Things the characters would never say


Here's another dumb page for you.
Oh boy... this should be interesting.
Or just more random crap nobody cares about.
Who cares so long as the random crap is funny?
I guess you have a point.
So... yeah. I think you know what this page is about already.



Scaramouche, Scaramouche, won't you dance the fandango?
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands~!
I am so damn short.
Salutations, my accomplices. I have just been partaking of a lengthy confabulation with Kraden and have acquired a number of extensive phrases to use in my vocabulary.
Alex is such a nice guy. It was really nice of him to betray the Mercury Clan like that. Screw the Mercury Clan.
One does not see the need for power. One prefers to be a frail weakling.
Has anyone seen my Klingon dictionary? I need it for my next trip into space.
So you ARE Captain Picard! I knew it!
Crap. Busted.
Marill, marill!
Guys? GUYS? Can someone help me find my brain? I lost it again!
*holding a brain* This is not the brain you are looking for.
Then why are you holding a brain?
Because I like eating delicious braaaaaaaiiiiiins... hey, I bet you've got a real big brain in that big head of yours. NOM NOM NOM!
... ... ... ...
Holy crap, Kraden stopped talking! Okay, everybody, let's party like there's no tomorrow to celebrate Kraden shutting his trap!
Kraden is so hot. *swoons*
Back off, bitch, Kraden is mine!
No way, I saw him first!
Like, I'm doing my fingernails, like, I could totally care less about saving Prox right now.
It's couldn't care less.
Look, mommy, I found a booger in my nose!
Oh yeah, I'm so sexy. *poses in Speedo*
I wonder if I should die my hair pink?
Hey, Isaac! Isaac!
What is it?
Can I have another cookie?
No, you already ate the last one.
Okay, fine! My age is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND! Happy?
Mwahahahahaha. I'll get Isaac to love me yet. *cooks an innocent little bunny rabbit*
I look so much like a girl. Sometimes I think I am a girl.
Eh? You're not a girl?!
Oh my god. My clothes are terrible. Seriously, I'm like a walking fashion disaster.
Ack! Fangirls! Everywhere! I'm scared! *cries like a baby* The fangirls are stalking me!
Like, uh, who am I again? I think I forgot, like, or something, yeah. *hits head and sticks out tongue*
Who's Mr. Frecklebutt?
My insane imaginary friend! MUAHAHAHAHA... *stops and looks at empty space* I should pick up a chainsaw and kill everyone, Mr. Frecklebutt?
Kupo! Kupo!
You spoony bard!
Luke, I am your father!
I has a bucket.
*steals the bucket*
Nooooooooo! They be stealing my bucket!
This is getting older than Kraden.
*sobs* Nobody loves meeeeeeeee! *runs away sobbing into the sunset*

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