The Seaside Getaway


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Enough bickering. The winning pairing is... Isaac/Feizhi!


Feizhi hoisted her bag over her shoulder, looking up in anticipation at Lama Temple looming in front of her. Master Hama had come over recently and told Feizhi she had won some prize, which involved having a date with a mystery person and they could stay at the Lama Temple. The monks had been shooed away for their privacy. Feizhi was a little confused since she could not remember having entered a contest or anything, but nevertheless, she looked forward to it.

Feizhi reached the door and pushed it open, stepping into the small building. As she closed the door behind her, she dropped her bag and looked around. Had she got here first? "Hello?" Feizhi called out.

"Hey," Isaac said, popping out from behind a screen and startling Feizhi. "There's lots of llama stuff behind here. Master Hama must really love those things."

"Er... yeah..." Feizhi put a hand over her chest, trying to still her hammering heart. "Do I know you?"

Isaac blinked.

"Wait... you're not Isaac, are you?" Feizhi's jaw dropped.

"Well... I'm certainly not Felix..." Isaac murmured. "You don't remember faces very well, do you?"

"OMIGOSH! I'M ON A DATE WITH ISAAC!" Feizhi screamed, bouncing around the temple in an ecstasy. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!"

Isaac instinctively ducked behind the screen and crouched down, feeling quite scared now. He'd never guessed that Feizhi could be a psychotic fangirl in disguise. Was she psychotic? He sure hoped not. Eventually, Feizhi quietened down and Isaac nervously peeped out from behind the screen, looking at the crazed purple-haired girl. How could one of his craziest fangirls not even remember what he looked like? It didn't make much sense. And mistaking Felix for him, even from behind? It was crazy. They looked nothing alike!

"Isaac?" Feizhi tilted her head. "Are you okay?"

Maybe he had been around Mia too much. It must be affecting him. He was getting paranoid. Isaac let out a dry chuckle and came out from behind the screen. "Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry about that... I just kind of get a little bit nervous around girls."

"So, you're the shy type, huh?" Feizhi giggled. "You did seem to be the quietest out of that group."

How true that was. How so very true.

"Well... to be honest... I stopped being so quiet, but okay..." Isaac said. Nobody had forgiven him for transforming from a quiet, reserved warrior to an "annoying chatterbox" as some people so rudely put it. From now on, he resolved to be true to his original personality, because nobody had liked that new one Camelot had come up with anyway!

"Ok..." Feizhi looked a little puzzled. "You know... Master Hama has a garden with llamas in it out back. Want to come and see?"

"Sure," Isaac said.

They headed out back and walked into a large, grassy field where white and brown creatures roamed the field all day, spitting and staring as they went about their daily chores.

Isaac felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck and shivered. There was something distinctly unsettling about thirty pairs of eyes on him. He knew it was thirty because he had counted. All the llamas were intently staring at him and Feizhi as they walked through the field and it really creeped him out.

"Be careful," Feizhi warned. "Llamas spit quite a bit. They won't hurt you, but if you don't want to be covered in spit..."

Isaac had no desire to be covered in spit so he warily kept his distance from the llamas, wondering how Hama could possibly like them so much.

"Erm..." Isaac decided to have a conversation. "Thanks for that ring."

"Oh, you got it?" Feizhi brightened. "Did you like it?"

"I got it eventually, sometime after we finished the journey," Isaac said, shaking his head. Jenna had suddenly come up with him with a ring and told him some girl made it for him and gave it to them a couple of months ago. They had just... forgotten about it. "It would have been useful, I'm sure."

"Well... at least you got it," Feizhi said.

"Yeah. Who's Ulmuch?" Isaac asked.

Feizhi looked blankly at him. "Ulmuch?"

"Jenna said something about an Ulmuch and paying a favour," Isaac said. "I wondered if maybe she was just making stuff up or something. Ulmuch? It sounds like some sort of... I don't know, a swamp monster type thing."

Feizhi giggled. "You're funny. Yeah... it was weird. I remember now. For some odd reason, I called Hsu Ulmuch. Isn't that weird?"

"Yeah. Very weird," replied Isaac. "Hama putting an extra m in her name was a little odd too."

"Aww!" Feizhi cried, rushing up to a baby llama. "It's so cute!"

"Wow, that is cute," Isaac said, kneeling down next to her and petting the llama. It promptly spat a giant wad of saliva in his face. "Ew!"

"Didn't see that coming?" Feizhi held out a silk handkerchief. "Here."

"Thanks," muttered Isaac, taking it and wiping his face. "Those things are evil."

"Master Hama really likes them though," Feizhi said. "I bet the place was really meant to be Llama Temple, but they spelled it wrong."

"I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case," Isaac said.

After spending some more time among the llamas and talking, the two returned to Lama Temple to snack on food that Hama had left behind for them.

"This has been a lot of fun," Feizhi said, finishing off a slice of bread and cheese. "I enjoyed it."

"Yeah, so did I." Isaac smiled.

There wasn't much to do in the temple so they simply talked some more and improvised until night fell and they began to get tired, so they curled up on makeshift beds for the night they would spend in Lama Temple.

"Night, Isaac," Feizhi said, closing her eyes.

"Goodnight," Isaac replied, yawning widely as he rolled over and willed himself to sleep.


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