The Seaside Getaway


Well, this took a while...
Caz has been in a slump lately... but she's finally managed to write up a story.
So, I'm sure you're all excited to read a new story! Right?
The winning pairing is Saturos/Menardi!

The nerve of it. Being comfortably dead and floating in the ocean near a (mercifully lit) lighthouse, only to be dragged out of what realm they had been in by some annoying necromancer and then told they were to go on a date together. Even worse, they had to swim all the way back to land.

So now Saturos and Menardi were sitting, soggy and bedraggled, on some random shore and checking themselves for rot. Luckily, the revival had made their bodies intact. Last thing they needed were people screaming and running from pointy-eared, red-eyed, scaly ZOMBIES. So, now that they were alive and looked healthy, the first thing they had to do was go on a date like the necromancer had said.

"This is so random," Menardi said, flipping back her blonde hair. "But I guess I shouldn't complain. Being alive is a nice experience. Do you have any ideas for what we should do on this... date?"

"We could smell the flowers or pick them, go strawberry picking, eat cuisine in Xian, go for a beautiful nature walk, listen to the birds singing, watch the sun set, have a bonfire, roast marshmallows or... or... something... so many things we should do now we're alive..." Saturos said wistfully, his eyes shimmering.

"We're still young. We can do all those things in our lifetime," Menardi said, a bit confused by Saturos's rambling. "Now could you pick one thing for us to do?"

"But there's so many things..." Saturos sighed. "We could die again tomorrow for all I know. That would be so depressing. Why don't we stay here on the beach... together... and watch the sun set?"

"Yes... that would be nice," Menardi mused. "But first we should eat. Oh, yes, I know." She got up and walked over to the sea, then cast some random Mars Psynergy that caused the waves to shoot up and several burnt fish landed on the sand, flopping about crazily.

Then, over a burning woodpile with fish roasting on it, Saturos and Menardi enjoyed the first meal ever since their deaths. The fish was delicious and they had quite the appetites, that soon enough, there were nothing left but fish bones and... well, heads.

"An excellent meal," Saturos sighed blissfully, lying on the sand and patting his stomach. "You know... it's so peaceful here. I hope we can live peaceful lives now, without any trouble."

"But, you know, Alchemy got unleashed and people were worried about wars and such," Menardi spoke up, picking at her teeth with a fish bone. "If that happens, what are we going to do? Hide?"

"You think those kids will let wars happen?" Saturos asked, plainly referring to a certain group of adventuring Adepts. "Let's just leave everything to them. They are better at it than us anyway. How many of them died? None."

"I feel like such an amateur," Menardi moaned, tossing the fish bone over her shoulder. "It's so unfair, isn't it? We were just trying to save our hometown."

"Cheer up, Menardi. We're alive now," Saturos got up and reached over to pat her back. "Hey, I know what we should do."

"Oh?" Menardi gazed into his ruby eyes.

A moment of suspenseful silence passed in which they stared longingly at each other...


"Let's build a sandcastle!" Saturos cried. "I've never got to do that before!" To his surprise, Menardi looked all huffy again. She had been hoping for a special moment and now he ruined it with this desire to do things he'd never been able to do.

So they ended up building a gigantic sandcastle. Occasionally, someone would walk by and stare oddly at the armoured, pointy-eared, odd-looking people building a sandcastle on the beach, but the two Proxians paid no heed.

At last, the sandcastle was complete and Saturos gazed proudly at it.

"We were really missing out on a lot of fun things being stuck in a snowy village," Saturos said reverently.

"Yeah, I know," Menardi said in a bored tone, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

Saturos glanced up at the horizon. "Hey... the sun's setting."

"Oh?" Menardi looked up. "It's pretty..."

As the sun slowly set, the Proxians sat together with their arms on each other's shoulder, watching the sky change colour as the sun dipped below the horizon. Then it was gone and the sky started to turn dark.

Saturos and Menardi sighed in unison and looked at each other, their gazes meeting. Once again, they stared at each other for a long moment.

"Maybe we should-" Saturos began, but his sentence was cut off by Menardi pressing her lips against his. They melted into a passionate embrace, arms wrapping around each other, and fell over onto the sand with their lips locked.

Eventually, they parted for air and smiled at each other.

"This has been the best day ever," Saturos murmured.

"I couldn't agree more," Menardi replied, then they kissed yet again.


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