The Seaside Getaway



It's finally time for another story.
Today, we're trying something a little different...
It can't be much worse than a three paragraph story.
It's still a story anyway, however it's written, right?
Right. What's the pairing again, Mia?
The winning pairing is Felix/Menardi!


Uh... you picked Tundaria for our date?
I certainly did. Look at all that snow everywhere.
I'm... not fond of snow. Why do you like it so much anyway?
Well, you can make sno-cones with it. Here you go. *hands over a paper cone and a syrup bottle*
You came here so we could make sno-cones?
Yes. Now stop being grumpy and start making yummy sno-cones!
Meep... well, okay. *fills a cone with snow* But what if the snow is dirty?
Stop worrying! The snow is nice and clean! *makes self a sno-cone and pours on syrup*
Really...? *makes a sno-cone and nervously tastes it* It tastes okay...
Of course it does! Sheesh, you sure are paranoid. I like it better when you lighten up.
Really? ._.
Uh huh. Now quit being so phobic and eat your sno-cone.
*eats it* ... I'm not going to get food poisoning?
Man, you're really worked up. Relax a bit, will you? *pelts with snow balls*
H-hey! You could at least warn me first!
Ah, don't be such a baby. Snow is great!
I'm sick of snow...
Really now? *brushes snow out of his hair* I think you should try brushing your hair more often.
Why should I?
You'd look much better without it hanging over your face like that. 
It's emo hair. I like it.
But then I can't see those lovely brown eyes of yours well enough... it's such a shame. Why don't you wear it back at least once?
*sigh* I don't need hairstyle tips from women.
Well, okay then, how about this? *kisses him*
*is red*
*smirks* Looks like you could do with some snow to cool yourself off now.
... Bleh.
^_^ Now let's have more sno-cones!

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