Reasons to Hate/Torture Alex

Now, we have a lot of reasons to hate Alex, and why we want to torture him.
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Now, let the reasons why Alex must be hated roll! Drumroll please!

Golden Sun

Alex didn't get as much screentime, save for Mercury Lighthouse, but he still manages to be annoying. Let's see... we'll start in Sol Sanctum of course.

Ok, he wasn't that bad yet. Let's move to Mercury Lighthouse. Wow, he only gets two scenes in the game, not counting after the credits on Idejima.

Anyway, of course, Alex acts like the smug jerk that he is. Alex shows absolutely no remorse for hurting Mia's feelings/betraying the clan and he doesn't even seem to care how she feels either. Alex also buys time until Saturos gets up which, as Mia says,  is not fair, right?

Alex insults Isaac and co. by saying he doubts they are the type to "finish" anyone off. I think that's an insult...

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Okay, we start with Venus Lighthouse, naturally. Hmm, Alex pisses Jenna off a bit, but he does apologise in a roundabout way so we'll let that slide.

Let's see... Alex is funny in the scene with the soldiers/men, but quite arrogant in tone, which I suppose some people wouldn't like. I still find it funny though.

And then, on Idejima, after the tidal wave hits, he runs off and leaves Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden unconscious on Idejima. How mean... he could at least have made sure that they were okay, but he probably just ran off without another thought. The next time you can see him, in Daila, he's naturally self-absorbed. Oddly enough, the issue of being left for dead doesn't really come up until Champa. I don't know why it isn't even mentioned in Daila or Alhafra. Anyway, he doesn't want to travel with them when asked in Daila. What does he have against Felix and co. anyway?

In Alhafra, at first, Alex refuses to let you read his mind. Sneaky guy. Though, later on, he does let you... but he's definitely got something to hide.

Well, Champa definitely takes the cake for Alex being at his most annoying, in my opinion. Alex insults Agatio and Karst and also goes on to insult Saturos and Menardi. Alex referred to them as simple buffoons incapable of logic and intelligence or something similar, but considering how exactly S, M, A and K ended up, it leads you to wonder whether Alex was right... *bricked* Ouchies! Look, just because you forced me into this, doesn't mean I can't insult you! And I have scary webmistress powers! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Alex also insults Felix-tachi, annoyingly enough. He calls Piers an "amateur water Adept" and Felix and the others "useless" and goes on to say that was why he finally had to abandon them. Alex also admits he actually planned to steal Piers's ship! Alex also talks about himself way too much, annoyingly enough. Not only that, but Alex is actually USING Agatio and Karst to scare Felix's group into lighting Juputer Lighthouse sooner! Incentive, my ass.

I also feel that Alex talks way too much. Research of the Champa scene shows that Alex seemed to have talked more than Kraden. We leave you to ponder on this speculation.

Confusingly enough, Alex acts differently on Jupiter Lighthouse. Not helping Agatio and Karst, healing Felix's party... yeah, I don't understand it. But he's not always that nice. If, on Jupiter Lighthouse's aerie, you let Agatio and Karst beat you, Alex doesn't bother to help, he just runs off with Agatio and Karst, leaving everyone for dead. Aww. Quite strangely, the other way around, he HEALS Agatio and Karst, even after all that hard work. I really don't understand that guy... though, he does stop them from harming Felix and the others further...

Okay, the next time we see him is on Mt. Aleph... when he sensationally tries to summon storms on Vale, and proceeds to have a whining fit when the Wise One tells him he got owned and owns him again. With any luck, he got buried under a ton of rocks. Oh yeah, and the main thing is, Alex was trying to steal Alchemy!

So, there you go! That's why Alex must be tortured... painfully!

Please calm down a little, Mia...
Oh come on! You lot are so unfair!
If all this has not managed to convince you...
We're worried for your sanity...
You must resist his bishonen looks!
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