The Seaside Getaway


We're back with another story!
And the pairings continue to get weirder and weirder.
Well, we know who to blame, don't we?
I wonder if Caz will ever actually run out of pairings?
Apparently there are about twenty possible pairings left... out of the ones who have been paired.
So... she won't be running out for a long time then.
What kind of crazy pairing have we got this time?
We have... Isaac/Menardi!




I'm not going to lie to you. This is very uncomfortable.
Yes, I would have to agree with you for once.
Sorry about the whole... preventing you from saving your hometown thing.
Oh, no worries. You may have been a meddlesome little brat, but you did the right thing in the end.
What gender was the Fusion Dragon supposed to be?
We were trying to kill you. We weren't exactly wondering what gender we had become.
So you don't know either? Guess we'll never know...
Yeah. Me and Saturos aren't going to transform just so that you can examine us.
Now I'm getting bad images in my mind...
Well, don't. Hey, why don't we go and eat ice cream?
You like ice cream?
Yes, I love ice cream. Especially strawberry ice cream.
Okay then. *Goes to ice cream shop with Menardi and they sit down with ice cream cones*
This is good ice cream. I like it a lot.
Uh huh... *slowly eats ice cream*
So, any other questions you want to ask?
Actually, yeah. Do those scales itch?
What? No, of course not. Do you think it's strange that I have scales?
It's not very common for people to have red eyes, pointy ears and scaly skin, that's all.
Pfft. People who only care about appearance are so shallow. It's what on the inside that counts.
I guess you could say that.
So I look a little weird to non Proxians. But on the inside, you'll find that I'm just a sweet and caring-
*chokes* I'm sorry, what?!
Are you saying I'm not sweet? *looks demonic*
O_O; *gulps* No, of course you are. In fact, I'm getting diabetes just looking at you!
Why, thank you. *flips hair* It kinda sucks being treated like a freak just because of the way you look.
I think the werewolves in Garoh probably had it worse than you.
Werewolves? Really?
Yeah. They would even get burned at the stake in the past.
Interesting. Ok, it's my turn to ask questions. What's the deal with that scarf?
I like it, that's all. It's awesome and stuff, and it makes me look cool.
If you say so... it looks a bit long though. Aren't you afraid you'll trip on it?
It really isn't that easy to trip on.
Uh huh, sure. I got another question. Why do your assist trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl have such a high pitched voice?
Too embarrassing to talk about? I guess I can understand. A 17 year old who hasn't hit puberty is...
I have hit puberty! T_T
There, there. Being a freak of nature is nothing to be ashamed of. 
If you weren't an insanely psychotic Mars Adept, I swear I'd be calling you a lot of rude things right now.
But you aren't stupid enough to, are you? *smiles sweetly*
...  Anyway, I think everyone would get mad at us for fighting in the ice cream parlour.
Pfft. I would set them on fire anyway.
Um... I'd rather you didn't show any homicidal tendencies.
Homicidal? Me? Were we really that bad?
Oh well. We might appear maniacal on the outside, but we're loveable people really.
Uh... right. Well, it's been unusual hanging out with you. Have a nice day...
Sure, you too!

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