Ivan's Truth of Reveal

*sob* How come my section is dedicated to the webmistress?
Bad luck, Ivan...
I'd recommend anyone to run away right now...
No! She might obliterate your section on the site!
No! Not the Valley!
Well, I guess we'd better get on with introducing the stupid webmistress... Caz is the coolest!... I so did not say that...
Serves you right for calling her stupid then...
My section's probably the smallest on the entire site...
...aww... poor baby...
You really need to stop patronising people like that...
Quiet, Piers!
... my name is Picard T_T Don't call me that...
Sheba teases everybody...
Anyway, let's roll!

Name: Caroline

Nickname: Caz

Fanfiction Pennames: Kyarorain

Age: 19


Golden Sun (DUH!)
Tales of Symphonia
Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem
Sonic the Hedgehog
Video games
Japanese stuff


Thomas Hardy
English teachers
Spiders, wasps, mosquitoes
People who say they can defeat the Fusion Dragon at level 1...

My order of preferences of the cast!


Least liked people in Golden Sun

Lord Babi
The Alhafran Mayor

Um, yeah, well... I hate profiles...

I'm certifiably insane and I surprise people sometimes. Seriously, you'd be surprised at the stuff I can spit out. >_> Heh...

One day I shall rule the world! And Alex will rule beside me, because he wants to rule the world too ^_^ I'll be the naughty ruler who smacks people who dare
look at me, and Alex will be the kind ruler who commands them to bring me Chinese food on the double... ...what? Ok, he'd probably tell people to kiss his feet...
*sigh* I'd have Felix beside me! Mmm, Felix ^_^ Or Picard! =D I'd cover Picard in whipped cream and... never mind... just a small in-joke...

If I was an Adept... I might be a Mars Adept because I love heat, or a Venus Adept because I like the outside... on warm days. It's beautiful when you're in a plane though!
If it depended on your starsign, I'd be a Mercury Adept because I'm Pisces, a water sign. Great... three possibilities... or maybe a Jupiter Adept because I'm short.
My favourite place in Golden Sun is... Vale! *smacks Alex upside down his head* I don't care if it was going to get destroyed or you were dumb enough to try drinking Alchemy
and got more drunk than someone drinking ten gallons of sake every second, you don't try to summon storms on it, silly! It's got great music, and it's hilly and beautiful, and it's Isaac,
Garet, Felix and Jenna's hometown! It's also where you start in Golden Sun...

Favourite music in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Elemental Star Room
Sol Sanctum
Vale/Vault music
Venus Lighthouse
Saturos & Menardi's theme
Jenna battle theme
Felix battle theme
Aqua Rock

What the heck, nearly all the music's somewhat amazing! But... Agatio and Karst's music isn't as cool as Saturos and Menardi's music, so there!

...Why did Isaac and co. have to kill Saturos and Menardi?! Then we wouldn't have to put up with Agatio and Karst... They died too. Good riddance to Agatio, I say.
He was not as cool as Satty and Menny and Karst... Karst and Agatio don't even get cool nicknames! And Saturos is sexier than Agatio... ... ... WHAAAAAT?

Well, anyway, that's about all I'm gonna put in my profile thingy. Hehe... probably scared everybody off now... >=)

(Phew) she's gone...
What did she have to hit me for?!
You got drunk and tried to summon storms on Vale, you idiot.
Summoning a storm on the favourite place of someone who's devoted to defending you isn't such a good idea...
Yes! She might see the light!
Just one more push...
Saturos... sexier? Ooookay...
I read her mind once... it wasn't pretty...
What was she thinking?
What colour (whisper, whisper) were...
Did you HAVE to share that with us?!
I'm going to have nightmares now!
I hope whatever you said was nothing rude!
YOU, sexier than me?! No way!
Agatio, have you ever looked in a mirror?
I am much cuter than my big sister, so nyah!
I try, but they crack!
CUTER? No way!
Hah hah! My mirrors NEVER crack! Hahaha!


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