Lemuria Scene

It's time to expose another secret. Whoopee.
It's actually been known about for a while.
Still, we figured we might as well make a page for it.
For the few people who don't know about this, it should be interesting.
Kraden blowing his stack of kind of scary...
Which is why you shouldn't go out of your way to annoy him.
He used to get pretty mad at me for falling asleep during lessons.
Let's tell everyone about the secret Lemuria scene now, shall we?
Speaking of Lemuria, why don't we say anything if we go there with Felix?
Because it wasn't scripted, obviously. Yeah, it is weird, seeing as it was such a big deal for us in the first place.
I guess once that evil schmuck dropped dead, we didn't care anymore.
Seriously, that's enough inane rambling...



In Lemuria, when you approach the entrance to the town, you will talk with the two people standing guard. Why they have people standing guard despite the fact they haven't had visitors in about a hundred years, I have no idea. I guess since Lemurians are so bored, standing guard for no reason just seems like a really fun activity. It's not like they have anything better to do.

Anyway, one of the guards will ask you if they have your word.

Upon saying yes, Kraden exclaims "Ooo! Ooo! Finally! What could be waiting for me in Lemuria? I can't wait another moment!"

If you say no, Kraden will instead say "We've come a long way to see Lemuria. I won't have anything ruin it for me now!"

However, it is possible to unlock a different set of dialogues at this part of the game by answering certain questions with "No", rather than "Yes".

(If response is yes)

(If response is no)

To get this scene, you must answer "no" to the following questions


Jenna: Is that where we're going, Felix?

(Madra's prison)

Kraden: This man... he must be an Adept!

(Alhafra ship, before fighting Briggs)

Kraden: Isn't that right, Felix?


Jenna: We've got to help Piers, right, Felix?

Piers: That power... was that Psynergy?

Kraden: I want to aid Piers so that he will take us to Lemuria... What do you say, Felix?


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