Fandom Mistakes

Sometimes people do or say dumb things.
Well, that's the Internet for you, isn't it?
When people make silly mistakes related to Golden Sun, I like to make fun of them! Or at least correct the mistakes.
I can't believe the things people get wrong...
Crazy, isn't it?
So, yeah, take a lot at all the silly mistakes people made and laugh! Laugh at their foolishness! It's fun.


Stupid Misconception #1
Aren't Garet and Jenna brother and sister?
Oh, boy... seems like people are accusing all the Flameshippers of liking incest or something... heh. I mean, you'd at least EXPECT people to pay attention to the game right? It is plainly obvious Felix is Jenna's brother. Her first line is 'Oh no! My brother!' Jeez... and if Garet and Jenna were siblings, why would so many people put them together? Pay attention to the game! It's obvious Garet and Jenna are not related... I'll let people off if they haven't played the game in a long time and their memory sucks... but it's still silly.
Stupid Misconception #2
Aren't Isaac and Garet cousins?
Why do people think Garet is related to everybody? People think that Isaac and Garet might be cousins, simply because Garet's little brother, Aaron, calls Isaac's mother 'Aunty Dora'. Aaron's a child! It's only natural he might look up to her and call her 'Aunty' even if she isn't his aunt, it's not necessarily the sister of your mother or father, it's sometimes used as an endearing term by children. Well, I dunno, but I'm pretty sure Isaac and Garet are not really cousins.
Stupid Misconception #3
Piers's the Prince of Lemuria!
*sigh* I still want to know who started this one... back when people were still playing the Japanese version of TLA, they started assuming he was the Prince, but he is not. His mother and father are both dead, and he is not related to King Hydros, therefore Piers cannot be the Lemurian Prince! There is no prince...
Stupid Misconception #4
Garet has two sisters
Hehe, I thought so too once, until the Debug Room proved me wrong. Garet only has one sister- Kay, his older sister. His younger sibling is his little brother, Aaron. He does look spookily like a girl though, but I'm sure he's a boy because his 'voice' (the tune you hear when people speak) is somewhat lower than other younger girls, which are always really high.
Stupid Misconception #5
Garet's last name is Jerra
This isn't so much as a misconception as a bad translation error. Go here for more information.
Stupid Misconception #6
Felix is not a Valean!
I am still reeling from the utter stupidity of this blatant lie I once found on a Wikipedia article (which I very quickly got rid of.) The utter moron who was clearly DROPPED ON THE HEAD AS A KID claimed that Felix was not related to Jenna and was Proxian by birth! ... All those with EYES will realise what a bloody stupid statement this is, because he looks like his sister and is most definitely obviously not a freaking Proxian. They have pale skin, pointy ears and red eyes for crying out loud! I'm sure the person who wrote this is off somewhere claiming that Kraden and Babi were brothers or Hama was lying and is actually Ivan's great-great-great grandmother and Sheba's secret daughter. ... Can you tell I'm furious at the idiot's stupidity? Because I am.
Stupid Misconception #7
Felix is Isaac's long-lost brother!
Yes. Scream in horror, Valeshippers. According to Amazon UK, you've been writing incest fics. Shame on you all. Shame on Sheba too. *sigh* You see, Amazon needed a description of the game so they decided to play it. Yet, they apparently smoked hefty amounts of crack while playing TLA, and in the process, everything became warped. And that is how they ended up believing Isaac and Felix were brothers. *sighs and shakes head* Idiots. Clearly someone wasn't paying attention in Madra. Or anywhere for that matter.
Stupid Misconception #8
You can get stuck in Lemuria!
In short, no. No, you CAN'T. Some people have came up with the notion that if you give Piers the Lash Pebble in Lemuria, you can get stuck (since you use Lash to get into Lunpa's tower.) Obviously, none of these people bothered to test the "glitch" and ran around screaming that you could get stuck in Lemuria when it's all a blatant lie. Here's the truth. If you already gave the Lash Pebble to Piers, Lunpa will insult you and then throw down a PRETTY SHINY ROPE to climb up instead! There is no glitch.


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