Torture: Pop Music


I have a bad feeling about this... what is this dark place?



We got him.
Great. Let's start the torture!


Hm? I seem to be tied to a chair. What the hell?
Hi, Alex. Would you like to listen to music?
... I'm sorry, what?
We made a mix tape for you!
It's your birthday!
No, it's not.
Just listen to it anyway!
Mwehehehehe *presses 'Play'*


*Karst and Agatio leave room as tape begins playing*


(Wannabe by Spice Girls)


This... this infernal pop music... my ears... If you wanna be... no! Must not sing along! Aaaaaah! You gotta get with my friends... AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!


(Wannabe ends. Mmmbop by Hanson plays.)


Oh, Sol, no! ThepainthefierypainmakeitSTOP!!!!!!


(Mmmbop ends. The Barney theme plays.)


This isn't pop music... but it... still... hurts... so bad... ;_;


(Barney theme ends. It's a Small World after all plays.)


GAAAAAHHHHH! *blood starts spurting out of ears*


(Tape ends.)


*Karst and Agatio return to find Alex in chair, quivering and pale, covered in blood*


So, Alex?
You sure don't look well.
Please... kill... me...
With pleasure!
*puts high powered headphones on Alex connected to a boombox and stereo*
*presses play*


(Who Let the Dogs Out is blasted into Alex's ears)




That was... beautiful...
I know...


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