Debug Room Guide


A guide to the debug rooms? It's about time.
Huh? What are debug rooms?
Secret places in the game data where the developers can do their thing. They aren't normally supposed to be accessed.
It's so fun to actually access them!
The purpose of this page is to explain what's in the debug rooms in both games and what they do.
You'll be surprised at all the weird stuff that goes on in these weird places...


Golden Sun

Increase Item and Level:

Man: Brings up a menu which lists different types of Psynergy. The purpose of this list is unknown. Talking to this man will cause the game to glitch up. Isaac will start walking around strangely and graphical glitches occur in the menu. The screen also starts shaking even when Isaac is standing still. In the actual game (not the ROM) the man has been known to cause the game to freeze up. It does not seem to happen in the ROM for some reason.

It would be best to avoid this man. He seems to do more harm than good.

Statue: The statue brings up a list of just about every item coded into the game. Scrolling through the list and hitting A on a select item will put it into your inventory. You can even get items that are not accessible through normal gameplay.

Cat: The cat raises everybody's level. You can choose to level them up by 1 or 5. Great way to just cheat everyone to level 99.

If you go further up, you will find more objects.

Sad face: It says "I won't stop you, but I wouldn't go unless I had business there. I'd go to Tolbi and watch Colosso. That's what I'd do."

This line is uttered by an NPC at the Gondowan Passage.

Speech balloon: Says the same thing as sad face.

Go even further up and look carefully, at the very top of the screen you will see something pink. According to the OAM viewer in VB Advance, it's Menardi's feet. Yes, really. The OAM viewer shows all the sprites in the room and Menardi's there, so...

Menardi's feet: Displays a list of face icons with their names below. The names end up out of order at one point and Jenna is referred to by her Japanese name for some bizarre reason, but it's still a nifty function.

If you walk just a little further up and hit A slightly above Menardi, you can see a list of item icons. Since Saturos shows on the OAM viewer, it's probably him hiding just outside the visible map.

Menu Test

Garet: Tells you you went up a level. He seems to be lying though, since Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia's levels don't change.

Jenna: Tells you you got sturdy equipment. She was telling the truth this time. The party received Spiked Armor, Asura's Armor, Earth Shield, Dragon Shield, Gaia Blade, Demon Axe, Burning Axe, Wicked Mace, Blessed Mace, Demon Mail, Dragon Scales, Aura Gloves, Battle Gloves, Adept's Helm, Zodiac's Wand, an extra Shaman's Rod (CURSE YOU, JENNA!), Ninja Garb, Kimono, Earth Shield, War Gloves, Virtuous Armlet, Prophet's Hat, Angelic Ankh, Crystal Rod, Storm Gear, Water Jacket, Oracle's Robe, Feathered Robe, Vambrace and Guardian Armlet. Nice haul, huh? Just hope you don't mind having two Shaman's Rods. I don't think Felix will be taking both of them off you...

Ivan: Tells you you got an item. He's also telling the truth. You even get a nice handful of stat boosting items, though only about 11 of each, plus Water of Life. The rest is just healing stuff.

Mia: Gives you the option to rename Isaac. Renamed Isaac "Bob". Mia did not let me rename anyone else however, and yes, I tried hitting select three times. No good.

Kraden: Brings up your inventory and it looks like you can sell things to him, but you can't. It's more like he's just listing the values of your items. He doesn't really say anything either.

Dora (Below Kraden): Tells you you got a Djinni, and proceeds to give you all the Djinn except Luff. Uh... okay then.

Saturos: (Below Dora) Says "The body is being torn apart". Isaac is now poisoned and haunted and Garet has the Venom status (which is more serious than Poison.) Gee, thanks, Satty. The party's HP and PP is also reduced. Ouch. Talking to Saturos again reduces the HP and PP even more, until they are all fainted. Strangely enough, the player can continue to walk around and they don't return to the sanctum or anything.

Menardi: Tells you you got treasure. She gives Isaac healing items, the Halt Gem, and the Venus, Mercury and Mars Stars. Okay, that's just bizarre... especially when Isaac already has the Mars Star. Where's the Jupiter Star? Maybe Felix has it... Garet receives the two bombs, Game Tickets, Lucky Medals, a bone, as well as the Anchor Charm, Dragon's Eye and Mystic Draught. Ivan got Fairy and Healing rings, a running shirt, Fur Boots and the Black Orb. Mia got healing items, Orb of Force, Douse Drop, Frost Jewel, Lifting Gem, Halt Gem and Catch Beads. Wait, two Halt Gems? The sheer inventory space massacre here is a good reason not to bother with Menardi...

Weapons Shopkeeper: Sells weapons. Weapons are just cheap stuff. Artifacts= Shamshir, Silver Blade and Masasume (wait, what? The dummy sword Masamune you can't normally get in this game? Okay... It costs 13,400 coins, but really isn't worth the price as a dummy weapon.) Speaking to him causes Isaac to be Cursed, Ivan Haunted and Mia Poisoned.

Dora (Below Weapons Shopkeeper): Provides the same services you can receive in an ordinary sanctum. Good thing if you were careless enough to speak to Saturos.

Saturos's Good Twin (Below Dora): Says "Kyle... Will they be able to stop the Boulder?" Uh... random. What's he doing stealing Dora's line?

Bush: Uh, it shows a page with item icons on it. Hitting right and left will scroll through more pages.

Felix (Top): Speaks to you with lines the Amor Shopkeeper would say, complete with Armor Shopkeeper's face icon. Very bizarre...

Felix (Bottom): Speaks even more Armor Shopkeeper lines.

For more information on the Debug Rooms and the codes, try this FAQ.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Icon Test

Statue holding mirror: Shows the pages with icons on them.

Statue holding slab over head: Lists face icons with names, except it's completely out of order. I'm pretty sure that teen with the spiky blond hair and yellow scarf is not named Master Poi. Gets a little glitchy after scrolling through enough names. Annoying, but debug rooms aren't exactly priority when it comes to annihilating glitches...

Go down and you'll find a pink statue and a cat.

Pink statue: Brings up list of items for you to put in your inventory.

Cat: Raises levels

Psynergy Test

Garet: Can't be interacted with... he won't turn or anything.

Jenna: Turns and STARES... does nothing but turn and face you. Can be Halted.

Ivan: Same as Jenna. Creepy...

Mia: Does the healing animation, but doesn't actually heal you...

Shopkeeper (Top): Sells you Herbs and Antidotes. The Artifacts section will be the same as in any shop in Weyard, depending on the rarities you sold during the game. Boring...

Guy lying down: Turns around... that's really creepy...

Healer: Provides sanctum services

Shopkeeper (Bottom): Apparently he took over for Felix and it is now his job to recite shopkeeper dialogue...

Mars Djinni: Turns around. You can use Mind Read to get a dialog about going to see the repaired mast and being jumped on. (I guess it's from an Alhafran during Briggs's escape...)

Leafy bush: That boring icon page thing again...

Leaf: Doesn't do anything. Casting Growth does nothing either. Halt works on it, oddly enough.

Ice Pillar: Shows you your inventory a la Kraden in the previous game.

Top light blue box with red writing: "The body is being torn apart." Yippee. Jenna has Venom, Felix has Poison and Haunt.

LV Box: Tells you you went up a level. Except it's a lying box.

Box with a kanji (takara=treasure) on it: "You got treasure!" But... they didn't... get any treasure?

Box with X: "You got a Djinni!" I do know that this appeared to mess with my party's Djinn, so it probably is telling the truth.

You can use Cyclone on the brown area with the leafy shrubs.

Scoop can be used on the diagonal rows of grass patches. When Scooped, they reveal a staircase to the same room, a puddle of water, a mace, and a random encounter.

You can use Sand on the brown area with the Japanese text that says "Sand" in katakana.

If you continue further to the right, you will find Kraden. Now here's something really interesting you can do. There is a flame right next to him. Have Jenna use Blaze on it. Kraden will scream "GAH!", move out of the way very fast, then ask "What are you doing???" He can't be talked to normally though. When you do it from below the flame (making sure that you're using Blaze in the direction of Kraden, since he doesn't move back) he then screams "YARG!" and moves back to the original position, asking you what you are doing again.

Psynergy Test 2

Nothing. This room is completely empty. Yes, it's quite colourful but there's nothing to do in here and nobody to speak with. How boring, huh? Those boxes from the previous debug room are back, but you can't do anything with them.

Okay, there are some mildly interesting thing in here. There is an embedded nail. Press A while facing it and it does the Pound animation. ... That's all.

Go up and you'll find a pole. West of the pole, there's a rope on another pole. Using Lash tied the rope to the other pole.

So... that's what you can do in this room. Use Lash. How fun. And Felix can climb the rope as well.

Shop Test

This is a big place. Let's start from the bottom.

Fairy: Raises your level, like the cat does.

Traveller guy: Same function as the statues, lets you put items in your inventory.

Treasure Chest: Not a good idea to use this. It told me I got treasure, and, well, while I did get some Utility Psynergy items, plus some other crap... Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia completely disappeared. So, don't use this unless you absolutely hate the first game's party and wish they would disappear off the face of Weyard, okay?

Venus Djinni: Tells you you got a Djinni. Nothing happened to the party's Djinn though, so maybe it was lying.

Fortune teller: "The body is being torn apart". I'm getting a little tired of this... Oddly enough, only Felix, Jenna and Sheba lost their HP and PP.

Lightbulb emoticon: Does nothing.

Signpost: Inventory list again.

Going up and starting from the left again...

Lightbulb emoticon: Nothing again.

Innkeeper: Lets you stay at the "inn". Felix and co. take a nice rest in the debug room...

Elder: Sanctum service.

Weapon Shopkeeper: Sells lousy weapons. Artifacts are same as in shops.

Armor shopkeeper: Sells crap armor. Artifacts same as in shops.

Item shopkeeper: Sells items. Artifacts same as in shops.

Kay: Apparently she's going to be a shopkeeper one day. Sells War Mace, Silver Vest, Platinum Circlet, Herb, Nut, Antidote, Elixir, Sacred Feather. Lots of stuff in artifacts, though it could be same as in shops again.

Guy with sickle: Offers to make you something special. Apparently he took Sunshine's job, but I didn't have anything to forge when doing this. Gave him tear stone, but nothing happened really, except he said the same thing Sunshine would if he was working on something I gave him afterward.

Woman: Tells me that Sunshine takes a long time to work on stuff... I guess it's because I gave "Sunshine" something. I should go back to that innkeeper.

Didn't work. "Sunshine" is still excited about having something to work with.

If I don't give "Sunshine" anything, the woman complains about Sunshine's laziness. It's obvious these two just stole Sunshine and his wife's dialogue.

The speech balloons above the sprites just give me Armor shopkeeper dialogue. What is it with the armor shopkeeper's lines?! And there's yet another lightbulb balloon that does nothing.

Now, at the side of the room at the top...

The steel panel just displays the icons of every item.

The Gabomba statue gives me the face icons and names again. Messed up same as before.

The top signpost lets me rename characters, starting with Isaac. Was actually able to rename everyone in the party this time.

Yet another lightbulb balloon that does nothing...

Bottom signpost says Felix got Muramasa, then Felix can now summon Eclipse, and proceeds to tell me which Djinn are needed to summon Eclipse.


For help on accessing the debug rooms, check out Labmaster's Game Shark Codes.


There are a few extra debug rooms that are not accessed through any currently known Gameshark codes. To access these rooms, you must load Golden Sun: The Lost Age in VB Advance and open the Memory Viewer. With the 32-bit button selected, search "0804E130" and then in the leftmost column, change the top set of numbers to FD20F7FF. Close the memory viewer and open the pause menu, then go to Change Settings.

When you see "Icon Test", highlight the number below and cycle to 96-99, "Icon Test" will change to "Face Test". There are four different Face Test rooms. There are a bunch of sprites to be seen in each room, and when you talk to these sprites, the face icon and name will be displayed.

Face Test 96 shows off the shopkeepers and innkeepers. Even an unused shopkeeper, whose face icon we had known and theorised about for a long time, can be found here. Turns out she's an items shopkeeper.

Face Test 97 has the PCs, Kraden, Alex, Hama, Great Priest, Priest, Garet's parents and Feizhi. Bit of weirdness here... Feizhi is incorrectly called Weapons Shop, Piers is called Alex, Sheba is called Piers and Jenna is called Sheba. If you talk to Garet, it shows Garet's icon and name, then shows Isaac's icon with Ivan's name. Isaac properly displays his own name though.

Face Test 98 has Jenna's parents, Kyle, Susa, Uzume, Kushinada, Lunpa, Hydros, Conservato, Puelle, Shaman Priest, Prox Elder, Karst and Agatio.

Face Test 99 has Master Poi, Akafubu, Riki, Tavi, Moapa, Maha, Madra Mayor and Elder, Briggs, Chaucha, Eoleo, Obaba, Alhafran Mayor and the fortune teller.

There are also some Test rooms (Test 0 - Test 7) but they are all empty rooms. Nothing interesting there.



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