The Seaside Getaway



Already, we have another new story!
We actually didn't have to threaten her into it...
Threatening Caz can be fun though.
So what's the pairing this time?
The pairing is in fact... Isaac/Sheba! Enjoy!


Sheba looked up at the cottage where she would be having her date. There was nothing particularly special about this cottage. She didn't know who she would be dating, but surely it wouldn't be long before she knew. Holding her bag up, she skipped up to the door and pulled it open, stepping inside the cottage.

"Hello?" Sheba called, stepping through the door and closing it. "Is anybody here?"

Just then, Isaac peeped around a door. He blinked, looking at Sheba. "Oh, so you're the date then?"

"Uh huh!" Sheba said. "I see you didn't get a more interesting place to stay."

"Eh, apparently the travel agencies are rip offs," Isaac said. "You never know what to expect."

Just then, an anvil crashed into the floor just two metres away from him.

"YIKES!" Isaac cried, jumping away from the anvil.

Sheba put a hand over her chest where her heart was hammering rapidly. "Wow. That was unexpected. Did the brochure say anything like this?"

"It did say this cottage was to die for," Isaac muttered. "I wasn't expecting a booby trapped cottage."

"Oh dear," Sheba said, looking quite pale. "It's not safe to stay in such a dangerous place after all. Well, hopefully the ceiling won't fall on us as we sleep."

"I brought my own food ingredients, so it should be safe to eat too," Isaac said, chuckling nervously.

"Okay... I'll go put my stuff in some room, then we'll do... very safe things," Sheba said uncertainly, as she began to go up the stairs. Fortunately, she held onto the bannisters all the way so she didn't fall through any sudden holes in the steps.

"Man, what have I got us into?" Isaac walked into the living room, yelping and ducking as an arrow whizzed over his head. "This is insane!" He sat down on the couch and cowered, wondering what other dangers this cottage could possibly contain.

Sheba decided to take a look around. Luckily, it wasn't too eventful. Just the odd spikes raining down from the ceiling or the floor breaking underneath her that she barely managed to jump away from. No big deal.

"Oh. You're still alive," Isaac said in relief as Sheba came into the room.

Sheba froze. "Uh... Isaac... behind you..."

Isaac slowly turned around, eyes widening as he stared at a scorpion. "YIKES!" he yelled, leaping off the sofa and casting Odyssey on the dangerous creature. It was promptly impaled and killed, much to his relief.

"There are even dangerous creatures here," Sheba whimpered. "Should we sue the travel agency?"

"They would probably just waiver it somehow," Isaac muttered. "The brochure did say something about dying after all."

"This really is scary," Sheba said, walking over to sit on the couch. "What should we do now?"

"Let's just sit, talk and keep our eyes out for dangerous creatures," Isaac said. "At least I think we can remain alive that way."

"Sounds good," Sheba said. "Let's play I Spy."

So they spent the whole afternoon talking on the sofa, while they were visited by more scorpions, poisonous spiders, snakes, hungry tigers, crocodiles and even bears. Clearly, someone had put a lot of work into making this cottage a deathtrap. Of course, Isaac and Sheba could easily handle them with their Psynergy.

"Well, I believe it's suppertime now," Sheba said, noticing the sun was beginning to set. "We're still alive too. Thank goodness."

"Yeah. Now let's go have supper," Isaac said, getting up. "And only my food. Maybe no cooking either, since we don't have a Mars Adept and any cooking appliances are probably boobytrapped."

"This is such a pain!" Sheba exclaimed, shaking her head as they walked into the kitchen. She narrowly dodged a swinging axe. "Yipes!"

"Should have seen the boulder that came charging at me when I first got here," Isaac said. "Right out of the house and down the path."

"Sheesh..." Sheba muttered. "We should take those brochures literally. I think that's the problem with picking these places. We never do."

"I agree wholeheartedly," Isaac replied, as he got out the food.

Isaac and Sheba sat down to a supper of cold meats, cheese and biscuits then, unwilling to face any more dangers, they retired to bed early for the night, praying they would wake up in the morning well and alive. Let's just say they did.


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