The Seaside Getaway



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Piers walked along the path, feeling mildly disturbed as people surrounded him, screaming at him. Most of them were fangirls of course. Actually, scratch that, they were all fangirls. Desperate fangirls who wanted a date with him and mostly called him Picard for some reason. Because of the fangirls and the heightened threat to his date, he and his date got to stay in a mansion with maximum security.

Piers approached the gate and momentarily turned around, looking nervously at the fangirls.

"Don't leave us, Picard!"

"I love you, Picard!"

"You don't need that harlot! Take me!"

Piers shook his head and quickly punched in the four-number code on the number panel. He very quickly dived through the gate and it slammed behind him. Piers sighed in relief and walked up to the mansion's entrance where Sheba was sitting on the doorstep and playing with a ball in a cup.

"Hey, Piers," Sheba said happily. "Those fangirls have been calling me names through the fence for the past five minutes."

"I am sorry you had to go through all that," Piers said, shaking his head. "The OBHL can be quite... excessive at times."

"Let's go inside and check out the mansion," Sheba said, standing up. "I can't believe how huge it is!"

Once inside, they marvelled at the interior. Every room was immaculate and clean with decorations and plants hanging off every wall, as well as several bedrooms, all of them featuring en-suite bathrooms, a couple of lounges and two separate kitchens at each end of the building.

"I feel like I could get lost in this place," Sheba remarked. "We should leave breadcrumb trails wherever we go."

"And drop them on these clean carpets?" Piers said, raising an eyebrow. "I almost feel like a criminal walking in here with shoes on."

"Oh, look, a games room!" Sheba ran inside. Piers followed and found her sitting down in front of a Wii. "A Wii, huh? Gee, I wonder why."

"Let's play for a bit," Piers said, rifling through the games. "How about Wii Sports?"

As fangirls waited patiently outside, desperate for a glance of Piers, and the hours passed by, Piers and Sheba played frantically on the Wii, kicking each other's butts on the fun multiplayer games the console had to offer so far. Then the fun was stopped during Wii Bowling when Sheba's Wii Remote strap snapped and the remote crashed into the TV.

"Oops..." Sheba backed away, looking guilty. "Do you think we'll have to pay for that?"

"Possibly," Piers said. "Never mind. Say, it's nearly dinner. I'll go cook something for us tonight. Maybe a nice traditional Lemurian dish."

"Oh, really?" Sheba smiled. "Sounds great."

As Piers cooked dinner, Sheba went for a walk outside on the immaculate, manicured lawn. She was quite disturbed as she passed by the fence and found that the fangirls had set up camp. They were apparently planning to stay out here all night. One of the fangirls peeked excitedly out of the tent and scowled. Sheba shook her head and walked away as the annoyed fangirl booed at her back.

Sheba went back inside and explored some more. She discovered the music room and entertained herself with karaoke. There was so much to do in this place, she loved it. If only she actually lived here. But obviously she could never afford such a price. That broken LCD screen plasma TV was going to take a pretty big chunk out of her money as well.

After a five minute search on his part, Piers found Sheba, then they spent ten minutes looking for the kitchen. Eventually, they found it and sat down to supper.

"Here we go," Piers said, putting a plate in front of Sheba. "Creamed lobster with mushrooms and garlic, as well as mashed sweet potatoes and tomatoes."

"... Okay." Sheba shrugged and started eating. It was a strange combination and she'd never heard of a dish like this before, but then again, Lemurians could be a bit eccentric. Who was she to complain about Piers's culinary tastes anyway? "Yummy."

"Glad you like it," Piers said happily as he started eating. "I thought it might be a little strange. But, when you've been living for several hundred years by the sea and fish is your main source of food, you're probably going to do some inventive things with them. And then you pass the inventive things on and... yeah."

"Your fangirls have set up camp outside," Sheba spoke up. "I suppose they will be here all night."

"Well, don't let that bother you," Piers said. "We're here to have fun after all."

After the main course, it transpired that Piers had also made dessert. Sheba braced herself, feeling a little guilty for that, but she wasn't sure she wanted to know what kind of crazy desserts Lemurians had.

"And for dessert," Piers said, presenting it with a flourish, "lemon and apple tart with chocolate shavings!"

Sheba tried to get through it, she really did. But the extra sourness (Piers had used cooking apples) with the pepperings of sweetness made her feel sick, especially after that strange dinner, and she ended up running out of the kitchen. Thankfully, she found a sink in time. Once she was done, she came back to the kitchen.

"Sorry, Piers," Sheba said. "I just..."

"No, it's okay," Piers said. "I should have figured you wouldn't be used to Lemurian dishes. I'll stick to more normal stuff in future."

After doing the dishes, they went to have some more fun. There were plenty of things to do in the mansion. Fortunately, nothing else was broken. As the night went on, they began to feel pretty tired so they retired to their respective bedrooms for the night.

Piers stood at his bedroom window and gazed outside, his gaze falling upon the tents. Immediately, the fangirls surged out of their tents and stared at him. Piers shivered. What, did they have some kind of radar to tell them when they could see him? The very thought scared him. Piers waved at them, causing several of them to faint in joy, then closed the drapes. He rubbed his eyes, yawning, and went to bed and snuggled down, sighing in contentment.


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