Oven Guide

I love ovens~
What do people eat in the places that don't have ovens?
Didn't they have that raw fish in Yamata? Gross.
Actually, raw fish is quite nice to eat.
I don't think they would be eating it if it wasn't. We beastmen aren't opposed to consuming raw meat either.
Wow, really?
Um, doesn't it make you sick?
Not at all. Our digestive systems are quite capable of handling it.
Well, that's, er, fascinating.
I just had a random thought. This page should totally be titled "Food Porn".
We are not naming the page that!
Boo... you're no fun. What do you think, Matthew?
I know better than to go against Karis.
You're so smart, Matthew. Now then, go and check out the culinary treats Angara and other places have to offer.



Patcher's Place

"It smells of freshly baked goods!"

Carver's Camp

"It's a log cake that's a big specialty here in the village! Best not to eat any though- someone might miss it!"


"This is steamed milk with a blend of sugar and spices. It smells so cinnamony!"

"These are fried dumplings in a tantalizingly triangular shape. They're so crispy!"

"This is barbecued meat prepared with a spice blend that sets off fireworks of flavor!"

"What is this?! It seems like an utterly inedible piece of charred food."

"These are crepes that are folded over fiery-spiced vegetables."


"This is a mountain-style dumpling filled with spicy vegetables and a hot-and-sour sauce. What high-altitude tastiness!"

"This is a dessert spun from sugar that looks like clouds. So pretty, so sweet!"

"This is a simple soup of meat and mushrooms Hearty stuff for Passaj's workers!"


"It's a tofu dish that's so hot, it burns tongues from across the room!"

"This is a soup of the lightest broth and crunchy noodles. A perfect combination!"

"This is sweet-and-sour pork which absolutely simmers with pineapple sweetness. What a delight!"


"It's a batch of rice noodles mixed with shrimp and bean sprouts - a local favorite!"

"It's sour-and-spicy soup, an Ayuthay speciality."

Teppe Ruins

"This hearty, nutritious-looking vegetable stew is perfect cold-day fare."

"Hard-boiled eggs, but they don't seem to be chicken eggs. Hmmmm..."

Border Town

"Border Town's local soup-seasonal fruit wrapped in bacon and slowly stewed in spices for seven days. It's actually even better than it sounds."

Port Rago

"Salted fish eggs, a delicacy to people of certain palate... and a certain degree of wealth."

"Pancakes made in the Port Rago style, topped with seaweed and dried fish. Delicious and hearty."

"A shredded-herring-and-potato pie. Hot out of the oven and ready to eat!"

Saha Town

"This hearty dish has strips of meat in a tangy sauce over noodles. A warm and filling dinner."

"The lady of the house is frying an egg. Mmmm...eggs."

"Some kind of meat-stuffed pastry. Perfect portable food for the on-the-go peasant."

Kolima Village

"Omelettes with mushrooms from Kolima Forest. The fluffy eggs contrast nicely with the mushrooms' earthiness."

"It's jam made from wild strawberries picked from Kolima Forest. The smell is tart-sweet perfection."

"Mushrooms from Kolima Forest sauteed with garlic butter. The scent makes it hard not to drool."

Kolima Forest

"It's a Kolima-style rye bread with nuts kneaded into it. It smells like a freshly baked forest of tastiness."

Harun Village

"A seafood soup seasoned heavily with seaweed. Is there anything in the sea that isn't delicious?"

"This seafood salad is piled high with with seaweed. Chewy, yet delicate!"

"This vegetable slaw is made mostly of finely chopped seaweed, The sesame really brings out the flavors."

"Seaweed dumplings, just one of the hundreds of delectable uses of seaweed."

Yamata City

"This is just a plate of sliced raw fish... Do people eat this?"


"Mmm... Tonfon stir-fry... A little burnt, but still delicious."

"This rice dish has a rich mixture of vegetables and herbs mixed in then fried to decadent perfection."

"Some sort of jelly made from almonds, served with fresh fruit. A decadent dessert, to be sure."

"Candied chestnuts, a Tonfon favorite. It takes all day to make them, but only minutes to eat the whole batch!"

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