The Seaside Getaway


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"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts sitting in a row, dee dee..." Jenna sang, skipping up along the path to the large house that lay ahead of them. She did not even notice, nor did she care, about the clouds gathering above the roof or the bats fluttering around the topmost peak.

"Hmm, they didn't say anything about bats," Isaac struggled after Jenna, pulling a strangely large amount of baggage along with him. How odd that he had a lot and Jenna had none at all. Very odd indeed. The truth was, Isaac had suddenly become Jenna's slave and she was paying him absolutely zilch. And he'd paid the ridiculous sum of money for this place too!

"Huh? Who's they?" Jenna stopped, one foot on the doorstep, as she looked around at Isaac.

"King Stephen Travel Co," Isaac responded. "And I don't have a clue who King Stephen is meant to be either."

"Hmm, Lemuria had a king," Jenna tapped her chin. "But his name was Hydros, not Stephen."

"I figured," Isaac dropped the bags with a huge sigh of relief and fumbled in his pocket for a key. He produced it with a flourish and unlocked the door. Of course, Jenna bounded in without even bothering to pick up a bag. The very traumatised Venus Adept groaned his way in, hearing Jenna's cries of "This place has this! And that! And a ton of those! And such a pretty statue! Hey, wow! There's a wall covered in blood! And look at this axe! And a corpse in the bath!"

Isaac, who was currently unpacking, gasped and rushed to the bathroom where Jenna was gleefully looking at the bath.

"Did you say... a corpse in the bath?" Isaac swallowed nervously. Did he even dare to look?

"Yeah, a dead spider," Jenna shrugged. "Poor spider."

"Don't DO that!" Isaac wailed, putting a hand over his chest. His heart was hammering like crazy. How silly had he been to expect something so absurd? Selling houses with bodies in them, that was hardly going to improve their reputation.

Jenna looked at him then giggled. "Silly Isaac! What did you think I meant?"

"Uh, um," Isaac frantically tried to think up an excuse. "I thought you said... porpoise. I'm deathly allergic to porpoise."

"But I heard you ask if I said corpse in the bath," Jenna frowned.

"No, no, I said porpoise," Isaac chuckled lamely. "Really. I hate porpoise."

"Want to see the blood covered wall?" Jenna grabbed Isaac by the hand and led him out of the bathroom and into another room. She noticed that the walls were completely clean and frowned in puzzlement. "Weird. There was blood before."

"Sure, and there's a corridor with blood just rushing into it somewhere," Isaac grinned.

"A corridor with blood flowing through it," Jenna looked dreamy. "That is so cool. Like it should be in a horror story. There ought to be a horror story with corridors full of blood."

"I'm going to finish unpacking," Isaac left Jenna to her gory fantasies.

Fortunately, the rest of the day passed without any nasty, unexpected surprises. A bat screeched occasionally, but other than that, it was uneventful.

Unfortunately for Isaac, supper wasn't so pleasant.

Jenna frowned as Isaac rolled on the floor, choking and gasping.

"Isaac?" Jenna spoke tentatively. "Didn't you like the chicken?"

"It's... spicy..." Isaac coughed, his eyes welling up with tears. "How much pepper did you use?"

"A lot!" Jenna beamed. "It's my Spicy Chicken Surprise!"

"It's spicer than anything I've ever eaten," Isaac struggled back into his chair and gulped down water.

"That's the surprise," Jenna winked.

After supper, Jenna mysteriously vanished, muttering about a cellar, and Isaac lay on his bed, trying to recover from the effects of the Spicy Chicken Surprise.

"Yo," A strange voice came out of nowhere.

Isaac frowned, turned his head and let out a yell of shock. A weird man in a suit was standing next to the bed. Even worse, he was all transparent and ghostly looking.

"What are you?" Isaac demanded, leaping off the bed and looking around for a weapon. Oh wait, the man was transparent.

"I am a ghost," The man waved his hands. "Woooooooo."

"Yeah, yeah," Isaac shrugged, unimpressed by his ghost act. "What's the deal, Casper?"

"My name is not Casper," The man snapped. "I saw what happened at supper. What an unfortunate incident. I believe you should correct your friend if you don't mind my saying so."

"Hmm," Isaac tapped his chin thoughtfully. "I know! I'll get rid of the pepper shaker! Thanks for the tip!" He ran out of the bedroom before the man could say anything else.

"That's not what I meant," The ghost man wailed before vanishing with an almighty POOF.

Isaac discreetly got rid of the pepper shaker, praying desperately that Jenna didn't have a secret stash of them hidden away somewhere, and then he went to look for Jenna.

He certainly didn't expect to find her laughing and hiccuping while writing on a wall.

"Jenna," Isaac yelped. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, hey, Isaac," Jenna laughed drunkenly as she grabbed a bottle lying next to her and took a swig. "Look at what I wrote!"

Isaac noticed a pile of bottles lying nearby, some of them already empty, and then his gaze swung to Jenna's messy scribbles decorating the wall. She had been writing 'BREAD DRUM' all over the walls, over and over.

"There were voices in my head saying Redrum," Jenna giggled. "So I looked in the cellar but I couldn't find any red rum. So, I just took the bottles of rum and put red food colouring in them, so now they were red rum! Then I started drinking from the bottles and it tasted really good, then the voices wanted me to write on the wall. I think they were saying 'Bread Drum' but I'm not really sure."

"Come on, Jenna, you're drunk," Isaac gently pulled her away from the wall. She sagged into his arms, clearly unable to stand. "Oh man, how many bottles did you have?"

"I don't feel very good," Jenna moaned, before she hurled all over the floor. Isaac winced.

In the space of five minutes, Jenna was put to bed with a cold flannel and Isaac cleared up the mess. Well, not the writing on the wall, he didn't like the wallpaper anyway. Now he was sitting by Jenna's bed and wetting her forehead.

"Are you feeling any better?" Isaac asked.

"I have a headache," Jenna said faintly.

"Yeah, I'm not surprised," Isaac said sympathetically. "You drank seven bottles of rum."

"Red rum," Jenna pressed. "Rum with red food colouring."

"Same difference," Isaac replied. "Well, I guess I'm going to head off to sleep..."



"Can you stay with me tonight?" Jenna turned her wide eyes on him with the biggest puppydog look she could muster.

"I... alright," Isaac agreed. He couldn't resist that look, and especially not when Jenna was under the weather from all that rum.

A minute later, he was lying in the bed next to Jenna and had a very red face.

"Thanks," Jenna murmured, suddenly rolling over and wrapping her arms around him. She relaxed and closed her eyes, willing sleep to come.

Isaac looked down at her in surprise, before he smiled and put an arm around her, resting his chin on her head. He closed his eyes and also waited to go to sleep.

"REDRUM!" The house suddenly boomed all dramatic-like.

"I'm going to sue King Stephen Travel Co for giving us an alcoholic house," Isaac muttered, before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, Isaac awoke and sat up, stretching out his arms and yawning. It was a beautiful morning and birds were fighting with the bats.

Jenna stirred next to him and opened her eyes, a smile spreading across her face.

"Good morning," Isaac grinned at her. "How are you feeling?"

"Still got a bit of a headache," Jenna sat up, smiling sheepishly. "Guess I shouldn't have drunk all that rum. Thanks for helping me out last night."

"Eh, it was nothing-" Isaac was cut off as Jenna kissed him on the mouth, before getting out of bed. He stared at the door as she skipped out of it, smiling even though his face was red again.

"Breakfast time!" Jenna's voice called out to him. "How about spicy frosted flakes?"

"WHAT?" Isaac exclaimed, pursuing her into the kitchen. "Are you serious?"

"No, silly," Jenna giggled. "I was just kidding. How about pancakes?"

"Pancakes are fine," Isaac smiled, hoping that Jenna wouldn't find out the pepper shaker was missing for a while. The day had already got off to a perfect start.


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