Golden Sun 3 Fakes


I hate fakes.
Yeah, who doesn't hate fakes? They are pathetic.
So why do we have a page for them?
To make fun of them or so that people know they aren't real, I guess.
Some people need to get lives and stop teasing the poor fandom.
No kidding... let's see the fakes now.


Alex's Path

Here we go. The infamous fake Golden Sun game for the DS which was first shown on Golden Sun Realm and revealed as an April Fool's joke. It was made by a person named TakaM. However, TakaM made one glaring error which nobody managed to catch at first, me included. I feel so ashamed... but, anyway... the title reads "Ougon no Taiyou: Arekkusu no Michi (Golden Sun: Alex's Path)" Hold on! "Arekkusu"? Who is this Arekkusu? There is a person named Alex, but his name is spelled Arekusu in Japanese. So, yeah, there lies the error.

Also, the Japanese TLA cart for the DS has a gold background, not blue. But it was nice that this person could at least make the effort to write stuff in Japanese. Honestly, how hard is it to just get the game's name written in Japanese, add a little Japanese below... I should save that rant for later.


Golden Sun: The Solar Soothsayer

This fake caused quite an uproar when it appeared on some minor gaming sites. However, other sites were quick to decry it as simply being a fake, so opinions were divided. However, as time passed, flaws were soon found. Firstly, the game is in English. Camelot always announced their games before they were even released in Japan and released first screenshots in Japanese, so obviously the first shots of a new game should be in Japanese, not English.

Now, people, let's play Spot the Difference! What differences can you see between the title screens of Golden Sun/Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: The Solar Soothsayer?

If you guessed the Nintendo/Camelot part, you are correct. The error in question is... the lack of a copyright symbol! It makes no sense for them to not put the copyright symbol in, does it?

Also, the usage of old official art that Camelot drew years ago? I'd really like to think they would draw new art for a new game. Also, the Gaia Falls shot on the top part could easily be taken from the game or the map itself.

The creator, Opium, soon stepped up, admitting that he had made the fakes himself and explained everything in an interview at


VGBoxArt Fakes

For the record, anything that is from the site VGBoxArt is a fake. It is a site where you can design your own box art covers for made-up games and submit them to the site. Yet, people tend to believe that anything from this site could be real. If they would just check out the site itself, it would become apparent, but I guess it's just too much to hope for... I've lost count of the number of times someone has brought up a fake box art from this site, claiming it's a new sequel to Golden Sun...

Celestial Chronicles
The Staff of Hesperia
World of Golden Sun


I have simply covered the most famous of the fakes, though there probably are a few more obscure ones floating around out there. I really hope to not see any more fakes rising to fame any time soon. It's kind of annoying, after all. I'd like to see real games from Camelot. Hear that, Camelot?


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