Torture: Burnination


Oh great. I'm tied to a table. Why am I tied to a table?
We're torturing you again.
Before you ask, no, we never get sick of it.
We've decided to burn you this time.
How would you like to be slowly turned into ash?
... Not very much.
Too bad.
*burns feet* Hope you weren't too attached to those.
Ow! Owowowowow! Darnit!
What lovely hands. You don't need these, do you?
Of course you don't! *burns off hands*
GAH! You maniacs!
Pfft. Legs. So freaking useless.
You won't miss them. *burns off legs*
Say, what do these arms do anyway?
Wait a minute... ;_;
Oh, I don't think they do anything. *burns off arms*
ARRGH! You've just removed all my limbs! THE PAIN!
Now for... oh yes, the pelvic area. You can do the chest, Karst.
Not there... please...
Oh, I don't know, I don't think it's very painful there. Is it? *burns*
He's starting to look like a Halloween reject.
Yeah. Amazing, isn't it?
*sobs* I think I'm dying...
I think this is going to kill him. Oh well. *burns chest area*
GACK! *dies horribly*
Now what should we do with the head?
Let's play football with it!


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