Jenna's Campfire


Welcome to the campfire.
Where we sit around and tell stories and... stuff. We'll be sure to keep the fire burning too.
Man, Fire Psynergy is so useful...
Just don't let it get out of control again, okay?
It's alright, us Mercury Adepts can handle accidents easily enough.
Of course, we still appreciate it if you are careful.
Okay, get to the part where you explain this section already.
The subject of this page is... Kyarorain's fan made content. For example, fanfiction and fanart.
And she sure has written a lot of it.
Just remember, as you venture into the scary world of Kyarorain's fanfiction... be prepared.
Aren't you exaggerating just a bit?
No, not really.
Kyarorain also has another idea for this section. Stay tuned!


Kyarorain's Fanfiction

Kyarorain's Deviantart profile




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