Golden Sun 3 Speculation


Okay, who doesn't want a Golden Sun 3?
I'm sure there are one or two crazy people out there who don't.
There is going to be one, right?
I sure hope so. There are too many open ends that need wrapping up.
Did I die or not?
Hopefully you did.
Why are you so cruel to me, Mia? ;_;
And then there's Anemos...
Anyway, Kyarorain has written up an essay providing the facts on a potential Golden Sun 3!

I should probably mention that the webmistress is very aware there is now a third Golden Sun game, but this page is remaining for old times' sake. Think of it as a "How Golden Sun 3 could have been" thing.



Golden Sun 3: Will it ever happen?


There are many good reasons why a Golden Sun 3 should come to exist. The ending of Golden Sun: The Lost Age was fairly open ended. We have no idea of Alex's eventual fate, plus we still haven't actually seen Sheba find out about her past, which is kind of a gyp considering how hopeful she was to find out her past. Really, Camelot, that was just mean.

One interesting thing to note is the younger generation of Adepts we see or hear of (well, if you count someone who got whacked in the head) and could be potential protagonists for a game set several years into the future. There's Ahri, the baby in Contigo, who is a Jupiter Adept, and then there's Eoleo, Briggs' and Chaucha's little son. He got hit on the head with a Psynergy Stone, but he is in fact a descendant of the Ankohl Tribe (since his great-grandmother was descended from them also) and the Ankohl Ruins are close to Champa. So, I think there could have been a dormant power inside him the stone unlocked, so he's as good as an Adept to me.

Eoleo and Ahri aren't the only ones. Susa and Kushinada are Venus Adepts living in Izumo, near Gaia Rock, and they plan to have a son named Takeru. I'm fairly sure Takeru will also be a Venus Adept. However, with the Ankohl Ruins being Venus (you need Sand in there mostly. Plus, Move, which IS technically Mars but...) Eoleo could be a potential Venus Adept as well. Two Venus Adepts would unbalance the game somewhat. Oh, yes, and Takeru doesn't fit into the five characters limit, which could be problematic if GS3 retains the five characters in names rule.

At the very least, they could be considered hints. And, Susa and Kushinada saying that Takeru will run to the aid of Felix's descendants seems like a rather big hint to me.

And now, I'll move on to something even bigger and more cliffhanger-ish. It really was an open ending. Alex attempts to take Alchemy, but the Wise One comes along and tells him he was pwned. Isaac got some of it instead, and then Alex is flattened and left to die on a sinking mountain. Surely, we have to know if Alex lived or not? Also, could Alchemy affect Isaac in some way? What could having this new power mean for him? (It may just be a small amount, but he has to feel it, right?)

Insert clichéd plotline suggestion here about Alex pursuing Isaac for Alchemy. Fanfiction has done that to death. It's now a tired cliché I am tired of seeing and will be sorely disappointed in Camelot for doing. Though, I wouldn't blame them. They probably aren't reading much Golden Sun fanfiction, especially in English, so they wouldn't know there are a million bajillion kazillion fics about Alex going after Isaac to claim the power. *sigh*

The Wise One's parting line to Alex is: "If you do survive, then perhaps we shall meet again." Could he have simply been taunting him or could there be a deeper meaning? But he's at least suggesting it's possible for Alex to survive! Unless it's not possible and he really was teasing. I wouldn't put it past that rock...

It would also be interesting to see how Alchemy affects the world in the far off future, if we have a game set, maybe, a century later? Would the civilisations return and grow once more? Will wars be happening on Weyard as people seek to claim Alchemy?

There's another mystery that should be solved. Anemos. Now I'm fairly sure Sheba is from Anemos. Ivan and Hama are descendants of the Anemos, and Sheba looks frighteningly similar to Ivan. The crater next to Contigo is of course where Anemos once was, and the people say it floated up and became what they now call the Moon. Sheba fell from the sky into Lalivero as a baby. Even when she travels around Weyard, she still doesn't find out who she really is. So, Sheba may have fallen from the moon, or rather, Anemos, which is most likely her birthplace.

I think it's high time Sheba got to find it out for herself, don't you, Camelot? It would also be pretty neat to see Anemos itself. Do not deprive us of this wish! A GS3 could surely involve Anemos somehow.

And now, this might not have much to do with a GS3, but it's intriguing enough. Could this mysterious character have a connection to a next game?

Who is the girl pictured here? Her picture is available in the Debug Room in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, along the other character face pictures. However, it's impossible to find out her name because the character list is horribly glitched up at some point. Not only is it completely out of order, but it soon becomes a jumbled mass of text and sprites, sadly. I suppose that for some reason, she wasn't included in the game after all, but then who is she? I've heard suggestions that she's a Lemurian, but that can't be right. All Lemurians have blue or green hair.

Strangely, she seems to resemble a grown-up Sheba. The eye colour is all wrong though. Yellow eyes, huh? Hmm, maybe she's Sheba and Piers's grown up daughter. >_> ... Nah. Anyway, how would that be possible? Time travel? Or maybe in GS3! ... Um, sure. Not terribly fond of the idea of playing as descendants and seeing our favourite Adepts twenty years older though. It would be Fire Emblem 6 all over again. ;_; *cries in cupboard*

... Yes. I played FE7 before FE6, but that's irrelevant.

So, there are a lot of hints that GS3 could happen. Wake up and smell the coffee, Camelot! We're waiting for you to make a third Golden Sun game!


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