The Seaside Getaway


Why insist on the 'seaside' part anyway? The couples hardly ever go to the seaside...
I think Caz just realised going to the same place all the time would be boring.
It's just a name. Names are harmless.
Unless it's "Voldemort".
*sigh* I stand corrected.
So, what's the pairing, Mia?
The winning pairing is... Felix/Feizhi!



Felix stood outside the run-down looking house, an astonished expression on his face. This was where he was going to be for his date? If he listened hard enough, he was sure he could hear ghostly screams coming from inside. The frightened Venus Adept wanted to turn tail and run, but he couldn't abandon his date.

"D-do we r-really have to stay here overnight?" asked a timid voice. "It is a terrifying house. I am getting the bad feeling from this."

"Me too," Felix murmured, steeling himself. "Me too... but we have no choice. Our friends arranged for us to stay here. They paid and everything."

"Oh, well, if I see evil spirits, then I can use my kung fu to destroy them," Feizhi said hopefully, a flicker of a smile appearing on her pale face. She hoisted her bag over her shoulder. "Let us go to see what is inside."

"Alright..." Felix slowly approached the wooden door, noticing that one of its hinges was broken and it was actually hanging across the doorway. He pushed it aside and winced as it crashed against the wall, the last hinge breaking free. "Uh... this house seems to be in need of repair."

"It smells rather dusty," Feizhi commented, wrinkling her nose as they stepped into the house. She looked around and then gasped, her eyes locking on another pair of eyes that certainly did not belong to the person with her. "Ah!"

"What's wrong?" Felix looked at her then turned, looking at a creepy looking portrait of a woman with a menacing grin. "Uh...?"

"I... I thought there really was a woman there for a moment," Feizhi explained, recovering from the shock. "It is a rather realistic portrait. I even feel like I am being watched."

The two walked along the corridor, the floorboards creaking ominously under their feet. Suddenly, a bat screeched and flew out of nowhere. It proceeded to flap around their heads before heading outside. Feizhi had already screamed and jumped on Felix at this point.

"It's just a bat..." Felix assured her. "They don't hurt anyone, so long as you just
stay away from them."

"But it was very frightening!" Feizhi exclaimed, stepping back and flushing. "It came out of nowhere, flapping around like an evil spirit. I was not prepared for it."

"I wasn't either," Felix muttered. Just how had they found this place anyway? When this date was over, he was going to have a word or two with whoever set him up in this hole. "I can only hope there aren't any other strange creatures waiting in here to ambush us."

"Be careful what you say. We may get jinxed," Feizhi whispered in alarm, looking around furtively. A howl came from somewhere, causing them to jump. Of course, it was just some noisy dog outside, but inside this house, it naturally sounded creepy and spooky.

"I think we've had too many surprises already..." Felix sighed. "This isn't going to be easy."

"Well, let's just hope we don't have heart attacks," Feizhi quipped.

The house was fairly small. There was only one bedroom, but at least it had two single beds. There didn't seem to be much to do in the house apart from be scared, so they settled for sitting in the lounge among cobwebs, spiders and dust, trying to find things to talk about. Every so often, their conversations would be interrupted by screams, bumps in the dark, or some random scary noise that struck terror into their hearts.

Somehow, they survived the day and settled down in the kitchen for dinner. They were nervous about eating in a dusty, strange smelling house, but it probably wasn't going to affect the food. The food at least tasted fine.

The evening somehow managed to be much creepier than the daytime, especially since it was getting dark. The two very frightened teens clutched each other on the sofa as they listened to even more screeches, wails, strange sounding bumps and the fluttering of wings.

Eventually, the stress proved too much and they were so exhausted, they fell asleep in each other's arms on the couch.


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