The Seaside Getaway


Hurray! New story time!
Those Proxians really get neglected, don't they?
But it's okay because we have another Proxian story!
Indeed. It's Agatio and Karst's turn. Rejoice!


"That sure was a kind wizard," Karst said, sighing as she walked next to Agatio. They were currently walking through some random city they did not recognise. Why had they even been put here? "It was nice of him to bring us back from the dead, wasn't it?"

"We have a second chance at life," Agatio said gleefully, his red eyes shining with joy. "Let's enjoy this second chance while we still can."

"Good idea," Karst agreed, looking around the city in excitement. "I'm sure we were put here for a reason, though the wizard didn't say if that was true or not. And he even gave us this money to spend." She held up a large bag that jangled noisily with the sound of shaking coins.

"Then let's..." Agatio paused, gazing thoughtfully at a small shop. He then grinned and pointed. "Let's go and eat ice-cream first! I haven't had ice cream in forever!"

"Well, it's not so popular in Prox for some reason," Karst said, lightly shrugging her shoulders. "Sure, I don't see why not."

Agatio and Karst then walked into the little ice cream shop. The few people eating ice cream inside saw them and promptly ran out of the shop screaming. The ice cream vendor fell to the floor behind the counter, shaking in fear.

"Hey!" Karst shouted over the counter, glaring down at the shivering man. "You going to give us some ice cream or not?"

"Y... yes..." the man squeaked, peeping over the counter. "Wh-what flavours would you like to have?"

"I want mint chocolate chip!" Agatio declared, after looking at the menu.

"Hmm..." Karst glanced at the menu. "Give me the strawberry ripple ice cream."

The man shakily served up the ice creams, then fainted right onto the floor. Karst and Agatio just ignored him as they happily ate their ice cream, then left the shop. They had forgotten to pay, but the ice cream vendor was hardly going to chase down two scary looking people to demand his money.

"What should we do next?" Agatio pondered, as they walked along a random street.

"Look at this!" Karst ripped a poster off a wall and brandished it in his face. "Tolbi Amusement Park... it's open right now. Let's go to the amusement park!"

"Aren't we a little old for amusement parks?" Agatio asked, sounding slightly exasperated.

"Come on!" Karst was already pulling him away toward the amusement park. "We never got to have that kind of fun in Prox!"

"I think we were a little too busy blowing stuff up to have fun," Agatio muttered. "Why don't we look inside that museum?" He really didn't want to do something so embarassing like hanging around children. People would discover his soft side. That would not do!

Karst cried out in rage as Agatio overpowered her and began dragging her toward a museum. A museum? Was he insane? The two Proxians entered the dreary building and approached a counter. Karst was silently fuming and Agatio wondered how long he had to live this time around...

"So, you wish to take a tour of Tolbi's museum?" The clerk asked. "Hold on, I'll call a tour guide. The tickets will be..." As she recited the price, she pushed some shiny button and spoke into an intercom. "Tour guide needed to show two people around."

Agatio was about to fork over the money for two museum tickets when the tour guide suddenly appeared. The Proxians stared in wide-eyed horror at the familiar old man.

"Ah, Agatio and Karst, what a surprise to see you both," Kraden said, smiling pleasantly. "I thought you were both dead. Believe it or not, I decided to take a break from studying Alchemy for a while and take up a temporary job here in Tolbi. It looks like I will be your guide for the tour. Isn't that quite a coincidence?"

"LET'S GO TO THE AMUSEMENT PARK!" Agatio screamed at the top of his lungs, pulling Karst out of the museum at top speed. Kraden broke down into tears and the clerk sighed, calling up the manager. "This time, the group didn't even bother to buy the tickets before leaving. This is the tenth group Kraden has driven away..."

Meanwhile, Agatio and Karst were now at the gates to the amusement park. They quickly brought their tickets and walked into the park. Karst immediately dragged him to the nearest food stand.

"We just ate ice cream," Agatio complained, as Karst bought cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs. "Shouldn't we at least try the rides before we eat again?"

"Don't be so grumpy. Sheesh," Karst muttered, biting into one of the hot dogs. She handed the other over to Agatio, who reluctantly took it. Eventually, they finished eating. "Okay, let's try the rides now!"

The first ride they approached was the rollercoaster. A queue of kids were about to go on the next ride, but ran away crying for their mommies when they saw the scary Proxians.

Karst would never forget the first and only time she ever got to hear Agatio scream like a girl as they went through a series of loops. Apparently he didn't quite appreciate his whole world suddenly being turned upside down a number of times.

Then Agatio got his chance to ridicule Karst after she suddenly got frightened in the Haunted House. Though she claimed she'd seen a freaky eyeball that resembled the Wise One and that was why she had been afraid, Agatio was sure he'd got his own back on her.

Eventually, the amusement park was almost empty now since everyone kept running away from Karst and Agatio, and even leaving the park in their fear. The two Proxians sat down on a bench, feeling thoroughly tired after all the rides.

"That was quite fun, wasn't it?" Karst asked chirpily. "I can't believe I've been missing out on so much."

"Yeah, I guess it was alright," Agatio mumbled, trying to sound completely uninterested.

"Just one more thing could make this an absolutely perfect day," Karst declared, her crimson eyes shining in delight.

"What?" Agatio asked, turning to gaze at her in confusion.

Karst then leaned over and kissed him, and the two melted into an embrace. People around stopped and stared at the kissing, pointy-eared, red-eyed scaly warriors sitting on a bench, but the two Proxians didn't care or didn't notice.


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