You know you're obsessed with this game when...


Aw man. One of those stupid obsession lists?
Yeah, they are kind of stupid, aren't they?
I guess that's the whole point.
Yep. When I have stupid ideas, they can go here.
Are you just plaguing the site with Internet fads that went out of style ten years ago?
Hey, if it means I can come up with more random and funny stuff, what's wrong with that?
Does anybody even write these kinds of lists anymore?
I'm not even sure what my section is about anymore. Well, the title is self explanatory, so I won't bother explaining.


You mistake people in real life for someone who is actually in the game.

You keep dreaming at night about how Camelot has released Golden Sun 3/4/5/6/7...

You go around pretending to cast Psynergy and even shout out the name of what it is you're 'casting'.

You can name each and every single Djinni, its type, where it is found in the game and also say whether it has to be battled or not, without looking it up.

You refer to your pets as Djinn.

You eat a ton of apples, and wonder why you don't feel stronger.

You see a lighthouse that isn't lit up and freak out about how the world will be destroyed unless the lighthouse is lit.

You have memorised at least half the game's script.

You dress up as a GS character on a regular basis and not just for cosplay/Halloween.

You have an insane record in the Battle Arena (Let's say over a hundred monsters. o_o This would be easier in the first game.)

You paint a big eye on a giant rock and run away screaming "IT'S THE WISE ONE!"

You hate writing essays about a book with a character whose name is spelt similarly to a GS character because you're afraid you'll spell it the GS character's way (Guilty of this. And I only wrote it as Alex once... *hides* It was Tess of the d'Urbervilles... I think I spelled that wrong. Oh well. Who cares?)

You deliberately save a penguin in distress and expect a reward from its lover.

You write over a hundred fanfics for this game and draw an insane amount of fanart as well.

You've tried to get Camelot's address/phone number/email so that you can contact them and ask them to release GS3.

You try to learn Japanese so that you can actually contact them in their own language.

You have lots of dreams about Golden Sun.

You make an online journal and post a zillion entries in it about the game.

You find yourself yelling "POW POW PICARD!" in real life.

You scream out loud if your family suggests going to visit Ayers Rock.

You level your characters up to Level 99 in the first game.

You buy a sword, because you want to be like the sword users.

You break into people's houses and look in their jars/barrels/ovens/beds, hoping to find something.

You waste your time drawing stick figure characters doing stuff when you're bored.

You throw a tennis ball at your dog while yelling "Poké Ball, Go!" Oh, whoops. Wrong game. (What's wrong with doing that? >_> I'm not insane. Uh oh, are the men in white coats coming for me? I'd better run for it. *flees*)

You waste your time making a silly page like this.


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