Mystery Woman


Another mystery page, huh?
You may have seen her elsewhere on this site.
Wait, what woman?
The mysterious blond woman with yellow eyes...
Oh, right, that face icon...
There was a lot of speculation about her, but nobody really figured out who she is.
Actually, there's data in the game that identifies her.
Wait, what?! How long have you known about this?
*whistle* Better late than never...
So you've just been too lazy to make a page all this time?
Since she saw discussion of that mysterious lady crop up recently, she thought it was about time to make a page.
Yup. Time to finally lay those epileptic trees to rest.


So, in case you're still not aware who I am talking about, this is the character in question:

Yes, her. The mysterious lady whose actual sprite is nowhere to be found in the game and only has a face icon. The theories were wild. Who is she? Piers's mother? (despite all Lemurians being blue haired...) Sheba's mother? Ivan's mother? A random Anemos lady? Sheba and Piers's time travelling daughter? Saber Alter?!

It was impossible to find out from the debug room... or rather, the ones accessible with the codes we had on hand.

However, a long while back, Atrius discovered some new debug rooms. I took the time to explore them too.

I'll explain here lest that topic end up getting lost to the ravages of time.

Firstly, open Golden Sun: The Lost Age in VisualBoy Advance. (This doesn't seem to work for the first Golden Sun game...)

Then go to Tools -> Memory Viewer.

Make sure the memory viewer is set to 32-bit, then search 0804E130 and this is what you should get.

Change the numbers at the very top of the first column to FD20F7FF, then close the memory viewer.

Next, you go into the Change Settings menu in the game, and the settings will have been replaced by a new menu.

 The menu allows you to teleport to different map locations, wherever you are and no matter what point in the story you are at. Heck, you can even skip right to the game epilogue and credits.

I can have Jenna on the world map. Fun. I went to Daila, then made the mistake of asking Echo for a demonstration and got stuck in an endless loop because Echo was on Jenna and not Felix. Whoops. Anyway... (btw, Echo will automatically put Felix and Sheba in the party in case you were wondering)

So, back to what we were doing... let's check the Icon Test out.

Yep, this would be one of the debug rooms. The map viewer can take us to new debug rooms that we previously didn't have the codes to access.

If you cycle to 96-99 under Icon Test, you get the option of accessing the Face Test rooms.

For the purpose of this page, let's check out Face Test Room 96!

What's this? Why, this is a room full of innkeepers and shop keepers.

Hello there, mystery lady! BTW, if you "talk" to the sprites, you get a face icon with a name underneath. This means we can finally solve the mystery of who this woman is. Dun dun!

This lady is... none other than an unused Item Shopkeeper! Le gasp!

... Yeah, that was a terribly underwhelming answer to this great mystery, wasn't it? What item shop she was originally assigned to is anyone's guess. I'd say she looks like she's from around Angara, but that's all speculation. Still, nice to have that cleared up, I guess.



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