon the fate of the world.

Gee, Paper Thin Disguise, much?


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