The Seaside Getaway


This sure took a while.
Yeah, but apparently Caz went on vacation at some point.
Pfft, excuses.
Well, it's up now, so let's not complain.
Whatever could the pairing be this time, I wonder...
It's quite simple. *opens envelope* Piers/Mia. Enjoy it, Aquashippers.



Mia gazed at the aquarium, her eyes widening in surprise. She was having a date here? Well, that sounded fun. No wonder she had been asked to bring a sleeping bag. Then something occurred to her and she turned to the side, to see her date gone.

Mia turned around further to see Piers being dragged away screaming by drooling fangirls and sighed in irritation. Couldn't those fangirls leave him alone for just one second? She quickly ran up and smacked them all in the head with her almighty Mace of Doom. The fangirls cried out in pain and ran off, leaving Piers in a bruised heap on the floor. He groaned in pain.

"Are you okay, Piers?" Mia frowned, staring at him. Those fangirls had really done a number on him. No wonder he was so frightened of them after all. "The fangirls are gone for now. Maybe we should hurry into the aquarium before they come back."

"Ugh... good idea..." Piers struggled to his feet, barely holding up his bag, and limped behind Mia as they headed toward the aquarium entrance. There was already a line of people waiting to go in and see whatever roamed inside that building. "Looks busy today."

"This is going to be an odd date," Mia muttered. "But I'm excited about seeing all that fish! And we'll have a nice picnic and... hey, do you really think we'll be allowed to, well, sleep with the fish?"

"We'll hide before closing time and again in the morning," Piers muttered out the side of his mouth. "It's a completely foolproof plan. Honest."

Mia groaned quietly and shook her head. Well, an aquarium was probably a nice, calming place to get some sleep anyway. She impatiently waited as the line slowly dwindled, tapping her foot on the ground every so often and looking huffy. "This is taking ages!" Mia exclaimed.

"Oh? Is it?" Piers blinked, looking absolutely serene and not even bored. "I didn't realise."

"Do you ever get bored?" Mia asked in mild exasperation.

"Hmm... no, not really," Piers replied. "I can't even remember if I've ever been bored."

"I guess it's because you've lived for... how many years again?" Mia asked.

Piers hesitated and shook his head. "Not telling."

Mia sighed. "Oh, come on, Piers! Tell me your true age!"

"I'm not telling anyone," Piers said stubbornly.

Mia frowned, then brandished the mace in Piers's face. "Then why don't you tell my mace?" she growled.

"Oh, look," Piers said quickly. "We've reached the front of the queue! Two tickets, please."

Before Mia could beat Piers senseless to get his true age out of him, she was being pulled into the aquarium and gazing in rapture at all the fish everywhere. The next few hours were spent wandering around the aquarium and looking at fish.

There was everything here. Mia was in heaven, gazing at sharks, whales, cod, trout, crabs, and everything else that you could find under the sea. Piers was quite fascinated by all the sea life too. It was a Mercury Adept's dream, being surrounded by their own element.

Closing time was fast approaching in the evening, so the two snuck into the rather cramped janitor's closet to eat their picnic and wedged the door shut so that nobody could intrude and, worse, catch them.

"This isn't really the ideal place to eat," Mia said, wrinkling her nose as she nibbled on a sandwich. "I think there's a funny smell in here."

"Well, it's the only place to hide," Piers said, trying not to look at what looked like a dead rat in the corner of the closet. He certainly wasn't about to bring Mia's attention to it either, she would probably murder him.

Eventually, everyone was gone and the aquarium was closed. There didn't seem to be any security guards around. The two Mercury Adepts wandered around again, enjoying the aquarium more with far less people around. It had been too crowded and noisy before to really appreciate everything.

"This has been a pretty nice date," Mia said, getting down in the sleeping bag. "But I think it was even better after closing time."

"I agree completely," Piers said, yawning as he snuggled down. "Now let's hope we wake up early enough tomorrow." He was quite relieved Mia had forgotten about beating his age out of him.


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