Karis's Trivia


Okay, ready to find out some fun stuff?
Fun? Does it involve burning things?
Why, you're not feeling pyromaniacal today, are you?
Well, you try putting up with listening to Kraden and Rief without wanting to, well, burn things.
Burn seagulls. It's very calming.
Well, I do like burning pigeons. A lot.
Did you get pooped on by birds or something? I don't understand your hatred for birds...
Hey, I just really don't like pigeons.
Seagulls are so noisy. Can't stand 'em.
I think you should let Karis speak. She seems ready to burst a vein...
Thank you. *sigh* This section will be for trivia, secrets and assorted information pertaining to Dark Dawn. Take a look!


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