The Seaside Getaway


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Piers wasn't sure this would work out, but she'd insisted. Of all the places they could have gone to, this had to be the dullest option. Maybe it wasn't so patriotic to be calling your own city dull, but Lemuria was in fact dull. It was a far cry from the grand city that existed so long ago which he'd heard of only in tales.

He guided the ship toward the dock, making sure it was secure, and then placed the bridge down. "Ladies first," Piers gestured, stepping aside for the only other person on the ship.

"How exciting," Hama breathed as she walked down the bridge. "I am getting to see the hidden city of Lemuria. Only thing better than this could be getting to see Anemos itself, but chances of that are slim unless space travel is invented."

"The ship won't be able to fly into space, will it?" Piers asked jokingly, following her down the bridge.

"Even if the wings could take it that high and you didn't run out of Psynergy, you would all burn up in the atmosphere. If you survived that, you would instantly suffocate, never mind freezing to death," Hama responded swiftly.

"Uh... it was only meant to be a joke..." Piers shook his head. How did she even know what happened if someone went into space anyway? "I'll show you the way to the city. Now, try not to expect too much, because it's... well, you'll see."

The two walked up to the entrance to the city, but were immediately stopped by two guards who held swords and looked very threatening.

"Halt! What is your business in... oh, Piers, it's you," said one of the guard, stepping back. "Sorry, didn't recognise you at first. Go ahead."

"Isn't it weird?" asked the other guard, also stepping back. "Nobody ever comes here because this isn't one of the most accessible places in Weyard, and yet we stand here all day, guarding the entrance. What's the point?"

"Maybe you two are just really bored. Wouldn't surprise me," Piers muttered. Who didn't get bored in a place like Lemuria? Now even he found Lemuria boring after he'd seen the rest of Weyard.

"So is it true everyone here are hundreds of years old?" Hama asked, as the two walked through the entrance and into the city. "Yet, they can look quite young?"

"Uh, yes, that is true," Piers replied hesitantly, hoping she wouldn't suddenly ask for his age. He was starting to get a little tired of that. Who really cared how old he was? "I'm sure there are people younger than a hundred. Like the children over there, they can't be more than thirty."

"Well, that is quite interesting," Hama commented, her eyes lighting up. "How does that work again?"

"Time passes slower in Lemuria, you see," Piers responded. "Much slower."

"So, are you going to show me around?" Hama asked.

"Sure. Let's go see my uncle first," Piers suggested. "I haven't seen him in a while. Sadly, my parents aren't around anymore and I never had siblings, so he's the only family I have."

The two walked up to the house and entered. Hama looked around in surprise at all the bottles on the floor and raised her eyebrows. Piers let out a sigh.

"Uncle never bothers to clean up," Piers said in disgust, picking up a bottle and tossing it onto an overflowing trashcan. "In case you couldn't tell, he's got a nasty alcohol problem."

"That would explain all the bottles," Hama said, still looking somewhat surprised. "So, is he that passed out person in the corner of the room?"

"Sadly, yes," Piers sighed, looking at the snoring lump holding a half full bottle in one hand. "Sleeping on the floor too. If I'd known he would be drunk and passed out, I wouldn't have bothered bringing you in here."

"Never mind. Let's keep looking around," Hama suggested. "Is there anything fun to do here?"

"We could play at the springs," Piers suggested. "I've got a Lucky Medal or two we could use. And that's pretty much it really. There isn't a lot to do in Lemuria."

"It still looks rather nice though," Hama protested, as the two walked to the spring. "But if you really say it looked much better than this..."

"Sadly, it was a time before I was even born," Piers said, pulling out the Lucky Medals from one of his pockets. "Here, have one. Good luck."

Hama approached the front of the spring and stood still, closing her eyes. After a few seconds of silence, she suddenly threw the medal and it landed neatly in the middle of the circle. She turned and accepted her reward, smiling as she did so. "Bull's-eye."

"Wow, that was impressive. Your first try and you got it instantly..." Piers looked surprised.

"Oh, I just used my psychic powers to do it." Hama shrugged nonchalantly. "Your turn."

"Isn't that kind of taking the fun out of it?" Piers wondered.

"Well, I got a nice prize, so I don't see what's wrong with it," Hama replied.

"I see..." Piers shook his head, and decided to just throw his medal rather than continue the matter any further. His medal landed near the middle of the circle and he got his prize.

"Is that big building up there the palace?" Hama asked. "I would like to go and look in there."

A few minutes later, it was painfully clear there really was not much to do in Lemuria. Once Piers had finished picking flowers and putting them in front of his mother's grave, the two were standing around and wondering what they should do next. There was really nothing to do.

"We could go explore my ship again?" Piers suggested after several minutes of boredom.

"Yes!" Hama exclaimed, sounding a bit too excited. She let out a nervous laugh. "I got a bit too excited there."

"Let's go then," Piers said. The two promptly rushed back to his ship. It was a lot more fun than being in Lemuria at any rate. They passed the time exploring, and then finally relaxing on one of the comfy couches.

"It wasn't such a bad date really," Hama said. "I really wanted to see this mysterious city after all. It's very quiet."

"Understatement of the year." Piers smiled. "I guess I got used to the outside world. So, it was an okay date?"

"It was fine," Hama replied, smiling back. "I did appreciate getting to see Lemuria anyway. It was a nice date."

The two then ended up kissing on the couch. Not much else happened.


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