Menardi's Miscellany


Heh heh! Welcome to Menardi's Miscellany, where the stuff that doesn't go anywhere else goes!
And we eat your children too! ^_-
That isn't what you are supposed to say.
Hey, what's that spiky-haired boy doing here?
I oughtta toast him good! CAN I? =D
Oh yeah? And who defeated the Fusion Dragon?
We were merely weakened by our previous fight!
But you said something about your power being replenished by the beacon, right?
Did we say fully? And we would have creamed you if we hadn't just got beaten up.
Yeah riiiiight... *walks away*
What a rude kid! Anyway, a whole bunch of  informational stuff goes here- and be careful... you never know when a fireball might fly in your face!
Are you two, like, totally obsessed with fire?! Ouch!


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