Torture: Crocodile


*peeps out of room* ... Okay, coast clear. *tiptoes nervously along hallway*
*drops down from ceiling* Hello, Alex.
Y-you! *turns and runs, screaming girlishly*
Get him, Agatio!
*jumps out of a closet and tackles Alex to ground*
Nooooooo! *struggles*
We just want to show you our new pet.
Uh huh, that's right. Come here, Toto.
O_O That's... a freaking crocodile?!
Yup. Why did you even name it Toto?
After that Pokemon... I'm not good with names...
*whimpers* You're not planning to use that, are you?
Toto's really hungry, so... *knocks Alex out*
Dinner will be in just a few minutes, Toto. *evil smirk*


*A few minutes later, Alex is chained to the wall and covered in gravy*


*wakes up* Huh... I'm naked... what's this stuff all over me?
*smirks* Well, I always thought it would be tiny. Guess I was wrong.
What th-?! You pervert! What are you playing at?
*is holding Toto on a leash and covering his eyes* Can I let him go yet, Karst?
In a sec. That stuff all over you, Alex... would be gravy. Toto likes gravy.
Then... that means... you barbarians!
Okay, Agatio, let him go.
*does so* Also, tell me when it's okay to open my eyes. I do not want to see naked Alex.

*Toto lunges at Alex and goes straight for...*

Oh. My.
What? What is it?
Uh... the crocodile... it...
I'm not opening my eyes! Just tell me!
WAAAAH!!! Not there!!!
I didn't even put any gravy there...
Alex just experienced oral sex by crocodile.
... I should have got a different crocodile...

*Toto moves on to the legs and starts contentedly munching*

Argh! It's crunching on my bones! It hurts...! Aaaaah!
That crunchy noise is music to my ears...
Is there blood?
Oh, yes. Lots of it.
;_; I want to die already...

*Toto jumps up and happily bites Alex's head off*

... *head goes splat*
Uh... that was fast. Agatio! Your stupid crocodile killed him too fast!
Well, he still suffered, didn't he?
Well... I guess so. We've got a heck of a mess to clean up now. What do we do with the crocodile?
Oh, I'll send him to the Alhafran Mayor. Everybody hates that guy after all.
And let's not bother using wild creatures again. We can't even control them...


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