Bookshelf Guide

The webmistress certainly does enjoy wasting time with trivial things.
Anything to pass the time until the third game comes out, huh?
What is it this time?
It's a list of bookshelf descriptions from the games.
Wow, there aren't many for the second game...
No kidding. I guess the rest of the world isn't big on reading.



There's a book entitled "Making a Great Village"

There's a book entitled "Legend of Mt Aleph." It says the mountain's name refers to the origin of all things...

There's a book entitled "Being an Adept." "Hone your Psynergy. Do not use it for evil..."

There are books entitled "Journey to the Northern Continent of Angara" and "All About the Southern Continent of Gondowan" Isaac learned that Mt. Aleph is on the western edge of Angara.

There's a notebook belonging to Jenna's aunt... It contains sketches Jenna's aunt and mother drew as children.

There's a book entitled "Encyclopedia of Alchemy." "All things are composed of four elements: earth, water, fire and wind..."

There's a book entitled "The Fountain of Tolbi." "The fountain of Tolbi will test your luck..."

There's a book entitled "In Search of the Ancient Lemurians."

There's a notebook called "Study of Alchemy." "To understand Alchemy, one must understand the Elemental Powers.." That's where the script ends...

There is a book entitled "The Laws of Vale," which describes Vale's customs. "Get permission to leave the village. Never show Psynergy to outsiders..."

There is a book entitled "The Mighty Power of Nature." "The power beyond human understanding can be seen in volcanic eruptions and great floods..."

There's a book entitled "The Psynergy Stone." "Psynergy is replenished by touching a Psynergy stone..."

There's a book entitled "Etiquette for Travelers." "It is rude not to introduce yourself to the town's mayor."


There's a book entitled "History of Vault, Vol 1." The book says the name comes from being "cooped up in tiny place."

There's a book entitled "Gems of Angara."


There's a book entitled "All about Items." According to the book, there are many unknown items in the world.

There's a sheet of paper entitled "Sweetie's Gifts." It's the list of gifts Lord McCoy has given his wife. It's pretty long.


There's a book entitled "The Holy Tree of Kolima Forest." "Tret and Laurel are the spirits of the holy trees protecting Kolima forest."

There's a book entitled "The Art of Logging." "One must study trees and train one's body well before logging."

There's a book entitled "Dictionary of Trees and Flowers." The book describes every species of tree and flower in Angara.


There's a book entitled "Business and You." "Trust between two people is all-important for a successful business."

There's a book entitled "The Good Host." "Attention to detail is key to good hospitality."


There is a book entitled "Altin: The Mining Village." Altin mines are famous for their beautiful gems, according to the book.


There's a book entitled "Heart of the Colosso Warrior." "Do your best! Do not bet on Lucky Guess!" ...So the book says.

There's a note book that shows the records for the dice game... Its owner seems to have lost a lot of money playing dice.

There's a book entitled "Become a Macho Man in Twelve Easy Steps!" All these warriors seem to like weight training.

There's a notebook entitled "Study of the Venus Ruins." "Many ancient civilizations still sleep in that area..."

There's a notebook "Experiments in Alchemy." "The experiment failed again. I have tons of questions for Kraden..."

There's a book entitled "Enyclopedia of Ancient Ruins."

Hey, it's Babi's Diary! It reads... "This Colosso may be my last..."


It looks like there's a captain's logbook in here. There's something about an unreported trip to Lemuria in here... I guess they were rushed.


I found a letter from Babi. On the outside it reads, "To my dear friend, Lunpa." Babi wrote, "Forgive me, Lunpa, but I must leave the island without you."

There's a book called "The Great Adventures of Lunpa." ...Written by Lunpa, no less. "When the great flood came, we fled our homes by boat. Waves engulfed our ships. We came to a strange land called Lemuria."

Here's a book called "Alchemy and Ancient Civilization: Part I." "Through the use of Alchemy, civilization undergoes great growth and improvement."

Here's a book called "Alchemy and Ancient Civilization: Part II." "Those who master Alchemy shall master the world."

Here's a book called "The Great Lemurian People." "The chosen master of water will be a native son of Lemuria."

Here's a book called "Elemental Lighthouses." It reads, "The beacons of the four elemental lighthouses brighten the fringes of Weyard."

Here's a book called "The History of Lemuria." An excerpt: "Only traces of the once-brilliant land of Lemuria remain today."

Here's a book called "The Diary of Hydros." "Piers is most definitely still alive. I pray for his safe return."

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