Playing as Non-Player Characters in GS1


Here's yet another information page for you information freaks.
This game is so full of interesting stuff.
This time, Caz shows off her hacking skills with the first game and hacks in certain characters.
With hacking, it's possible to put me back and keep me around forever.
Who wants to keep you around when all you learn are the Flare series?
... A low level game player, maybe? T_T
You can also put me and Felix in the game!
Not Piers though. He doesn't exist yet.
So feast your eyes on these fun pictures that show you just how awesome this VB Advance thing is. That's the emulator Caz uses, by the way.


Well, we have Felix, Jenna and Sheba here (Mia's there for no particular reason whatsoever.) Oh? Felix and Sheba don't have any HP or PP!


Felix and Sheba have no stats. Also, notice how Sheba has a sprite in the top left part of the screen, but Felix doesn't? Interesting... and, their classes are NPC. They have no Psynergy either.


Jenna is of course the same as when she left the party in Sol Sanctum.


Well, the lack of stats won't do! It's off to the Debug Room to get items from the pink statue (Hard Nuts, Cookies, etc. will do) The cat above will nicely raise their levels as well. That man does nothing though.


Stat boosting items and levelling up is the way to make Felix and Sheba actually playable. With 0 Max HP, they can't really be revived after all.


Mia, Jenna, Sheba and the Invisible Venus Adept prepare to return to the last sanctum... (Don't ask about the Djinn...)


Back in Kolima. Now the nice old guy up there will revive Felix and Sheba for me.


Now they are alive! Let's go and have fun now.


Jenna really never learns anything other than the Flare series by the way, so you're not missing out on anything by having her kidnapped. I suggest simply playing The Lost Age where she has better Psynergy...


Felix and Sheba still don't have Psynergy. But that can be changed...


With the Venus Djinni from Kolima, Granite. (Yes, I skipped Flint while having fun messing with my savefile. Can't stand the forced demonstration. No idea why Breeze is there.)


ZOMGWTFBBQ, Felix's class and Psynergy is coded into GS1! *le gasp* ... Not, because the same thing happens with Sheba, so never mind... Sheba as a squire is certainly strange. I guess they are simply being given Isaac's base class because of the Venus Djinni being put on them.


Even if you put Granite on standby, Felix will remain a Squire and not return to NPC status. Same with Sheba.


Battle time! For some reason, Felix has got Isaac's sprite, which I assume happened because of messing with the Djinni and class. (At this point, I haven't actually set the Venus Djinni on Sheba.) Sheba appears as a Vermin.


Felix and Sheba have Isaac's face portrait in battle for some reason...


Let's put Fever on Felix! (I made a very quick detour to Imil) He will become a Brute if I set Fever to him, much like Isaac would.


Also trying Sheba with a Jupiter Djinni set on her. She will go from NPC to Apprentice. Different Djinn will have different effects, it seems. Anyway, Apprentice class... that's interesting... Isaac will become an Apprentice if you put one Jupiter Djinni on him (with only Venus Djinn on him as well, either set or standby. It doesn't matter.)


Screwing with Sheba's class has also turned her into Isaac. Now Jenna and Mia have two Isaacs to choose from...


So long as you're not messing with classes and Djinn, Felix and Sheba's default battle sprite will be the Vermin. Why Vermin? I really have no clue.


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