The Seaside Getaway


We had a reason for taking this long, right?
We sure did. Some absurd thing to do with 1st April and a weird poll.
Well, so long as it was a good reason...
And the winning pairing is...?
I shudder to think what the next pairing will be.
Relax. It's called April Fool's Day for a reason.
So... it might be a joke poll?
Precisely. And now our winning pairing is... Piers/Jenna!


Jenna had been quite surprised when she was woken up in the middle of the night by Piers, who was oddly cloaked, and told to disguise herself. Though she was a little cranky and angry at being woken up early, the sound of Piers's smooth, honeyed voice was enough to calm her down.

So, they ended up through mysterious fields towards a mysterious location wearing mysterious disguises in the middle of the night.

"Piers," Jenna said, rubbing her eyes. "I thought the date started tomorrow afternoon."

"That's what the OBHL thinks," Piers whispered. "We're going to a different location as well. I don't want another crazy fangirl fiasco, thank you very much."

"Well, this had better be good," Jenna said grumpily.

"Believe me, it will be." Piers smiled.

So, after a long trek that almost resulted in Jenna losing her temper and burning all the nearby vegetation, the sun was just beginning to rise when they arrived at the location.

"A hot spring?" Jenna exclaimed in amazement. "It's beautiful!" The spring was clearly lit by fireflies buzzing around in the air.

"I thought you'd like it," Piers said. "We'll sit in here and watch the sun rise, then have a nice little breakfast and find something to do with the next day."

"Well, I'm not complaining," Jenna said, tearing off her clothes. Within seconds, she had jumped into the water and re-emerged, shaking her head and sighing blissfully.

Piers slowly undressed and knelt by the water, shivering slightly in the cold air. He levered himself in, noticing that Jenna was checking out his chest.

"Wow..." Jenna murmured, a raptured expression on her face. "Do you work out a lot?"

"I like to keep in shape," Piers replied, swimming over to her and sitting down next to her. "The fangirls are quite fond of my muscular body, so I'm told."

"Hmm." Jenna was currently engrossed in feeling him up and squeezing his chest muscles. Piers patiently watched as she poked and rapped his chest. Eventually, she got bored of it and leaned against him.

"The fireflies are so pretty," Jenna said, watching the darting insects. "It's so peaceful and quiet. You sure picked a great spot. Not what I was expecting, but nice."

"I like to be original," Piers offered as a means of explanation. "My cooking is a fine example..."

The rest of the night, they talked to each other and watched the fireflies dancing on the surface of the spring, undisturbed by fangirls. Eventually, the sun rose and they watched it rise.

"It's morning now," Piers said. "We should have our breakfast."

"Did you bring some?" Jenna asked.

"Yes. Don't worry, I wasn't too inventive," Piers said with a smile.

After they had got out of the spring and dressed, Piers laid out a blanket on the ground for Jenna to sit on then he sat as well, putting out the food.

"Chocolate filled buns topped with honey and oats," Piers said, placing a tasty looking bun in front of Jenna. "Try it."

It was rather odd. Jenna had never had chocolate and honey together, but she made the effort and ate it. Though her teeth hurt afterward, so she was only able to manage two of them.

"What would you like to do today?" Piers asked.

"Um... shopping trip in Kalay!" Jenna said excitedly. "They have the best clothes. There are these beautiful silk dresses... and I really want one... we're not too far from there, are we?"

"Sure." Piers feared for his wallet but he was happy to please. The fangirls would always give him more money if he asked. They would do anything for him. "Let's go."

After packing up, they headed off, managing to keep out of sight of rabid fangirls searching for Piers as they trekked to Kalay for the shopping trip of a lifetime.


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