The Seaside Getaway


Nearly a month already? Kyarorain's starting to slack off.
Hey, she did have a vacation...
But now we're ready for the next couple!
Go ahead and announce it, Mia!
With pleasure. The winning pairing this time is Felix/Karst. Enjoy!


For a frightening moment, Felix had thought he was seeing dead people, and he had a very good reason to be thinking that. It all started this morning when he got some threatening letter that struck fear deep into his heart. The letter had gone along the lines of:

"Pack some overnight things and come to Prox. If you don't come, then I will come to you and rip out all your innards, granting you a slow and painful death.

From, Anonymous."

The letter had confused as well as scared Felix, but the message was clear. If he did not go to Prox for whatever reason, someone would kill him slowly and painfully, but why was he supposed to pack some overnight things? Nevertheless, Felix did so and hesitantly teleported over with the Teleport Lapis.

As he walked into the snow covered village, he had to wonder just who had written that letter. The only Proxians he could think of who were insane enough to write threatening, violent letters like that were all dead for that matter.

Felix then caught sight of a familiar pink-skinned woman with dark red hair standing in the middle of the village and stifled a scream. What, was that supposed to be Karst? Last he'd seen her, she'd been dying in the Mars Lighthouse. Karst and Agatio had pulled an impressive vanishing act after that which was probably meant to indicate their demise (never mind the fact corpses didn't just disappear into thin air)

Karst caught sight of Felix and began walking toward him, a slightly psychotic grin on her face. For a terrifying moment, Felix thought he was about to die... and wait, how was she even alive? She had sent the note, hadn't she?

"Hello, Felix," Karst said, stopping right in front of him. "I see you got the note after all. I'm glad to see you decided to come after all rather than risk facing my wrath."

Karst's wrath was scary. Not just scary, it was terrifying, because she would literally try to KILL everyone in her way.

"Uh..." Felix swallowed. "Weren't you supposed to be dead?"

"Oh, a wizard did it." Karst shrugged nonchalantly. "Aren't wizards nice people?"

"I see. So, uh, why did you call me up here and with overnight stuff?" Felix asked, glancing down at the small bag he had brought along.

Karst's eyes narrowed and she let out an annoyed huff. "Geez, you sure are slow! I called you up here on a date, you idiot! Haven't you ever been on a date before?" She crossed her arms and looked away, appearing slightly peevish.

"Well, uh, dates don't usually begin with threatening letters..." Felix explained, trying to appease her.

"What did you think bringing the stuff was for? So I'd have a bag to put your dead body in?" Karst asked, causing him to flinch. "Oh, relax, I'm not going to harm you. I've kind of got bored of that whole grudge stuff, especially after that wizard told me to get the heck over it already."

Felix was feeling extremely confused now. "Where do I put my stuff then?"

"We're staying at the inn together, so just put it there," Karst replied. "My house got moved into when I was dead. How rude. And the people who moved in are refusing to leave, so I'm homeless! Can you believe it?"

Felix decided it would be better not to say anything. The two began walking to the inn and Karst booked a room for them to stay in, then had Felix put his bag there. "It's not much of a date, I guess," she said sheepishly, "but we can still find something to do." Felix just hoped that something didn't involve him being tortured.

In Prox, most things to do involved snow, considering that was all there was. So they ended up having a contest to see who could build the biggest snowman within a time limit. Felix decided he would just let Karst win, and she ended up with a much bigger one.

"Yay, I won!" Karst danced around her snowman, cackling gleefully. "You lose, Felix."

"I'll definitely beat you next time," Felix lied. "Just you wait." He knew Karst hated losing with a passion. Nobody ever tried to beat Karst unless they wanted to get hurt or worse.

"Let's have a snowball fight now!" Karst began scooping up snow, with a smirk on her face. "You won't be able to dodge these."

Felix had become very good at dodging snowballs. Well, what else was there to do when you were being held hostage in a village where it did nothing but snow for three years? He quickly scooped up snow, narrowly dodging Karst's snowball, then flung his right at her. It escalated into a full blown snowball war that lasted for quite a while.

Eventually, he'd had enough. "I'm starting to get cold, Karst. Can't we go back inside now?"

"Oh, you're cold?" Karst looked surprised. "I'd forgotten how quickly warm-blooded people could get cold. Let's hurry back inside then." Naturally, she didn't even feel cold at all.

Felix was quite relieved to get back inside and sit in front of a fire to warm up. Karst sat down next to him with a couple mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

"Here you go," Karst said, handing over one of the mugs. "It will warm you up."

"Thanks," Felix mumbled, breathing in the warm aroma and taking a sip. It certainly did warm him up. He felt much better already.

Maybe this date wasn't so bad after all...


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