Item Guide

A guide to items introduced in Dark Dawn.

Psynergy Items

Crush Tusk - Bestows the "Crush" Psynergy

Grip Crystal - Bestows the "Grip" Psynergy

Insight Glass - Bestows the "Insight Psynergy"

Ice Queen Stone - Bestows the "Cold Snap" Psynergy

Sand Prince Stone - Bestows the Arid Heat Psynergy

Slap Glove - Bestows the Slap Psynergy

Rare Items

Sun Saga - First/Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth part of the Warriors of Vale's story. Tells the story of the first two games in storybook form.

Gate Card - Proof of being a powerful Adept. Necessary to get past the gate to Konpa Ruins.

Kraden's Letter - A letter from Briggs to Kraden. This item has no actual purpose. Sell it.

Echo Gem - An heirloom of Lady Hinechou's family. Helps you find Ryu Kou and Hou Ju. (Unnecessary if you already know where they are.)

Treasure Note - A note left by Ku-Tsung and Ku-Embra. A clue to finding the Ghost Ship.

Trusty Staff - A strong and supple stick. Used to fish out a Mercury Djinni.

Key Items

Glyph Book - A book of glyphs in an ancient language

Stone Key - Key for opening a stone lock

Tree Flute - A flute that always plays in the right key

Wo's Letter - Letter from Wo to Ku-Embra and Ku-Tsung

Grandmother's gift - A gift for a child in Sana

Sol Mask - A mask in the shape of the sun

Elegant Bag - A high-quality bag filled with keepsakes

Roc feather - A giant feather from the legendary Roc

Magma shard - A shard containing the essence of magma

Magma orb - A sphere of solid lava, glowing with power (Okay, this one isn't ever actually in your inventory, but it does appear through hacking and has its own description.)

Watchtower key - A key to a door in the Watchtower

Third Eye - A treasure from the Watchtower

Umbra Map - Marks the location of the Umbra Gear

Blue/Red/Yellow Orb - A shining blue/red/yellow sphere

Grandchild's gift - A gift for Grandma back in Kaocho

Old rag - A torn piece of clothing

Cave-door key - A key left behind by Briggs

Recovery Items

Rice Ration - Restores 80 HP

Kaocho Dumpling - Restores 100 HP

Plump Dumpling - Restores 120 HP

Khiren Water - Restores 20 PP

Ginseng - Restores 50 PP

Damaging Items

Gunpowder Bomb - Emulates Cluster Bomb Psynergy

Illusion Perfume - May delude target

Psy Grenade - Drains PP of multiple targets

Spark Shuriken - Deals Jupiter damage to single target

Other Items

Dream Leaf - Can be used at inn in Kolima to re-enter Phantasmal Bog or inn in Border Town to access the other side of the town.

Dried Lizard - Emulates Restore Psynergy

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