The Seaside Getaway


That's right, people! The seaside getaway is finally up!
Took long enough, didn't it?
In the end, we chained her to the keyboard.
Caz is actually a big procrastinator.
Rather than punishing her, we're forcing her to put the Seaside Getaway up.
And now, the couple who got the most votes is... *opens envelope* ...
I think we can all guess.
Isaac/Mia! Without further ado, we'll present the Mudshippers with a nice story about Isaac and I going to the Seaside Getaway!


Seagulls flew in the air, screeching like crazy and aiming to drop their little white missiles on every crab that scuttled across the sand. An old man sat on the beach playing a fiddle and singing about pink rabbits at the top of his voice. There were acres of golden sand that seemed to run on for eternity, until they stopped abruptly and then there was green grass (as opposed to blue, purple or red grass naturally) and a little footpath.

This little footpath ran all the way up to some steps going upwards. The steps were carved stone, and had handrails. The steps came to a porch, and there was a large, wooden door with a knocker. The house was small and wooden, and of course, it was a lot more homely than a stone castle with a door that seemed to only slam as soon as somebody stepped over the threshold.

Two people were walking up the path towards the house, each of them dragging a bag. One of them was a boy with blond, spiky hair and a yellow scarf, his own trademark. The other one was a blue-haired girl, wearing heavy robes, despite the fact that it was very warm and she was sweating a little.

"How come we never carried any bags on our journey?" Mia suddenly wondered, rather than stare at the house.

"Convenience, maybe," Isaac tilted his head. "Do you hear music? It sounds like... a violin or something. Where is it coming from?"

"The beach, I think," Mia frowned. "I think someone's singing about rabbits."

"Well, rabbits are cute."

"Have you ever seen a pink rabbit?"

"Um... well, maybe it's a very rare breed."

"Sure, Isaac, sure. I just hope he doesn't play at night as well."

"We paid a thousand gold for this place. It should be worth it."

"That place looks a bit small to be worth a thousand gold," Mia trundled up the steps and stopped to catch her breath on the porch. "Are you sure we weren't ripped off?"

"Oh, Mia, we can trust Proxian Lovers Company," Isaac smiled and gripped the doorknob, which immediately fell off in his hand.

"Proxian Lovers?!"

"Well, er," Isaac gave the door a fierce push and it opened. "I was desperate!"

"The door doesn't even have a lock," Mia followed Isaac inside. "We're going to be burgled."

"By who, Mia?" Isaac smiled winningly.

"Maybe whoever is now singing about orange blue tits?" Mia suggested, her voice going dangerously low. Isaac recognised this as a sign that she was about to verge on the brink of violence. "Whoah, Mia, calm down! It's not that bad! Hey... let's check out the bedrooms."


"Bedrooms, Isaac?"

"That's funny. I could have sworn they said bedrooms... but, come to think of it, the agent was wearing a 'I love Saturos forever' badge, and she did look at me a little evilly the whole time."

"One bedroom..." Mia started shaking. "With a double bed?!"

"I can take the floor," Isaac backed away. "You can have the whole bed to yourself."

"We've been tricked by a Proxian lover, who hates you for defeating Saturos, into buying a house with only one bedroom, with only a double bed, and the house doesn't have a lock!"

"I can sleep on the floor," Isaac nodded furiously, wondering how long it would take before she started to throw things. "Take the bed, Mia."

"Oh, no!" Mia gasped, calming down and slipping back into normal Mia mode. "That wouldn't be fair, would it... we came here to have a good time and be comfortable. One of us can't sleep on the floor. Maybe... we should just share the bed."

"Mia?" Isaac stepped forwards. "It doesn't matter..."

"No, it's okay," Mia shook her head. "We trust each other, and neither of us is a lecherous pervert, so we can at least be comfortable together right?" She managed a half smile. "Besides, we came here to make shippers happy, after all..."

"... Okay then," Isaac blinked. "Let's check out the rest of the house, then we'll unpack."

Isaac and Mia went on a tour of the house, although there really wasn't so much to see. There was a bathroom, kitchen, sitting room and a conservatory, from where they had a nice view of the beach, and unfortunately, the crazy old man playing the fiddle.

"Isaac, you don't have a bow and arrow, do you?" Mia suddenly asked.

"Um, no, I don't," Isaac said oddly. "Let's go and unpack now."

"No, let's go shopping," Mia said fiercely. "I want that bow and arrow."

"Mia," Isaac took her gently by the arm. "That's murder, you know."

"No," Mia grimaced and pointed at the fiddle player. "THAT'S murder... of my sanity!"

"You had sanity?" Isaac blurted out. "Uh, I mean... yeah, I'm gonna go unpack now!" He hurried away before Mia could reach for the nearest heavy object and clobber him.

The rest of the day was somewhat uneventful sadly. Isaac was scared of Mia and Mia was in one of her dangerous moods. They did consider going to the beach until Isaac found a rolled up copy of a newspaper which identified the beach as a landfill site and a radioactive waste dump site. He told Mia, but kept out the part about radioactive waste. It only served to make her even madder.

Isaac tried to make a romantic supper for him and Mia, but the candles kept falling over and eventually the napkins caught fire. Mia came in to put out the fire and Isaac gave up in frustration and they ate sandwiches. The fiddler player was still playing the fiddle and singing a ballad about a boy who loved oranges until he betrayed them by deciding he preferred bananas. Apparently the oranges and bananas went to war and the boy got turned into a cabbage in the middle of the conflict.

"Mia, I'm sorry about this mess," Isaac hesitated. "I shouldn't have gone to Proxian Lovers."

"No, you shouldn't have," Mia shook her head. "I would love to forgive you but it's just hard right now. I'm sorry."

"Well, you'll forgive me later, right?" Isaac asked.

"Sure," Mia narrowed her eyes as she heard a suspicious squeaking. "Is that a rat?"

"Oh, I found a couple rats earlier," Isaac gulped. "I gave them names. I called them Whiskers and Fangs. Well, he bit me, so that's why I named him Fangs. Teeth didn't sound right, and I already named a mouse Biter."

"Mice?" Mia put down her food. "That's unhygenic! Mice and rats everywhere..."

"Eh, blame the Proxians," Isaac chewed his food. "It's all their fault anyway."

There was nothing else to do so Isaac and Mia went to bed after supper.

"It's cold," Mia shivered. "I think there's a draught somewhere. Why am I not surprised?"

"Here, let me warm you up," Isaac suggested.

"Uh..." Mia hesitated. "Well... okay!" She moved over and snuggled up to Isaac. They lay together like that, snuggled up to each other, and found that it was very enjoyable indeed.

"I like it like this," Mia looked up, blushing. "We should do it more often, shouldn't we?"

"Huh? You mean snuggle up like this?" Isaac looked at her. "Yeah... we should."

"I think I'll forgive you for a bit."

"Well, I'm not complaining."

And then Isaac and Mia melted into a passionate kiss. And then they fell asleep in each other's arms. And Mudshippers screamed in fury at the lack of a hentai scene. And the fiddler was eaten by a giant wave of radioactive waste. And everybody lived happily ever after.


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