Dark Dawn Secrets


Every game has its secrets.
This game is no exception, then?
Yeah, we know how much Camelot loves having inaccessible stuff in the games.
I'm sure they have a good reason for it.
Well, it doesn't seem to be as bad with this game, but it's early days yet. Who knows what else we'll find?
That sounds pretty exciting. I wonder what we'll find.
So... what have we got so far?
Well, like I said, it's not much, but it's worth showing. Take a look.




This is a picture that cannot normally be seen in the game and was taken from the game files. This location is in fact supposed to be Anemos.

Was Anemos originally planned to be a location we could visit in Dark Dawn? Will we get to see it in a future Golden Sun game? Who knows... I hope it's the latter.

This picture was possibly supposed to be used in Anemos's encyclopedia entry.


Items unacquirable through normal gameplay

Behold... the power of cheating!

Four items are shown here with no description. The two books are actually the Djinn Guide and the Encyclopedia, which you'll see if you compare them. They may have been intended to be items at one point. There's a bag of money. Technically, it's kind of an item as you can find it in chests and get a certain amount of coins, so it being in the shop doesn't seem all that strange.

The most interesting thing here is the large coin. When you put it into your inventory, you can't drop it, so it's likely an important item, but what is it? The symbol on it rather looks like a sun.


Unused Face Icons

Having played through the game a few times already, I can safely say these face icons aren't used during gameplay, but exist in the game's coding nonetheless.

This icon of Briggs was likely intended to be used during his death scene.

Sveta looks pretty shocked here. Well, she does get some nasty shocks now and then during the game. Poor girl. It could have been an alternative for the face icon you see after the Apollo Lens are fired.

Hou Zan looks quite troubled here. It may have been intended for use during the scene at Iceberg Outpost, shortly before he dies.



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