Garet's Office

Hi, welcome to my office!
Technically, its OUR office.
Its where we work on the site!
Where we actually all work together, or try to...
Under the ever watching eye of the evil webmistress too.
Only Adepts ever get to do anything here...
Only Adepts get to do the work obviously, otherwise why call this place 'ADEPTS of Weyard'?
And you get to discover who WE are! Lucky you!
Isn't that what the profiles page is for?
No, it's different to Ivan's Reveal/Picard's Captain Logbook
It's US, as in US who are forced to slog on with this excuse for a site.
That's Master Hama to you, squirt.
Watch it, sister, she's the WEBMISTRESS...
Uh, well, anyway... it gets kinda crazy in here... a lot. On to the profiles!
Kyarorain (Caz)
Age 19
Profession Insane Webmistress who loves to abuse Scary Powers, be it Author or Webmistress powers.
Profile The Almighty One, who has the POWER! Insane, crazy, loves to manipulate and torture her poor muses. Usually sits back and watches and does nothing while everybody else works their fingers to the bone

Age 18
Profession Caz's personal favourite who is constantly at risk of getting glomped. ^_-
Profile Very serious and takes his job seriously, he is also a very overprotective older brother O_o; He has a phobia of cats. At least he goes mental whenever he hears the mention of cats. Possibly to do with the time Caz abused her Scary Author Powers and turned him into a feline...

Age 17
Profession The one who makes herself heard... or else.
Profile Has a terrible temper if irked, and is very temperamental. Loves hounding Caz to try and make her update quicker and just plain annoying her.

Age 14
Profession The sneaky, lazy... evil mindreader...
Profile Sheba is sneaky, she is a big tease and you never know when she'll read your mind and blab your secret. Her biggest weakness is that she loves to answer pizza deliveries. Can be a bit naive sometimes.

Picard (Or Piers...)
Age 125, maybe?
Profession EYECANDY!
Profile Pow pow Picard! Pow pow Picard! Picard is one hot, sexy Lemurian and adored by the OBHL far and wide for his lovely hair and beautiful eyes. Scarily enough he's somewhere in his hundreds, older than Kraden, but we never let that put us off!

Age 17
Profession Gullible person who listens to rocks too easily...
Profile Isaac is terribly paranoid, thinking that something may leap out of the shadows and get him for 'killing' Saturos and Menardi, despite claims they jumped... he's pretty serious though. I think he might have a slight stalker disposition...

Age 17
Profession The guy who owns this particular page ^o^
Profile Garet is a little bit dense, ok, very dense, but he sometimes knows what to do, and he's got a heart of gold... and a stomach full of food. What more could you ask for in a guy?

Age 15
Profession Annoying Muse with power to cast Spark Plasma.
Profile Ivan is very cute, very cuddly, but under that cute exterior lies a master in the making. He is a master of skill, using threats to make Caz update her fanfics, and reading her mind to find out what she has planned for her fanfiction which ends up landing him in hot water most of the time.

Age 17
Profession The Deadly Wielder of All Things That Are Maces.
Profile Let me give you a warning. If you ever see Mia with a mace in her hands, you must not make her angry. She loves to threaten people with the mace to make them review (Or Caz, to make her update) and she loves saying Alex is evil, and how much she would love to kill him. Very violent tendencies. Whatever happened to sweet, innocent, shy, quiet Mia?

Age 20?
Profession Ruler of the World who wields Alchemy (in his dreams...)
Profile Alex can be very annoying at times, you either hate him or love him. He is well known for trying to rule the world and the question of him being evil or not is indeed debatable. He loves to defend himself and say he's a good guy, but we'll judge ourselves.

Master Hama
Age 20-30 I guess...
Profession Descendant of the Anemos, so she said.
Profile Hama is Ivan's older sister, and loves to demand utmost respect. We're not sure yet if it's because she's a Jupiter Adept and could cast Spark Plasma any old time.

Saturos (Satty!)
Age 20-something?
Profession The Only Guy who can try to Control Menardi and Live!
Profile Satty will burninate anybody who gets in the way when he's got something to do. He is a martyr *sniff* but has no hard feelings, otherwise the office would be much worse than it is right now.

Menardi (Menny)
Age 20-something?
Profession The Almighty Pyromaniac who Loves to Burn Things even more than Garet and Jenna Do.
Profile Menardi indeed has a very fiery temper and she loves to show this. The office has many scorch marks on the wall, and a pile of ashes lie outside as testament to her wrath. Also a martyr, and uses it as an excuse to burn stuff o_O

Age 18-19?
Profession The Pyromaniac's Adoring Little Sister *sizzle* Ow.
Profile Karst looks up to her sister and swears blind she will burn an Adept to a crisp before Menny does. Has a powerful loathing of certain Adepts, and loves telling people so.

Age 20-ish?
Profession The Ugly Man.
Profile Um, geesh, could anybody get uglier than Agatio? I reckon he needs a new wardrobe. He is a blundering moron, in a completely different league from Garet, and loves to depict violent ways to murder certain Adepts.

Age 16?
Profession Freaky Girl with Power to see Future
Profile Feizhi loves to use her power, and is a famous sufferer of psychosis. She also has a deep obsession with Isaac, but where this will go, nobody can really be sure. Speaks in the strange Xianese way, which is weird enough.


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