Event Guide


This is a guide for events in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
Eh, what events?
The ones you get by transferring your password data from the first Golden Sun, of course.
Oh, those...
I hear gold passwords are extremely frustrating.
Oh man, the things I've heard... it makes me shudder.
You actually only need a Bronze password for events, by the way...
Huh, really?
Yes. This page will provide an explanation, so let's get on with that.


In the first Golden Sun, you could do a number of events that would trigger further events in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. This requires you to input a password in The Lost Age, that carries over data from the first game. There are three password levels.

Bronze - Transfers character names, levels, Djinn, utility Psynergy items including Orb of Force, and event statuses.

Silver - Transfers above, plus character stats.

Gold - Transfers above, plus coins and inventories.

The events that happen in The Lost Age are explained in the links below, with accompanying screencaps.

Thieves Event

Feizhi Event

Deadbeard Event

Hammet Event

Colosso Event




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