The Seaside Getaway


It's that time again!
Update time for Seaside Getaway!
Great. So, what's the winning couple this time?
It is my pleasure to announce that the couple going is Ivan/Sheba! Rejoice, Windshippers!


"This is a pretty small house," Sheba stood in front of the bungalow, frowning. "Ivan, did you really book this place?"

"Actually, my sister booked a place for us," Ivan laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. "She said it would be a surprise too."

"Yeah, this is a nice surprise," Sheba said sourly. "We are staying at a place called Midget Bungalow!"

"I'm not a midget," Ivan sniffed. "Hamma is so mean."

"Bah," Sheba wrenched the door open and banged her head upon the top of the door. "Oww!"

"Are you okay, Sheba?" Ivan rushed to her in concern as she furiously rubbed her sore head.

"I'm fine," Sheba gritted her teeth. "I'm just not used to banging my head on the top of doors."

"Well, let's get our bags in and check the place out," Ivan suggested.

Ivan and Sheba found that the house was not only small on the outside but on the inside. The ceiling was quite low in many places, there was only one single cramped bedroom with a double bed taking up most of the space, the kitchen was pokey and could barely fit in a table and chairs, the lounge was merely a room with a sofa that stretched from wall to wall, and a bathroom.

"This is ridiculous!" Sheba dropped onto the bed wearily. "I can't believe Hamma put us in this place!"

"I don't think Hamma knew what this house was like inside," Ivan sat on the other side. "And she certainly wouldn't have made us share a double bed."

"There's not much to do in this place either," Sheba kicked her legs against the bed.

"Then we'll have to find something to do!" Ivan exclaimed, smacking a fist against his palm. "We'll play... games!"

So they played Thumb War until their thumbs were sore.

Then they played Rock, Paper, Scissors and ended up cheating by reading each other's minds to predict their next move. Which led to the other quickly changing when they realised their mind was being read, and it ended up being more of a furious Mind Read war.

Then they exhausted their Psynergy doing this.

Then they had a staring contest.

Supper couldn't come soon enough.

"Do you know how to cook, Ivan?" Sheba enquired. "I only know how to bake stuff like cakes and cookies. I left all the cooking to everyone else on the journey."

"Not much," Ivan admitted sheepishly. "I can do stuff like preparing fish. I never had time to learn, because I was often busy on errands and such, and I let Isaac and the others cook."

"Hmm..." Sheba said thoughtfully. "I know! Let's just have cookies and cake and not have a proper supper! Won't that be fun?"

"Are you kidding?" Ivan stared at her.

"Nope," Sheba grinned.

"Well... sounds fun," Ivan said hesitantly.

So Ivan and Sheba ended up having cookies, cakes and other sweet treats for their supper and became dangerously hyper from all the sugar.

"WHEEEEEE!" Sheba ran all over the house, bouncing on the bed and sofa, and generally causing mayhem as she ran.

"I am Super Ivan!" Ivan swung on a candelabra and it snapped. Fortunately, since the ceiling was so low, he wasn't hurt. "That was fun! I want to do it again!"

"My keyboard has a first naaaaame!" Sheba sang, standing upside down. "It's Q-W-E-R-T-Y-U-I-O-P!"

"Hee hee!" Ivan drew all over the walls with bags of frosting and pipes for ease in drawing. "Look, I drew Garet scratching his butt! Ha ha! And this is Garet as a pig!" He laughed at a drawing of a fat, round pig. Evidently, Ivan enjoyed bashing Garet.

"Poopie!" Sheba fell over laughing at the apparently funny word. "Poopie, poopie, poopie!"

Eventually, the sugar rush wore off and Ivan and Sheba drowsily dragged themselves into the bed.

"I don't feel like cleaning up my mess," Ivan moaned.

"My head hurts," Sheba whined.

"Still, we had fun," Ivan smiled weakly.

"Yeah," Sheba giggled. "I haven't been hyper like that in forever. Think we should do it again sometime?"

"Um... nope," Ivan smiled. "That was a little bit too much destruction."

"Good night, Ivan," Sheba closed her eyes.

"Night, Sheba," Ivan followed suit.

And they woke up in each others arms. Somehow. But they didn't complain.


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