The Seaside Getaway


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Sheba ducked as a rocket flew over her head, wincing as she saw it explode. If that had hit her, then she could have been killed. People were everywhere, shooting each other and firing rockets, within this dark and creepy lair. It was just yet another attempt to stop some world domination plot that would obviously amount to nothing. So why was she even here?

For money of course. Sheba crawled across the ground as bullets ricocheted over her head, grinning. She figured Alex would eventually get some of Weyard, and along with it, a lot of money. Obviously, a megalomaniac plotting to take over the world was the ideal date!

Alex was currently sitting inside his protective dome in the middle of the highly dangerous lair, chuckling to himself and pressing random buttons. He enjoyed making things go boom very much. His troops were practically indestructible as well. In no time at all, the world would be his.

He got the fright of his life when Sheba popped up on the seat next to him. "Hi, Alex!" Sheba chirped. "You look like you're having a lot of fun."

"How did you get into my super protective dome?" Alex asked, looking at her in shock. In the process, he hit a random button, that caused fireworks to go off and balloons to rain down from the ceiling. Some of the people attempting to save the world from being taken over stopped and stared in confusion and amazement. They were promptly owned by Alex's troops.

"Well, it only has a door with a password required to enter," Sheba said, shrugging. "I just typed in 'Mia' and for some reason, it worked. I guess you really do like Mia. But... you have a better chance with me, you know."

"Maybe when you're older," Alex said dismissively, turning away and going back to pushing random buttons. "I'm not playing games here, you know."

Sheba stared at the shiny control panel in front of her in amazement. "Ooh, what does this do?" she asked, pressing a big red button. A part of the panel slid away to reveal a screen with a map of Weyard on it. The words "Touch screen to select area" flashed at the top. "Huh?"

"That's for my destructive missiles," Alex replied. "Touch any place on there and it will be erased from the map."

"Ooh... can I take out Tolbi?" Sheba asked excitedly.

"No!" Alex cried out, looking horrified. "That's one of the biggest cities in the world! Are you an idiot or something? Take out one of the places that doesn't matter. Sheesh." He shook his head and reached down to pet a kitty sitting at his feet

"Okay... I'll pick Mikasalla," Sheba said, sounding slightly disappointed. She excitedly prodded the screen and within seconds, a rocket was firing away from the base and heading toward one of the most pointless places on Weyard.

"While you're here... got any ideas for world domination? I could use a few," Alex said. To tell the truth, he didn't have a solid plan. He just thought blowing up stuff and building an army was a good way to take over the world.

"Kidnap powerful people like lords or King Hydros, and threaten to blow up important places unless the people give you money," Sheba suggested. "With important people out of the way and the other people being poor, they will all suck and be unable to stop you from taking over the world."

Alex stared at Sheba in amazement, then smiled and patted her head. "I like the way you think."

Sheba grinned. Soon... money would be within her grasp... perfect. Maybe Alex would let her be co-ruler of the world as well. That would be so fun.

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