Oven Guide


Ooh, just thinking about ovens make me hungry.
Who doesn't like looking in ovens?
I wonder what people think about us wandering into their houses and peeking in their ovens...
Not to mention raiding their pots and barrels and even their beds...
We're just a regular bunch of kleptomaniacs...
Of course we don't steal their food though.
So, here's a handy dandy list of oven descriptions from all over Weyard for you.



He's making Thieves' Stew... It has a very distinct scent.

He's making Thieves' Cookies. They're in the shape of... Dodonpa's face?


Fresh Omelettes! Bilibino [sic] omelettes use Wild Mushrooms caught in the area.


It looks like porridge. This is the best thing when you're sick!


Isaac and his friends are shocked! They've never seen ingredients like that!

They're making stir-fry. The cabbage looks strangely appetizing.

It's the Xian Gourmet, the best in the world! It looks so appetizing, it's hard to imagine how good it tastes.

They're steamed dumplings. They're great piping hot!


He is making roast beef. Even the peppers look appetizing!

He is making shrimp in a chili sauce. The shrimp looks so scrumptious... My mouth is watering.

The pots and pans are rusted...


It's a Kalay Salad with cucumber and yogurt. I can't imagine what it tastes like!

He's making curry. Its spicy scent makes the mouth water.

It's pickles with garlic. The pickle is popular in Kalay, but no one knows why...

She's toasting some bread. It smells great.


He is boiling the pasta. It looks like he's overcooking it!

It's Tolbi seafood pasta! With lots of olive oil and basil!

She's making the world-renowned Tolbi pizza. The scent of cheese... Oh, no! Something is burning!


He's making mulukhiya soup. It tastes great, and it's good for your body.


She's making roast chicken. This scent... It must be flavoured with garlic.

It's rice made with grains from the area. It looks so fluffy. It will go with any food!

She's making mushroom soup. In Lalivero, they toss in all kinds of local beans and herbs.

She's frying freshwater fish from the river. The fish is fried crispy. You could even eat the bones!

It's a Lalivero Salad with potato and cactus. It looks good, but a little spiky... Mmm... Spiky.

The pot is full of a stew made with many ingredients. It looks like it will bring strength.


A pot of Masala tea is boiling on the stove. It's full of milk, and it has a nice, sweet smell. It's driving me crazy!

All the spices are neatly arranged. No dining table in Madra would be complete without them.

They're making nan (naan). It looks weird, though... I guess in Madra, they add nuts and raisins.

There are some potatoes boiling in the pot. Maybe they're making potato salad.

They're making tandoori chicken. In Madra, it's cooked on the bone. It's one of the dishes they're famous for.

There's a chicken curry slowly simmering on the stove. Judging from the smell and the deep red colour, it must have a lot of tomatoes in it.


There is a seafood pie baking in the oven. Its reputation for having a, er, fragrant smell precedes it.

Seasonal veggies boiling with some lamb meat. The oyster seasoning is really tempting my tummy.

It looks like some kind of seafood soup. It smells like the ocean!

It's Alhafra's famous broiled lobster! It's bigger than I could ever possibly have imagined!


That cheese looks fabulous. I could really use a snack... Maybe with some bread and- Gah! I'm getting hungry!

Fresh eggs, over easy... Some people call 'em "sunny side up"! When it comes to breakfast, these are the best!

It's a roast chicken so big it's practically bursting out of the oven! Hmm... I wonder if it was related to the chicken I saw outside... I thought it was a pet!


There are lots of strange-looking plants boiling in that large pot. It's got a familiar smell I just can't quite put my finger on.

Eeeeew! They're frying up bug larvae!! It looks awful! But it smells GREAT!

Huh, what is that!? Lobster grilled in the shell! I'd like to experience this luxurious culinary treat at least once in my life!

Newts skewered over and open flame. Are they making food or some strange kind of medicine?

It's lamb on the bone, broiled over an open flame. The lamb is golden brown and juicy. They'd probably notice if I took some... Too bad.

E. Tundaria Islet

There's fish I've never seen before gently simmering there. I wonder what this foul soup could possibly taste like... I'm not sure I want to find out.


There's a bright-red soup full of beans and tomatoes simmering. That spicy smell is really something else, but it might burn my mouth a bit.

Contigo's famous for these cookies they make... I've heard that, even if you have the recipe, it still takes years to learn to bake them.

Ah, the smell of fresh corn bread cooking in the oven! One whiff, and I'm drooling like a bulldog!

Shaman Village

That simmering soup is made with broth of cow bones. It seems it's a traditional Shaman meal, passed down from generation to generation.

I've never seen vegetables like the ones boiling there. Whoa! They really stink! Do people actually eat those!?

Kalt Island

There's Kaltic stew made with lamb meat and potatoes. Looks pretty tasty, if you like boiled meat.


Those boiling vegetables look like weeds. I'm pretty sure I won't be eating any of those anytime soon.

There's cheese in this stew. Hey! There's mold growing on it! Is it supposed to be like that?

They've got some strange meat I've never seen before. Instead of firewood, they're cooking it with burning antlers. I wonder if the meat and the antlers came from the same animal.


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