Dark Dawn Beta


Here I'll be showing off early stuff from the previews of Dark Dawn, that are either different or changed in the final game.
The one for the games with our parents sure was odd, wasn't it?
No kidding. What changed this time?
... Unfortunately it's nowhere near as Twilight Zone-ish this time but please take a look anyway.



As you can see, both Isaac and Matthew have swords on their backs. In the final version, they don't have them. Matthew's sword-on-back model still exists in the game data, but looks messed up when you replace his ingame model with it. Well, at least he looks less like an Isaac clone without the sword on his back. Yay?

At Carver's Camp, looking at the Psynergy vortex. Tyrell is strangely absent here. I wonder why?

During the "Tyrell jumps off the roof" cutscene, you don't see them from this angle in the final version.

This shot of Tyrell smiling as he flies away isn't in the final game.

Yet another "You don't see it from this angle in the final game" shot.

Not that you can even see it in this shot, but in early trailers, Nereid had some, ahem, jiggly physics going on. Not so in the final game. LOL, Camelot... wonder what happened there. Did someone complain? We may never know.

In the final version, Neptune has scars on its body.

Ooh, pretty Psynergy lights. It could be when Isaac and Garet are handing out Djinn. You can see Mercury and Jupiter lights there. Perhaps they were originally going to give all four types of Djinn to Matthew and Karis?



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