The Seaside Getaway


It's that time again. Yay!
Yep. She's finally got up another story.
Whatever could it be this time?
The winning pairing is... Felix/Hama!


Felix walked through Contigo, heading toward Hama's house at the top of the village. Today he was supposed to go on a date with her, but had no idea what would happen. It was supposed to be a surprise, apparently. Hama had wanted to do it this way, because she would just predict anything that he came up with. She could see everything, or so she said, and Felix didn't doubt that, especially after she's managed to accurately guess the name of his childhood teddybear. That had actually been rather embarassing. The thought of someone being able to see all his secrets made him just slightly uncomfortable.

Hama opened the door before he could even knock, startling poor Felix out of his wits. "I predicted that you would come around now. I see that I was not wrong."

"Uh... okay..." Felix was now thoroughly unnverved. Was she trying to predict every little thing about him? "So, where are we going for the date?"

"Well, there are plenty of things we could do in Contigo," Hama said. "Why don't we go and play Lucky Dice first?"

The two then went to the Lucky Dice tent and Felix watched in amazement as Hama racked up a high amount of gold, winning every time. Somehow, she always managed to guess right. Obviously, she had to be using her abilities to cheat.

"Well, I think I've done enough now." Hama stepped back, clutching a giant bag of coins and looking quite happy with her new stash of cash. The attendant on the other hand was glaring sullenly at her for depleting their stock of cash. "Why don't you have a go at this, Felix?"

"I couldn't possibly do as well as you," Felix said. He knew quite well she was cheating. But he tried anyway, and did spectacularly bad at it. Hama watched sympathetically as he lost a bunch of gold trying.

"I guess it's your bad luck, huh?" Hama asked as Felix quit in frustration. "Never mind. I've got loads of cash from the game. Let's go and find something else to do. Oh, I know, we could go to that vendor and eat lots of corn. I like corn!"

"Uh... okay..." Felix followed her out of the tent as they walked to the stall where someone was selling cobs of corns. This wasn't a terribly interesting date after all. There wasn't really a lot to do in Contigo. At least the corn tasted good.

Then the two went for a nice walk together, as far as Jupiter Lighthouse. They stood there, staring up at the still lit lighthouse. Well, it was still lit, Felix thought, which was a good thing. And he was also kind of bored.

"I'm having a great time," Hama said, smiling at him. "What about you?"

"Um... it could be better," Felix admitted, hanging his head. What was the point of lying? She would know that he was. It was impossible to keep any secrets from her.

"Oh, really? Well... I guess we could go back to Contigo now and find something else to do..." Hama paused, thinking. "I'll make it up to you." She then leaned over and kissed him.

"That's a bit better," Felix said quietly. Hama just smiled.


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