The Seaside Getaway


Hmm. Interesting.
What is it, Mia?
It's time to announce the winning couple, right?
The poll doesn't have many votes, but you have a couple, don't you?
Well... I kind of have a tie.
Wow, Mia, I've never seen you wear a tie before!
Garet, you idiot. -_-
I only voted once. I think you can guess what for. ^_^
Well, thanks, you added another couple to the tie. Three couples have 2 votes each.
Only 2? That's a shame.
Caz's fault for leaving this thing for so long. Anyway, the winning couples are Garet/Mia, Alex/Jenna and Felix/Sheba.
;_; I have to be near that oaf?
Hey! Be nicer to Garet, Felix!
How did you know I meant Garet?
Uh... er... touché?


The tall and elegant mansion rose above the horizon upon the large hill. A flight of steps had been carved neatly into the hill, providing a somewhat easy passage to the mansion. Six people stood at the bottom of this hill.

"A flight of steps up a hilll, huh?" Mia raised an eyebrow. "I don't think they mentioned this in the brochure. But then again, I was a little suspicious of Smell a Rat Travel Agency. What kind of a name is that? What are you supposed to do there, smell a rat?"

"I shall escort you," Alex held out his hand to Jenna. "May I?"

"Why, certainly," Jenna smiled and placed her hand in Alex's.

"That's not fair," Felix muttered as Alex warped out with Jenna. "What about us who have to walk?" He suddenly noticed a small sandbank embedded into a part of the hill. "Hey, how convenient!" The happy Venus Adept ran to the sandbank, cast Sand and slithered up the hill.

"I... really... don't want to walk," Garet whimpered, as Mia and Sheba began ascending the hill.

"Fine, we'll see you when our vacation's over!" Sheba yelled down at him.

"Don't be so lazy, Garet," Mia chided, frowning at the upset Mars Adept.

"Eek," Garet's spirits sank. Instead of taking pity, his girl had simply frowned at him. His heart was near broken by this tragic occurrence. "Oh, please have pity upon me, Mia! Forgive me!" He fell to his knees melodramatically.

There was no answer. Garet looked up and sweated when he saw the girls already halfway up the hill and ignoring him. "Aw, crap."

"Wow! The mansion's beautiful!" Jenna squealed as she walked inside with Alex.

"It definitely seems worth the uphill walk," Alex said approvingly.

Felix walked in behind them and blinked at the decor. "It's... sparkly."

"I like sparkly!" Jenna squealed.

"I think some people think otherwise," Alex took her by the arm. "Come on, let's go find a room for ourselves."

"My eyes," Felix whimpered and rubbed his eyes. "I can't stand all this sparkly."

"Wow!" Sheba walked in behind him. "This place looks pretty good. Except a bit odd."

"It's blinding me," Felix complained.

"Cheer up, Felix," Sheba grinned. "We're here to have fun! And I get to spend it with you!"

"It's going to be fun before Garet's farting ruins it all or something," Felix really wished Garet hadn't come along. "Anyway, let's go pick some rooms."

"I want a really big room with a four poster bed with silk drapes and large, soft plush cushions," Sheba said dreamily as she followed Felix. "And I get this four poster bed all to myself. Fit for... a queen!"

"Wow," Mia hung back, watching them leave the hallway. "Talk about delusions of grandeur." She turned and looked out the door, waiting for Garet.

After about five minutes, Mia gave up and went to get a room.

About an hour later, Garet arrived at the mansion's entrance, sweaty and red faced, gasping for breath. He dumped his bags on the floor and followed the sound of conversation.

Garet found everyone in a cosy living room, playing Twister.

Felix mechanically span the dial of the wheel and then said in a monotone. "Mia. Right hand. Red 3."

"Ugh..." Mia struggled to do so, grimacing as she found her hand very close to Alex's face. Why did she have to be here with him? She hated him!

"Hey, you're not looking up my skirt, are you?" Jenna uncomfortably looked down, bumping Sheba who yelped.

"I would never do such a thing!" Mia exclaimed.

"Sheba, Left Foot, Blue 4," Felix spoke out.

"I... can't..." Sheba struggled, widening her legs as she attempted to place her foot down. She looked down and went red. "Hey, you can see up my dress!"

"I'm not!" Felix exclaimed, his eyes fixed firmly on the wheel.

"I can't believe you!" Sheba cried out, accidentally bumping Jenna back.

"Wah!" Jenna flailed and slipped.

"Ow! My eye!" Alex lurched forwards, upsetting Mia, who yelled and reversed back into Sheba.

The balance was predictably thrown off...


Felix winced as they all fell in a heap and a cloud of dust wafted upwards. Garet started laughing.

"Ow ow ow!" yelled Jenna, who was at the bottom of the heap. "Get off me!"

Eventually, the heap sorted itself out and everyone sat fuming around the Twister mat, trying to decide whose fault it was the game ended in such a way.

"Oh man, I wish I'd been playing," Garet sighed.

"You only want to play because you're a filthy pervert!" Felix accused.

"I don't want you anywhere near my girl," Alex shot daggers with his eyes at Garet as he hugged Jenna close to him.

"Mmm... Alex... your cologne smells nice," Jenna buried her face in his chest, a dreamy smile on her face.

"Why, thank you," Alex beamed.

"So... you're happy to wriggle around with and eyeball other girls?" Mia stood up, looking upset. "I thought you cared about me."

"I... I do!" Garet protested.

"You're a jerk!" Mia ran out of the room.

"Mia!" Garet ran after her. "I'm sorry!"

"Are those two even a couple?" Sheba rolled her eyes.

"An unstable one so far, it seems," Felix shook his head. "They are doomed."

"Well, maybe it will work out for them," Sheba wrapped her arms around his chest and smiled, thinking of her future... with Felix of course.

Eventually, Mia forgave Garet somewhat, she went from avoiding him to giving him sullen stares and eventually Garet felt relaxed enough to stop apologising profusely. Mia was scary when she was angry. Not to mention unpredictable.

It was then time for supper. Jenna wanted to make the supper, but nobody felt like eating spicy food and Mia pointed out spicy food just made Garet "float the air biscuits" so to speak (more often, she stated), Alex was the chef.

"Wow," Jenna chomped down on the spaghetti bolognaise. "This tastes great!"

"Thank you," Alex picked up spaghetti with a fork and fed it to Jenna.

"Can you guys please keep your romancing away from the table?" Felix complained, feeling sick to the stomach.

"Oh, don't fuss, Felix!" Sheba picked up a meatball and offered it to his mouth. Felix reluctantly took it, looking embarrassed afterwards. Sheba giggled.

Garet tried to follow suit, but Mia just grabbed the food and threw it in his face.

"I'm not taking food from you," Mia said sulkily, returning to eating. "You didn't even wash your hands."

"I'm wearing gloves, Mia," Garet pointed out.

"... Oh," Mia blinked. "Right. But Garet, why are you wearing gloves at the table? Nobody else is."

"I... I don't know!" Garet went very red and stared at his food, feeling ashamed. Mia shook her head, grinning.

After supper, the couples went their separate ways. Alex and Jenna retreated to a cosy part of the house and proceeded to do all kind of slushy things that would make people hurl if they read about them.

As for Garet and Mia, they went exploring around the mansion. There was a little drama involving a skeleton in a closet, but Mia convinced Garet that the skeleton was not going to come to life and kill them in their sleep so it was better just left alone.

Felix and Sheba sat together reading a romantic novel they had found tucked away in a bookshelf. Felix didn't find it too pleasant at first, he hated romantic novels, but with Sheba next to him, it wasn't quite so bad.

Then it was bedtime, and everyone retreated to bed. Garet was sad he couldn't share a room with Mia, but she stated in plain terms that she wasn't yet ready to sleep in the same bed as him. Whether this was due to his personal hygiene and loud snoring or not, she did not say.

Sadly for hopefuls, Alex and Jenna were the only couple to sleep in the same bed. (Sleep? That all they did? Who knows.)


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