The Seaside Getaway


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This is the last pairing of two people within the group of eight, I believe.
Last socially acceptable pairing anyway.
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"An all you can eat buffet?" Sheba looked at the restaurant in despair. A big poster on the window made it perfectly clear why Garet had picked this spot. Worse, it was an all night restaurant. Surely he wanted to get some sleep? She was certainly regretting her decision to let Garet pick the spot for their place, he sure didn't seem to be good at picking decent places. "You wanted us to spend our date stuffing our faces, surrounded by people?"

"Yeah. I love eating!" Garet said, grinning. Sheba swore he was starting to drool as he peered through the window, looking at people eat. She shook her head and disgust and sighed. "Man, I can't wait to start eating all that great food in there. Come on, let's go in."

Sheba silently groaned as they walked into the restaurant and sat down. Already, Garet was rushing off to the buffet table as she numbly ordered some coffee. This was going to be a long day, and apparently, a long night as well. At least it was afternoon by now. Hadn't he had any lunch before he came here?  Perhaps the rumours about his stomach being bottomless were actually true.

Garet came back after a few minutes, staggering underneath the weight of about three different plates. Sheba watched in amazement as he put down a plate of chicken and chips, a plate of steak pie and mashed potatoes, and then a plate of curry. She let out a sigh of despair and hoped that he wouldn't get sick. That wouldn't be a fun way to end a date. But then again, this date didn't seem like it would be so fun.

"Hey, aren't you going to eat?" Garet asked through a mouthful of chicken.

"Not yet," Sheba said, idly sipping at her coffee. "I had lunch after all. So... you really do love food, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah. I can't get enough of the stuff," Garet mumbled, stuffing some pie into his mouth. "You should try eating a lot. It's great. I swear I never get full. In fact, I'm going to eat all night as well. Who needs sleep? This is the best idea for a date ever."

Sheba almost gave in to despair and died on the spot. But then an idea struck her on the head. She grinned deviously and got up. "Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom."

Five minutes later, the power went out. There were reports of someone standing at the fusebox, even though it was in a restricted area, and apparently it had been shorted out, but they couldn't find any other leads and the power refused to go back on.

"Oh, what happened?" Sheba asked, sitting in her seat.

"It's gone dark," Garet said. "I guess the power went out. I hope they get it back soon."

Then Garet's worst nightmare happened. The manager told everyone to leave the restaurant. There was no point in staying when they could no longer cook the food. So, a deviously grinning Sheba walked down the street with a bawling Garet. However, his crying was also quite annoying.

"Let's go sit in that park over there," Sheba said finally, fed up with his wailing. "Sheesh, haven't you eaten enough?"

So they ended up sitting in the park. Eventually, Garet calmed down a little and they started talking, which was far more ideal for a date than watching each other eating food all day and night.

Eventually, it was evening. They didn't have any idea for what to do all night though.

"Let's just go to an inn, eat supper and sleep there," Sheba said. "It's still more fun than stuffing your face all night. Right?"

"I guess... sorry about everything being ruined," Garet said as they started walking. "It sucks the power had to go out and ruin everything."

"Yeah. Absolutely terrible. I was so disappointed," Sheba lied. "But never mind. We still kind of had fun, didn't we?"

"I guess so." Garet smiled. "But I'm still looking forward to eating a meal." Sheba quietly groaned in response.


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