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Ever wanted to learn some random trivia you never even needed to know?
There is some interesting stuff here though.
Kyarorain has learned far too much...
Yeah. If she isn't careful, the Wise One might sick a three headed dragon on her.
That's just silly...
What? Can't we make dumb jokes around here?
Her knowledge is... vast.
Anyway, enjoy the page of stuff she can't find a place to put anywhere else...


Mind Read Antics

Okay, so there is a page for Mind Read in Prox. But, Prox isn't the only place with normally inaccessible minds to be read. At Jupiter Lighthouse, upon the aerie when you only have Felix and Piers, Karst and Agatio are waiting for you to light the beacon. They also have thoughts of their own, but without Sheba, it's kind of hard to read them. Whatever were the game developers doing? Anyway, here are the screens. They aren't on the Prox Mind Read page because, well... it isn't Prox...

So Agatio wants us to resist him? I love translators... it's almost as bad as the "Is Alex is displaying his remarkable foresight again?" line in Champa... what is it with Agatio and bad grammar anyway?


Defeating Saturos and Menardi three years early

Yes, it is possible. With a Gameshark, anyway. Saturos and Menardi have the same stats as on Venus Lighthouse's aerie. They didn't get much stronger in three years then.

Of course, the game developers don't foresee us cheating and defeating Saturos and Menardi so early, so as the battle ends, everything is as if Isaac and Garet lose. They just lie there unconscious while Saturos and Menardi skip away (they have incredible cliff-hopping skills...)

It's still rather fun to see little Isaac and Garet laying the smackdown though...


Dummy Weapons

In the Debug Rooms, it's possible to get any item that has been coded into the game. This includes items that aren't normally accessible in gameplay for some reason, hence they are referred to as dummy weapons. Many people know about this, and use it to get two Sol Blades in Golden Sun: The Lost Age by way of data transfer. It's quite nifty.

Don't mind Jenna. This is from the first game... anyway, the Sol Blade. A pathetic +138 attack, and it doesn't even unleash. Yippee.

The Kusanagi isn't much better. This weapon is known as the Masamune in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Doesn't unleash either.

And here we have what was called the Masamune in the first game. Unlike the first two weapons, it has a description. Uh... okay. Doesn't unleash. In The Lost Age, transferring it replaces it with the Fire Brand.

While on the subject of unacquirable items, Golden Sun: The Lost Age has some as well.

Ninja Sandals. Defense +5, Increases rate of critical hits.
Silver Greave. Defense +11, Luck +4.
Knight's Greave. Maximum HP +5.
Aroma Ring. Restores 100 HP to all allies.
Rainbow Ring. Deludes up to three enemies.
Soul Ring. Revives an ally to full health.
Casual Shirt. Defense +3, HP Recovery +5
Divine Camisole. Defense +10, Luck +5

There are unacquirable Djinn too. Kind of. With Codebreaker or Gameshark, it is possible to code a Djinni in as a Psynergy so you could use it in battle as if you'd called on the Djinni itself. Except doing Psynergy instead wouldn't weaken your stats and let you summon. Among the Psynergy that can be coded in are Venus18, Venus19, Mars18, Mars19, and same for Jupiter and Mercury too. So, evidently, there were meant to be 20 of each Djinn. Coding in these extra Djinn will do nothing however. They don't do a thing. They don't even have names.

And I'm not even done yet. There is Psynergy coded into the game that you can't use in normal gameplay too.

One such Psynergy is A??, also known as Arrow.  No actual use has been found for this Psynergy. It is a Jupiter Elemental Utility Psynergy, costing 2 PP. When used on the field, a bow and arrow is summoned, and an arrow is fired.

Then there is Aurora Field. It doesn't even have an icon for some reason, and costs 0 PP. It also has no element. When used in battle, it completely restores the HP of all battling Adepts, even those who have fallen in battle. Unlike Iris, it only works on the ones in the front party.

Ma????, otherwise known as Magnet, is another strange utility Psynergy, not used in battle. Has an icon and 1 PP, and is Venus Elemental. When used. a shiny circle appears around Felix for about ten seconds and that's it. It doesn't seem to have any use, just like Arrow.

We also have Reflect, a battle Psynergy of the Mercury Element which costs 5 PP. It can only be cast on one Adept at a time, but doesn't seem to do anything. Some Psynergy will flow into the chosen Adept and they glow for a brief second, similar to someone being healed or revived, and then they feel the effects of it. Whatever the effects are. It actually doesn't do anything. Judging by the icon, perhaps it was meant to be some kind of barrier Psynergy but that's just a guess.

Then we have Regenerate. It is a battle Psynergy, of the Mercury Element and costs 6PP. When used, it appears similar to the Wish Psynergy and it affects just one Adept. When used, it will damage whoever it was used on. However, it will then start healing the Adept it hurt for four turns.

Goodness, there's no end to this. Next is Charm, a battle Psynergy of the Jupiter element costing 6PP.  When used in battle, the game will either tell you the opponent's heart was stolen or that it failed. However, the "charmed" opponent will not act any differently. After a few turns, the game will report the opponent has regained consciousness.

And now we have Confuse, a battle Psynergy of the Jupiter element costing 6PP. It has a chance of "confusing" the opponent. However, the "confused" opponent won't act differently at all.

Next is Paralyze, a Jupiter elemental battle Psynergy costing 7PP. When casting it in battle, it has a chance of stunning the opponent. When it does work, the opponent will be afflicted with the "Stun" status condition.

Taint is a Venus elemental battle Psynergy that costs 4PP. Using it in battle will cause the opponent to become poisoned.

Poison is a Venus elemental battle Psynergy costing 6PP and using it in battle will inflict the Venom status on an opponent.


And that's all the inaccessible stuff I can find. Whew... that was exhaustive. =/


Return to Vale in TLA

Hate Kraden for saying you can't go back to Vale in The Lost Age? Well, there is a handy dandy solution for it. Screw him. Most people know about this already, but for those who don't... (how can anyone not know?!)

Firstly, you need the wings for your ship. There is a little beach south of Loho, which you must fly onto and then try to hop off below the mountain. Wriggle the ship around a bit and you should make it.

We're in the old world now. Altmiller Cave should be here, but it's not. Most towns as well as entrances to caves/dungeons in the 'old' Weyard don't show up, so the area you can access is fairly limited.

Remember the Karagol Sea? This is it. You should know the way to Vale from here. I'm not explaining that... and the Kalay docks don't block the way anymore, so go ahead in the direction of Vale.

Sadly, you can't enter Vale. But it's quite fun to have Felix stomp over it... for a few seconds. "Rah! I'm Godzilla! *stomp* *smash*"

You can't get here normally. I used the Walk on Map code to get here, but hey, Imil's sprite is on the map. I always suspected you could see a few pixels of it in a split second during the ending of TLA (when Mercury's beacon fires toward Vale) I guess I was right. And, no, you can't enter Imil. Strangely enough, while Babi Lighthouse is visible on the map, you don't see Lalivero (and it's painfully clear in the ending) ... I don't get how game developers' minds work at all...

Yepp's Song

The tune to Yepp's song is actually the same as the tune to a song from Japanese children game, though the lyrics are not the same. The song is called Kagome, Kagome and if you watch this video of it and listen to the tune that goes with Yepp's Song, you'll notice that the tunes are very similar.

Unused Dialogue

There is dummed out dialogue located in the code for the first game, which can be accessed through the script editor in Atrius's Golden Sun hacking program. The dialogue is supposed to take place during the prologue.

The dialogue goes as follows:

Theoretical NPC #1 : Do you know what became of the boulder that fell from Mt. Aleph?

[Yes/No] (It's not clearly stated as such, but I'm pretty sure it's a yes/no question)

Yes? - What? It's falling toward the village? The elders are holding it back?!? They are the most powerful Psynergy Adepts in Vale.

No? - They said the Boulder would have to fall sometime... I just knew a storm like this would knock it loose!

Theoretical NPC #2: Jenna asked me to help Felix. If I didn't have to use Psynergy, I'd help in an instant!

I've tried different things with the prologue, but the dialogue never shows up, so it seems to be inaccessible. My theory is that it belongs to that old couple in the plaza, who both react as if you're asking them to help. Maybe the above dialogue is what they were supposed to say instead if, for example, you refused to help Felix when Dora asked you earlier, but the flag doesn't trigger. It's just a theory though. Maybe they belonged to NPCs who were removed later on.




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