Bookshelf Guide

This has been a long time coming but it's finally here... the bookshelf guide!
Here, you get to see all the bookcase dialogue found around the places we visited.
Reading is quite an enjoyable pasttime. There's nothing like opening up a nice thick book...
Meh. Books are boring.
Tyrell doesn't like books. Why am I not surprised?
I know. Could be worse... he could like the Sun Saga.
Don't ever mention the Sun Saga books around my mother.
Hm? How come?
Just... don't...
Yeah. You really don't want to know.
Master Kraden says the Sun Saga is a disgrace and an insult to historical literature.
Goodness... some people take literature a bit too seriously, don't they? But maybe you'll like these...



Travelling with Psynergy: People without powers can't get very far through the wilderness, but we Adepts can! Adepts can use Psynergy to remove obstacles and make paths while travelling. So use Move Psynergy to clear rock, and utilise Growth Psynergy to make vines grow into ladders. Whenever you think you can't go forward, think about how your current Psynergy could be the key to the situation!

Isaac's Diary: It's been 10 years since the last Mourning Moon, so the nightmare is due to return soon. The world must be ready. We must be ready. The Mourning Moon is coming.


Psynergy Training Grounds: This area is now essential for helping new Adepts prove their skill with Psynergy. But it's just as essential for showing young Adepts what the Warriors of Vale did on their epic journey 30 years ago!


Finding Djinn: These essential creatures are usually in hard-to-reach places off the beaten path. So explore caves thoroughly and travel down wayward paths to find all the Djinn you can!

The Once-Glittering Konpa Ruins: These stone ruins are thought to once have been a spectacular temple covered in gold. Its ancient nature is still under study, but scholars believe its gold was the ultimate symbol of Alchemy itself.

The Wonders of Wind Blossom: These flowers flutter up into the air when a strong gust comes along. While whirling, they stay aloft even if people hop on them. Wind Adepts oven take advantage of this!

The Goma Gondolas: These are contraptions that have been excavated from the Goma Mountains in recent years. When stoked with fire, the gondolas would move along ropes, so the woodsmen have taken full advantage of them!


Psynergy and Prophecy: There have long been stories of prophets who walk the land, warning of what the future holds. It is unclear whether prophecy comes from Psynergy, or if such powers derive from other sources entirely.

Mummified Nyunpa: The people of Harapa recall a monk who was said to have almost achieved perfect enlightenment. His name was Nyunpa, and he was said to live upon spiritual sustenance only, and so he appeared to be a living mummy.

The Brilliance of Modern Harapa: At night, our revitalised Harapa glows with an unusual illumination. Some believe that this glow is powered by water, but this remains pure speculation.

Harapa Ruins Research: The local ruins are thought to be quite marvelous, at least judging from the palatial entrance. Unfortunately, entry can be difficult, because the water pavilion they're located by has long since dried up.


The Ancient Exathi: Though the Jenei ruled much of the ancient world, they had a special appreciation for the Exathi. The Exathi were renowned as master craftsmen, and the modern citizens of Passaj and Ayuthay are their descendants. Though their peoples [sic] possess little or no Psynergy, their ancestors' powers of craftsmanship have been passed down.

The Ancient Jenei: Those ancients with the power of Psynergy were called the Jenei. Theirs was a great and vast civilisation. They understood the laws of Alchemy and could use them to create things from their deepest imaginings.

Ancient Languages: Sad to say, but very few people alive today know how to decipher any ancient languages. Words are often the only portals into long-dead worlds, so ancient tablets are like windows closed to us forever.

The Zol Below the Clouds: How can zol look like rock but be lighter than air, and even drift like the clouds? In ancient times, zol was mined from the earth all throughout Ei-Jei, and it was used in many wondrous constructions!

The Alchemy Machines: The ancients were known to create immensely powerful machines that drew upon elemental energy. These machines were meant to benefit civilisation and improve peoples' lives, but most Alchemy Machines no longer work.


Adepts and the Ancient Times: The modern Adepts appear to be the key to understanding the ancient ruins. For the Adepts are descendants of the Jenei, the ancient people who built the civilisation that fell into ruin. Furthermore, as Alchemy returns to the world, we run the risk of being dominated by the Adepts once more.

Kaocho Military Dispatch 1: We thought that Passaj would quickly fall to the military might of Kaocho. However, far from waving the white flag, they launched a counter-offensive. Shamefully, we lost the battle.

Kaocho Military Dispatch 2: Ayuthay has always been regarded as a troublesome country by King Wo and his generals. They won't surrender their bountiful soil and rich palaces without a fight. It won't be an easy battle for Kaocho.

The Long History of Sana: Though the ambitious Emperor Ko founded Sana, the people of Sana have a longer history. Legends say that the Sanans lived even as far back as the ancient times, when they were allied with the ancient peoples. In fact, the Endless Wall that stretches across part of Angara is said to have been built in this golden age.

Eternal Life in Angara, Vol. 1: The former Sanan ruler, Emperor Ko, sought the secret of eternal life before he met his end. King Wo, always trying to live up to Ko's example, now seeks the same, for why shouldn't military geniuses live forever?! It is said that a ruler named Babi, who once ruled the city called Tolbi, knew the secret of eternal life but took it to his grave.

Eternal Life in Angara, Vol 2: In the southeast part of Angara was once a pilgrimage site known as Fuchin Temple. Its master was Nyunpa, and it was said he learned the secret to eternal life. Unfortunately, it involved enlightenment. But the deeply insightful people of Kaocho reject such silliness, and so King Wo seeks elsewhere for eternal life.

The Might of Ku-Tsung and Ku-Embra: The generals in Wo's army are respected by those of Kaocho, even Sana itself. They're both terrifying in battle, but some say their actual field tactics are lacking. But who would dare sully their honor?!

The Shame of Sana: When Emperor Ko was in control of Sana, all neighbouring countries quivered in fear of him. But when Ko passed away and was replaced by Emperor Unan, Sana reversed course. Now it has a policy of peace. While its citizens gained democracy, they also lost much territory.

The Vow of Wo: After King Wo was denied his rightful place as Emperor of Sana, he made a vow to put things right. He swore to make Kaocho into the great military nation that Sana once was, then to march upon our homeland! Thus King Wo will one day be Emperor Wo, and Sana will ultimately be the centre of the civilized world once more!


Fishing on Khiren Glacier: In our cold climate, insects for use as fishing bait are hard to come by. Cold-weather anglers learn to create lures that look like bugs. Or enough like bugs to fool a hungry fish...


Ancient Ruins of Belinsk: The Belinsk Ruins are among the largest remaining from ancient times. Taken together, the sections built above and below the water make for a truly massive structure.

The Symbol of Morgal: The Mountain Roc has a strong connection to the Belinsk Ruins. The bird image carved into the ruins is clearly that of a Mountain Roc, implying the ancients also revered it.

The Mythical Mountain Roc: Many still consider the Mountain Roc to be mere legend with good reason. All those who have gone in search of the great bird have found nothing. Clearly, the Roc chooses who sees it.

The Mystery of the Belinsk Mural: The outer wall of the ruins has an image of a large tower on it. The tower is projecting starbursts, illuminated by the sun. Behind it is a full-moon sky.

On Beastman Abilities: It is not known if the abilities unique to beastmen use standard Psynergy. Clearly some sort of Psynergy is being used, but powers such as Track have simply not existed before now.

The People of Morgal: A bright and cheerful people, those of Morgal are not at all warlike. Contributing to the nation's carefree reputation, Morgal drops everything for a major festival every full moon.

The Beastman Explosion: After the Golden Sun, the Morgal people began growing fur. The fur was followed by long snouts, fangs, and claws, completing the transformation into beastmen.

Arangoa Prelude: Played for generations, the Prelude is said to be music for the gods. Legend says that, played with sufficient skill, this piece can bring happiness to all people, but this has yet to happen.

Belinsk and Music: Music was a part of Morgal culture since long before we were a country. The addition of a music hall when the castle was built was apparently a revelation that came in a dream.


Diary of Border Town: ...or at least half of it. The war with Bilibin is slowly choking our trade town to death. After we fought to end Sanan rule, Bilibin, sensing weakness, moved in, and we had to close the border.


Port Rago's Sailing Song: When the waves crash 'gainst our hulls, And the wind plays with the dancing gulls, Salt on our face and fish in our net, For sailors this is all we hope to get!

The Morgal Revolution: Morgal's vast, open plains gave rise to a free, open minded people. The Sanans, jealous of Morgal freedom, marched in with armies and ushered in the darkest era of our history.

Port Rago Fish: The fish from Port Rago seas are a staple of the Morgal diet. Naturally, this means that fishing makes up a substantial portion of the local economy.

Port Rago Sailing Tips: In sailing, as in life, it is always easiest to go with the flow. It is also vital to make the wind your friend, regardless of which way it may blow. This is also a life lesson.


The Travails of Kolima Village: Long ago, all of the people of a village found their feet turned into roots. Before long, the people were turned entirely into trees, until four heroes ended the curse and saved them.

Booming Saha Town: The largest city in northern Morgal, Saha was once a tiny hamlet. When Kolima was displaced, it brought fertile land to Saha's marshes, giving Saha an impressive population boom.

Imil's Springs of Hope: The home of the Mercury Clan contains a spring whose water can heal any plant.

Saha Town's Marshland - Part 1: Once the town of Saha was surrounded on all sides by marshes. While humans find marshland difficult to live in, many aquatic and amphibious animals depended on these marshes.

Saha Town's Marshland - Part 2: During a great earthquake, the marshes were swallowed by dry land. The swamp was buried underground, as were many of its native creatures. The great Saha marshes were lost.


The Goddess of Imil: A priestess in the village near Mercury Lighthouse is truly holy. Thanks to her tireless devotions, the old and sick of Imil never suffer from their ailments.

Dream-Leaf Nightmares: Eating dream leaves before sleep is known to result in pleasant dreams. However, eating dream leaves to excess creates horrifying nightmares. The lesson is: moderation in all things.

Kolima Forest, Cradle of Life: All living things owe their existence to forests, from the ant to the elephant.

History of the Sapling Tree: He was a shy tree, always growing where he wouldn't stand out too much. The other trees grew tall and strong in the sunlight, but Sapling always hid in the shade. That's why he was small.

View from the Top of Kolima Forest: The view from high atop this tree confirms one thing: the world is big.

The Sanan Invasion: Supposedly, Emperor Ko invaded Morgal to obtain Mountain Roc blood. Apparently Ko was told that Roc blood would grant immortality, though there are no legends claiming this.


Lost in Kolima Forest: The path through Kolima Forest has never been clear-cut and simple. In recent times, however, it seems to have somehow got even more confusing and complicated.


On merchants: one cannot boast of selling things that everyone wants, no matter how many one sells. To be a great merchant, one must sell something that no one wants and make the customer ask for more.

When a shadow falls over the world, it will herald the times of darkness. Only the power of light can end it. Use the eye that pierces darkness to find the protection of shadows. The last of these eyes lies in Warrior's Hill.


Obaba's Blacksmithing Technique: I've tried to teach Briggs my unique skills, but it doesn't seem to take. If someone is to follow in my footsteps, it will be Eoleo. He's the only one with the power to infuse items as I do.


The Endless Wall: This barrier was built by the ancient Sanans, and consumed all of their resources. But why was this roadlike wall built? While none are certain, some says it leads to a hidden, sacred temple.

The Legend of the Tower in Belinsk: The power sleeping beneath Belinsk could revolutionise the world. But this new form of power would devastate Weyard as we know it, so the tower must remain below.

Medicine of Sana: A medicine called ginseng is said to refresh the mind and spirit. In the correct dosage, it will also cure stomachache, headache, fevers, and ennui.

The Mysterious Land of Tuaparang: Tuaparang was an ancient country that one day vanished from Weyard. Decades later, it abruptly reappeared, aboard an enormous flying ship and having renamed itself the Zenith Tribe.



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