Carver's Camp

Hey, I remember that place... with the breaking down gondolas...
I don't know how it's possible for me to move objects I can't even see... which I had to do to get that pesky Djinni.
Psynergy is quite amazing, isn't it?
So what's so interesting about the place?
The broken bridge there means you can't get to the other side of the map. Unless... you have a walk through walls code.
And there's supposed to be something in this place you can't get to?
But why...?
Who knows... anyway, I'm sure the readers are wondering what can be found in this inaccessible area. You're about to find out.


So, here we are on the other side of the broken bridge. I guess we can get to Bilibin now! Actually, no, we can't...

Notice how there's no green marker on the house on the map to tell you it's an entrance? Well, I suppose that would mean you can't enter the house...

Except you actually can go inside it. They have even gone to the trouble of furnishing this house. Isn't that nice? Still, it's a building normally inaccessible through gameplay, so I guess you wouldn't be able to find anything in a house like this, right?

Oh, except for a lucky pepper. Nice to know that the game designers still tend to not think things through. So, yeah, there's a lucky pepper in the game you can never get (without cheating). Eh, it's only a lucky pepper anyway.

Eh?! Apparently ovens are capable of translating now?

And so are cupboards, it seems. Well, I guess we don't need humans to translate anymore. Let's just teach our ovens and cupboards how to translate. Yay~!

This log here can be rolled from the side of the house to that ledge next to the Psynergy Vortex. You can use the log to hop onto those ledges to the north, but there's nothing there. Kinda strange they put that ledge and log there, not to mention the Lucky Pepper inside the furnished house you can enter... maybe this area was originally going to be accessible.

Matthew's had enough, so why don't we try and leave from this side now?

Matthew very briefly reappears on the world map...

Only to end up back inside Carver's Camp. Okay then.


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