Link in Golden Sun: The Lost Age


A link to what?
Maybe it's talking about chain links?
You are both wrong! This is a page about THE Link!
So we're running a fanpage about Legend of Zelda now?
*sigh* Not really...
So... why is there a page about Link then?
Because he's in the game.
... Really?
And that's what this page is going to be about.


Believe it or not, the famous Link from the Legend of Zelda series really does make a cameo in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, but this isn't the kind of cameo where you easily get to see him. No, it took a fair amount of sprite hacking before it was discovered that there were a set of unused sprites within the game's data. It is a full sprite sheet that all the other overworld NPCs in the game are given. This character could easily have been inserted anywhere in the overworld and would be fully animated, like a proper NPC. Yet they never did put him anywhere.

The green suit, pointy hat and pointy ears look quite familiar, don't they? They certainly look a lot like this older design of a famous character.

What was the purpose in designing an NPC with such a close resemblance to Link? Was it simply an easter egg for hackers or were they intending to have some NPC who looked like Link?

Of course, there are Action Replay V3 codes that will enable you to swap your sprites with Link's.

Golden Sun TLA Master Code (you will need this to activate any codes you use for the game)
D06E067F 8055B26F
E0CE785B D8990E3E

Play as Link
759BE646 09FCAF90
C8F712A9 DD7B08F2
DD9FA7CB 542FB102
AF9C69C9 54A98243
AB223216 631A0C4F
1E27D83B BBFB6923
2D190863 3F2DC15A
E768D406 4E9779DC
7C639D9F 4C442A5D
C6A11B07 D4D76256
ADB85D93 6D4F1230
1E27D83B BBFB6923


Of course, you won't really be playing an entirely different character. You are just replacing Felix with a different set of sprites, but you knew that already right? Everything else will remain the same, even in battle sprites.

If you just want to see Link in action, then you can watch this YouTube video:

Now what would this page be without some fun pictures and captions?

Link... I mean, Felix has reached the Mars Lighthouse aerie at last with one thing on his mind: saving the world.

Isaac wonders who the guy standing next to them is. Garet wonders where Felix got his hairdye and that spiffy hat from...

Alright, I got 20 Rupees! Wait... that's the Mars Star.

Aww, Link won't wave goodbye? What a jerk.


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